Stay in Tanzania 14 days

From the red of the track to the intense blue of the Indian Ocean across Savannah, this journey will awaken all your senses. From the roar of lions heard at night from your lodge to the sound of cables in the streets of Stone Town, from the taste of banana beer to the richness of cinnamon, everything in Tanzania evokes envy or wonder.

With a French-speaking guide-driver, you will discover African fauna and photographic safaris. A wide variety of landscapes are found in northern Tanzania, and in these magnificent environments, national parks are scattered to reveal the Big Five, but there are also cheetahs, tragic impulses, and naughty rock hierox.

We witness a trembling prey scene, or we laugh as we observe baby warthogs following their mother with their tails in the tall grass of Savannah. Every day is a wonderful one.

The island of Zanzibar is then revealed, surrounded by coconut palms on a white sand beach amidst culture and laziness. The multicultural power of the city of Stone Town contrasts with the stillness of the days on the east coast. A moment out of time, to land and enjoy the warm sands and crystal clear waters of the lakes.

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Day 1 – Journey from France to Tanzania

Meals on board and overnight.

Day 2 – Local market and coffee garden

Welcome to Tanzania! Mto Wa Mbu allows excavations of different ethnic groups and an immersion in rural life in Tanzania, in the Village Discovery Day program.

An important market in the region, the village is home to many ethnic groups in the middle of its colorful stalls. Banana beer is made there, beautiful batik and the surrounding fields are filled with red banana, mango, curry and banana trees.

Your lodge is located in the coffee area, and this old garden will be an opportunity to discover the coffee culture on the slopes of the Rift Valley.

Day 3 – Maniyara, where lions live in trees

Your safari begins at Manayara Park with an English-speaking guide. Its lake reflects a tropical forest with many species of monkeys, birds and butterflies. To enter the south of the park, lunch is taken in the form of a picnic, where lions sometimes sleep on the branches of acacia trees.

To reach your lodge, you will cross the impressive Rift Fault.

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Day 4 – The beauty of Nogorongoro Crater

The Caldera safari in the Engorangoro hole is a myth and the beauty of the landscape competes with the density of the fauna. Here, the Big Five (elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and rhinos) are surrounded by walls 600 meters high. Pink flamingos enjoy themselves in Lake Makat, while foxes go hunting, and hippopotamus enforces the best laws in various ponds.

Your lodge is located in a promontory facing the endless plains of South Serengeti in the Endutu region. The traditional Masai villages are on the side of the road, an opportunity for encounters and exchanges.

Day 5 – Great Migration and First Man

Safari at the edge of the Nogorongoro Conservation Area at the southern end of Serengeti Park. Between December and March, Wildbeast and Zebra give birth in this area. Great migration is always followed by all hunters and hunting scenes are often.

Animal life shows the way to culture by visiting the Oldvai Museum along the first human path 1.8 million years ago. A short trip to Oldui Gorge to admire the geological beauty of this historic site surveyed by our first ancestors.

Day 6 – Wave park safari

Full day game drive in Tarangi Park, where you will see the largest herd of elephants in Tanzania. The park is also home to species that are poorly represented in the north of the country, such as the royal large Kudu. Giant baobabs and doom palms punctuate the landscape, offering a unique setting where a large and varied creature roams.

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Day 7 – Safari and canoe face the polar mountains

Day 4×4 and canoe safari at Arusha National Park. Put on the perfect cone of Ngurduto Volcano and Mount Pole today. Local Kolobus monkeys, impulses and beautiful giraffes roam the beautiful scenery.

In the afternoon, observe a great variety of canoe safari birds and the animals that come to drink on its shores in the alkaline Momela Lake.

Day 8 – Discover the attractions of Stone Town

After a free morning, transfer to the airport and fly to Zanzibar Island. A trip to Zanzibar would not be complete without discovering Stone Town, a city of Omani, Indian and Swahili influence. Take a stroll through the narrow streets of Medina, discover the carved doors, the old Omani palace and the rich craftsmanship. Opportunity to join Tarab concert.

Day 9 – Spice and cooking classes in Zanzibar

With your French-speaking guide, go to the market to discover the spices that make Zanzibar famous. You will then be welcomed to a traditional Swahili cooking class in a private home. Cumin, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom are mixed together to enhance the taste buds. Taste your dishes cooked on a brazier.

Last afternoon free to enjoy Stone Town.

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Day 10 to 12- Coconut tree and turquoise water

3 days free stay to explore the east coast of the island, where the most beautiful beaches are located. Bounded by white sand, turquoise waters and coconut trees, your lodge invites you to relax. The most active will be snorkeling or scuba diving unless you choose kite surfing, big game fishing or a romantic trip in a traditional sailing boat.

13 days – Last day in Zanzibar

The tidal system provides an opportunity to discover the workings of seaweed, which women collect in their hands to make cosmetics. This allows you to observe starfish and other anemones that are released into the clear water. Take advantage of this last minute and transfer to the airport according to your flight schedule.

Day 14 – Go back to France

Arrived in Paris.

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  • Day 01 – Paris
  • Day 02 – Arusha / MTO Wa MBU / Karatu
  • Day 03 – Lake Mannara National Park / Karatu
  • Day 04 – Engorangoro Crater / NDTU
  • Day 06 – Tarangi National Park / Arusha
  • Day 07 – Arusha National Park / Arusha
  • Day 08 – Zanzibar / Stone Town
  • Day 09 – Stone Town
  • Day 10 to 12 – East coast of Zanzibar
  • 13th day – Zanzibar
  • Day 14 – Paris
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