Discover Africa with Relais d’Afrique, a truly captivating and luxurious unique journey!

Relais d’Afrique, these are 100% unique trips, à la carte, authentic, charming and responding to new trends!

Big five or sea turtles? Finch Hatton or Diane Fossey? Masai or Bushmen tribe? A breathtaking safari on the plains of Serengeti or on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar? Okabhango or Salom Delta? Kruger or Amboseli?

The choice with Relais d’Afrique is difficult but will always be gorgeous. Because like a rare promise, we offer more than just travel: real, unique and original experiences at the world’s resources.

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Africa is a passion, passion is our signature …

Elevana Collection
Elevana Collection

Elevana Collection

We open a road and track wide “Other” Africa is nature, that is the destination Familiar Or Secret But always AuthenticWho is an animal and a plant Royal And FragileGreat National Park and other exclusive, deep mountains, Gerua Desert, unknown beaches, breathtaking places …

For you, all our travels have been carefully prepared to offer The best in AfricaIn the purest respect of nature and population.

To help you and answer your questions, in preparation for such a trip, we have placed an offer at your service with a team of experts at 20 destinations. “According to the diet”Of Charm And Pure luxury !

Now let us guide you.

With Relais d’Afrique: Pay Your Travels !!

An expert tour operator at the Relais d’Afrique Trend Center.

Live to Travel
Live to Travel

Live to Travel

Relais d’Afrique is in the center New trends : Disconnected, healing, sustainable development and respect for nature and local population, and without forgetting a certain idea about attractiveness, long travel, luxury goes back to truth, discovery and people.

Familiar destination. : South Africa, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, Senegal, Tanzania and Zanzibar,

6 and more secrets : Botswana, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mayotte, Mozambique, Uganda, Rwanda, Soya Tome & Principe, Svatini, Virunga, Zambia and Zimbabwe …

Our main themes and travel experiences in Africa:

● Great classic safaris are fully supervised and accompanied by … Private and even flying, boarding small Cessna-type planes on flat ground from park to park,
োট Autotour to discover Africa in complete independence as a couple or family,
“Private” travel where everything is designed for two people to explore the continent (transportation, support, inspection, guide, etc.),
● “Luxury” comes with the best lodges, the best transportation and guided tours of the parks,
● And finally the “beach” stays after a trip or just for a rest.

Sustainable development and respect for the ecosystem are at the heart of our offer

Live to Travel
Live to Travel

Live to Travel

For several years now, African wildlife, so fragile, has been growing Protected. Our production takes into account this reality, which overlaps with the demands of our customers: respect for population, respect for animals, species conservation programs, but also Slow travel.

Also, with Relais d’Afrique, you’ll be able to explore across our travel program. Eco-responsible Nature-based: Rhino Conservation Project BotswanaThe leopard Tanzania Or culture Masai An elephant conservation program in its national park, with our partner Sanctuary Retreats Samburu At the Elephant Watch camp or camp Karen Blixen Per KenyaThe first electric car to be used or simply invented by Masai MaraEthiopiaThat bike!

Experiences We Offer → Sanctuary Botswana and Victoria Falls – Luxury
8-day / 7-night trip, from 6,945 / per (excluding international flights)

Learn more about our Africa Travel Collection

Our safari to dive into the heart of authentic Africa

Live to Travel
Live to Travel

Live to Travel

This is the essence of a trip to Africa – the discovery of giant African animals and plants.

It’s in the Big 5 Tanzania Or KenyaOr chimpanzee RwandaThe last gorillas BirungaPink flamingo SenegalSea lion NamibiaYour choice will not be easy …

Whether in its hole EngorongoroIn Kruger ParkPer Mister diedOn its deltaOkabhango Or in a more exclusive park, any safari requires a good dose of humility and a lot of patience … Every day is a new adventure!

Discovery Experience: Best of Kenya and Tanzania
Circuit 13 days / 12 nights from 4,515 EUR / Pers (excluding international flights)

Highlights of the trip:
বিখ্যাত Travel to 2 famous countries of South Africa
আবিষ্কার Discover 7 national parks – an exceptional experience
একটি A balance during travel
● Accommodation is of a very good quality

Our self-guided tour to explore Africa as a couple or family.

Live to Travel
Live to Travel

Live to Travel

A self-drive hall Freedom. The freedom to take your time between the two stages, the freedom to stop wherever you want, the freedom to enjoy breathtaking landscapes From Namibia, South Africa, Eswatini, Botswana, Malawi or MayotteA

And for more freedom, in some destinations, you will find 3 levels of comfort To better enjoy your invoice and your travel according to your budget: Access, comfort or luxury.

All you have to do is choose your destination!

The experience we offer is with the North and South African family
1,385 EUR / Pers to 13 days / 12 nights Autotour (excluding international flights)

Highlights of the trip:
স্ব Self-guided 13-day autotour, including car rental
● Many National Park Visits: Kruger, Hluhlui-Imphology,
গতি Balanced pace with many activities as a family

We have a beach and a romantic stay.

Live to Travel
Live to Travel

Live to Travel

Africa is a land, a plain, a national park… but also a coast and Fantastic beachSometimes it is unknown that we invite you to discover.

Discover a selection of our charming hotels as an extension at the end of a safari, for a vacation or rest, for a honeymoon or a simple reunion between lovers. KenyaPer Zanzibar, TanzaniaPer MozambiquePer MayottePer Sao Tome and PrincipeInside Gambia Or Senegal.

Our complete selection, from small charming hotels to enviably secured luxury addresses, is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

The experience we offer → Zanzibar – stopover in Stone Town and beach in Conoco
Stay 8 days / 7 nights from € 1,085 / per (excluding international flights)

Highlights of the trip:
2 2 nights in Stone Town
5 5 nights at some beach resorts

Our “private” itinerary

Live to Travel
Live to Travel

Live to Travel

Sometimes it’s better to take time, not to go where everyone is going, to get off the beaten track …

Sometimes it is better for your driver to enjoy the comfort of being alone with your guide, because he will explain to you differently, to you, just to you!

All our routes “Secretly” There is this profession, so that you can feel the country differently and pay more for your travels.

The experience we offer → Historic Ethiopia – Airfare – Private Travel
8-day / 7-night trip, from 1,425 / per (excluding international flights)

Highlights of the trip:
সম্পূর্ণ A complete 8-day / 7-night itinerary with a private circuit and air transfer,
উচ্চ Highland Ethiopia: Addis Ababa, Axam, Lalibela, Gondor, Bahir Dar.
নৌ Boat trip to Lake Tana,
Traditional coffee ceremony

Our luxurious travel

Live to Travel
Live to Travel

Live to Travel

Luxury hotels for the Relais d’Afrique, with glittering places to visit, number of waiters in bars or restaurants, no gold or spectacles of food …

No, for us Luxury is a state of mind, a hope …

Watching the sun go down around the campfire, being surrounded by friends, or listening to nature at night, safely in your tent, by the water’s edge, or relaxing in one of the most beautiful lodges in Africa. In the heart of Savannah …

So, come and discover our most beautiful addresses, our most secret programs and then, Let yourself be taken away in this moment.

The experience we offer is safari in Rwanda and primate – luxury
8 days / 7 night trip from EUR / Pers 14,840 (excluding international flight)

Highlights of the trip:
Visit Rwanda’s 3 Most Beautiful Natural Gardens,
পরি Refined and selective accommodation in the center of the inspection,
Helicopter flights between Akagera and Nyongway National Parks and between Nyongway and Volcanic Parks,
Numerous cultural inspections,
ণ Traveling up the hill in the footsteps of Diane Fassier


Discover Africa with Relais d'Afrique, a truly captivating and luxurious unique journey!
Discover Africa with Relais d'Afrique, a truly captivating and luxurious unique journey!


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