Top 10 Biggest Boomer Movies, for Real Responses

How to define a big boomer movie? It is often a subtle mix of racist clich ,s, clumsy humor, ideological old values ​​and clash of cultures. With all these reactionary characters who understand that in life you have to be tolerant. Holy ceremony. It’s not what you want. Boomer movies, however, have plenty of them, and they are almost all successful. Why? Because there are many boomers and they have the right to be entertained.

1. What have we done for God?

It is based on The Boomer film Per Excellence, a “condemnation of racism” based on racist clich ,s, the push of generation, and Christian Clavier who plays a large intolerant bourgeois character who eventually becomes tolerant. We want to say that “Boy, it doesn’t hurt anyone.”But it hurts a lot of people concerned, as well as the quality of French cinema, so we won’t say that.

(Holy sidewalk in the pond)

2. If I were a human being

A woman who has just been abandoned by her husband finds herself adorned with a penis. She talks to her gynecologist (of course Christian Clavier), her neighbor, and a man who loves her. This may be a subtle way to thwart gender stereotypes, but it has become the norm for “women are more like this” or “men are more like this”. Finally, we end up with a semi-clever, semi-transphobic 2000 stand-up movie. Inevitably, there is one half that works better than the other, but boomers like it and that’s important.

3. With open arms

Good promise, then we stop with Christian Clavier’s films that all look the same, we have already made a top and much more. Still, With open hands, Which tells the story of a wealthy writer who forced Roma to take him home, combining everything about Boomer. We possess a whole panoply of stereotypes that stigmatize a man, finally, tell us what humanity is all about. A beautiful morality served by the very nausea technique. According to our own wet finger statistical study, absolutely no viewers of this film left the house saying: “Finally, I love Roma. A

4. Coristors

Among the Boomer films, there is a vague category, which is a nostalgic film for “Old France”. You see, this is France, where we still had true values, where schools weren’t mixed, where kids still speak good French, where you can still fidget, where Marshall Petten … well you can – it’s not, but we’re from it. Not far away. chorists Like other nuggets this (not so) belongs to the charming category Avoid school Where Little Nicholas.

5. Gran Turino

Clint Eastwood is proof that you can make a Boomer movie that is not annoying. Because yes, Gran Turino A Boomer movie remains with a main character that can’t dismiss strangers but those who tolerate them and even, like them. Yet it is far from clumsy, it does without big shots and in the end we want more. It’s like being a boomer is sometimes nice.

6. 8 Humanity Street

Danny Boone, who made a film about captivity in just over a year, already smelled bad. But it’s more than that: it’s a boomer. Here are the jokes you heard in the first months of Kovid. Finally, especially the heavier ones. Which makes your parents laugh. And finally, we tell ourselves that in the end, it’s good to know your neighbors. Ah and then there’s Eli Semun who has a small role. In short, the best recipe we like when we are about 60 years old.

7. Which ham is left?

Four years ago What have we done?, We already had the famous clash of the culture of the young white woman who introduced an Arab man to his (racist) family. If it’s a very small element of the film, it won’t be a boomer, but there, the whole film revolves around it, obviously part of its shots that go well. And what about the title? Only Boomers first think of “Hum” when they are called “Muslims”.

8. Le Bravo

A white right-wing college professor. A leftist North African student. He must teach her eloquence, and both of them must overcome their prejudices. This time Daniel O’Toole is wearing a “Christian Clavier costume” (of course already taken in another shooting for a bourgeois role) and the worst part is that it’s not fundamentally bad. This is simply super-speculative because the movie takes on the classic Boomer movie trajectory. Spoiler: In the end, they are more tolerant.

9. Do you want or do you not want?

Pitch: Patrick Bruel, a sex addict (in Hein’s film;)) is completely breastfeeding, but he has to work with Sophie Marcier, a supposed nymphomaniac. You guessed it, or noticed if you watched the movie, it opened the door to a whole panoply of heavy ass jokes from our favorite uncles. If you want to have a good family time, check with your parents (if you have good tastes, consent stories and forget about being with your family).

10. Clear History

This film is an exception because it presents a dilemma for Boomers: Can anyone be a reactionary boomer who hates new technology while others are fighting the same system in the name of leftist values? It’s complicated, and that’s why this film (full of great people) makes an uncomfortable navigator. Characters fight GAFAM – like waking people – when worthy jokes are rocked for our friends who don’t know how to use a computer mouse. It’s annoying. It’s hard to know if you like it.

So be careful, if you like this movie, don’t worry, you might just be a boomer. If in doubt, do you have a boomer? Be sure. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.

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