What does the child tell us without the schoolbag

It can create a heartbreaking picture like all the battles, including the mythical painting, like Guernica: A Ukrainian teenager walking in the ruins of his school in Zytomyr, the picture has been published. LLB Of April 9, 2022. He is not injured but all wandering, crooked, lost. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In the center of the photo, a hollow is calling: he no longer carries his bag on his back. No more culture, no more joy of learning or learning, so to survive. Its inconsistency proves that crime against the soul certainly contains all the misfortunes of the world.

It makes me think of another child of the same age, who had a dark future because he lives in poverty with his ailing mother, an orphan of a father who died in war and therefore has an uncompromising future. But his school was not bombed, and there was an admirable teacher who, in October 1957, met his teacher, M.A. Germain became famous for a letter sent to him as an adult, a writer, and a resistance, in which he expressed his recognition after receiving the award. Nobel Prize in Literature: Albert Camus, of course. “Without you, without this outstretched hand …” The sequel, which turned into a cult, is just a click away. Theater actors in England read it as a prelude to their performances; A subtle initiative because it is a great response to the recent attacks on schools in Syria and today in Ukraine. On the same plane …

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