Real Housewives in Dubai: Meet Chanel Ian

After months of speculation, The real housewife in Dubai The date of its premiere and the upcoming housewives have been revealed, one of the cast members of which is Chanel Ian. New spin off The real housewife Andy Cohen announced the first franchise in November 2021 and this is Bravo’s first international installment; Countries with their own versions of the show are hosted on their separate networks, such as Australia, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. Like its predecessors, RHODubai Six successful women are ready to follow when they navigate their professional and personal lives, and fans are thrilled to hear all about the newcomers.

In addition to channels, RHODubai Nina Ali, Caroline Brooks, Dr. Sara Al Madani, Lisa Milan and a familiar face: Caroline Stanbury. Before being declared a housewife, Stanbury wowed Bravo fans with her looks London women. After the short-lived event was canceled in 2017, Caroline Stanberry and her family (including ex-husband Sam Habib) settled permanently in Dubai. As many of Dubai’s citizens immigrate from different parts of the world, the six incoming housewives all share a number of features that fans are eager to see. Every woman has an outstanding lifestyle for multiple successful business ventures, Chanel is one of the most exciting additions. The real housewife Suffrage

Chanel Ayan (née Pillott Ayan) is a Kenyan model of Somali descent with a large following in Africa and the Middle East. According to PeopleChanel is the first black model to cover Dubai Magazine and has appeared in several international editions. Conventional. With an estimated net worth of over $ 1 million, Chanel owns a talent company and recently launched its first makeup brand, AYAN, by Tony Malt Makeup. Has lived in Dubai for over 17 years, says Chanel Official Arab Last January she was indebted to her modeling success “[her] A unique look, personality and presence on stage. Since debuting at a royal fashion show in Abu Dhabi, Chanel has worked for top fashion houses such as Chanel, Tiffany, Cartier, Valentino and Dolls & Gabbana. In all of this, Chanel is the annual face of Piaget, a Swiss luxury watch brand.

While Chanel is not working, the star enjoys spending time with her family. Chanel, believed to be in his 30s, d Cosmopolitan Middle East After a while RHODubai It was announced in November that he had decided to resume his career by moving to Brazil at the age of 18. There, she fell in love with Luka Salves and the couple moved to the United States shortly after their marriage before finally settling in the UAE. Chanel and Luca, artist and model, a boy, Taj. The 14-year-old, like her parents, has begun to make inroads into the modeling world, with Chanel recently sharing photos posing for the crown. Conventional Saudi.

With experiences across North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Chanel Ian’s story RHODubai Undoubtedly there will be many substances. While some are skeptical of the upcoming program due to Dubai’s history of human rights abuses, others are ready to see the rich and glamorous lifestyle of the channel and its co-stars. With 1 month left in June, Bravo fans will have to wait a little longer to see what the new one will look like The real housewife Additions communicate with each other.

The real housewife in Dubai Wednesday, June 1 at 9pm EST will premiere in Bravo.

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