Gael Berthoud, director of Serema Mediterraneo: “We need to review the paradigms in urban space planning”

TPBM: Hyper-mobility fueled by the rise of the automobile has shaped the layout of cities over the past 50 years. An argument whose limits we are touching today. What is the situation in the metropolis of Aix-Marseille? Gael Berthoud:AGAM (Urban Planning Agency for Marseille Conurbation) and AUPA (Pays d’Ex Durance Urban Planning Agency) have recently … Read more

Opinion Digital: Can a new framework for social networks be effective?

By Sylvain Jeghny (Economist, Gustave Eiffel University Lecturer) Social media has been blamed for many contemporary political and social ills, including the rise of extremist politics and the spread of misinformation during the Covid-19 pandemic. The EU’s response to these concerns is to develop a new digital services legislative package that aims to ‘create a … Read more

Any date for extension of use?

Restaurant coupons. As part of the Affordable Care Act, Parliament has legalized several measures related to the use of food vouchers. When will they be effective? summary [Mise à jour du mardi 16 août 2022 à 14h41] VDo you use restaurant tickets to make your purchases? Good news, you will be able to pay soon … Read more

In pictures – Drought from space: What do satellites say about Lorraine’s situation?

Satellite images comparing and illustrating the effects of drought and forest fires in France have been widely circulated in recent weeks. But what are they actually saying about the climate crisis? We exhaust Several shots of Lauren as seen from spacecompared and interviewed experts. First observation: if the comparison between August 2021 and 2022 is … Read more

Russia and Israel are in conflict

The script is taken seriously. At the behest of Prime Minister Yair Lapid, the Shin Bet, the internal security service, quietly informed Moscow that Israel would not tolerate any Russian interference in the election process, Israeli media reported. A more clear warning was already issued in January 2019 on the eve of the previous election … Read more

Contrary to what Didier Raoult said, satellite photos show major changes in the ice surface

In an interview with the newspaper l’Express in 2020, Professor Didier Rouault said: “Me, I look at satellite photos, and I haven’t seen any major changes in the ice surface for thirty years! It moved a little at one time and now it doesn’t move much” This statement was published on Twitter from yesterday (here, … Read more