Nantes Shop: How are the summer terraces in public spaces?

Since the return of the sun, many of the people of Nantes have settled on the terraces of the city of Dukes. (Thomas Bernard / News Nantes)

Trade from Bouffay, via the island NantesThe people of Nantes have occupied numerous terraces since the arrival of the sun in the town of Dukes.

From Friday, April 15thSummer terraces are allowed again Nantes. The surface of certain fixed terraces can also be extended. Point.

What rules?

Nantes, yes 713 standing terraces and 155 summer terraces.

We’ve updated our charters for using public spaces with hotel, cafe and restaurant operators.

Guildas SaloonDeputy mayor and night shop and representative for the city

Documents record the placement of summer terraces Friday 15th April to Saturday 15th October, 2022. On this same date, the surface of the permanent terraces may increase according to certain criteria:

  • Up to 50% for installations with terraces over 20 m2.
  • Up to 100% maximum for installations with terraces less than 20m².

Summer terraces can also benefit from an extension: 50% for organizations with a terrace of more than 20 m² and 100% for businesses with a terrace of less than 20 m.2 (I.e. an extra parking space).

“This charter is the result of a concerted effort,” he said Catherine Quard, President of the National Group of Independent Hotels and Catering (GNI) in the Great West.

End of exception

“Last year we allowed everyone to have a porch considering the sanitary conditions, especially the gauges inside,” explained Gildas Salan.

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2022 is a year of transformation into the Charter “Before Life”. This year, no exception, not all Nantes installations will be able to benefit from a veranda expansion.

Place du Buffet du Nantes is one of the favorite places for Nantes residents to drink on the veranda.
Place du Buffet du Nantes is one of the favorite places for Nantes residents to drink on the veranda. (Thomas Bernard / News Nantes)

“There are still outstanding points, some want to benefit from the terraces of restaurants, their files will be examined”, believes Katherine Querrd who understands their dissatisfaction.

Some owners feel that the situation is not normal yet. “We are not removing any terraces, we are not banning terraces,” defended Gildas Saloun.

For Terrace, post-covid will never be the same as pre-covid.

Catherine QuardGNI, President of the Great West

Neighbor dynamics

The return of pedestrian streets and summer terraces spread with the return of musical entertainment. Allowed: Wednesdays from 6pm to 9pm, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 10pm and Sundays from 11am to 3pm..

“We encourage concert programming in crowded streets,” Gildas Salan added.

During COVID, we realized that terrace extensions, such as the Rui Armand Brosard, bring mobility, tourist attractions, and sometimes extra security.

Catherine Quard

“Safety is an important factor for professionals and customers,” the manager argues. To do this, extensive work is done throughout the year with representatives of the municipal police.

Accessibility issues

The deputy mayor promised, “We are looking carefully at accessibility issues on the terraces.”

Problems faced by people With a disability Especially those whose mobility has decreased. “We’re working with the association and people with disabilities to promote accessibility for them,” said Catherine Querrd.

Customers like Nantes, bartenders, restaurant and hotel owners want only one thing to enjoy the sun and terrace.

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