10 Travel Festivals to Visit in 2022

Amazing travelers in Saint-Malo, Le Grand Vivac in Albertville … Across France, these festivals bring together travelers and travelers through debates, exhibitions and film screenings. Our selection.

Let yourself be drawn into the story of travel to the ends of the earth. Dream of seeing the royal but fragile landscape. Find inspiration in front of a movie or a conference. Travel festivals are a meeting point for the general public and adventurers. After leaving to explore distant and amazing places on the planet for personal challenges or scientific purposes, they return waiting to share photos, documentaries, stories and memories.

Due to the health crisis, many festivals were unable to welcome visitors in 2020 and 2021. While some were canceled or suspended, others were held online for film broadcasts and live debates. Direct. In Lyon, La Rochelle or Clarmont-Ferrand, Le Figaro Chose ten festivals to travel the world without France.

Exit platform in Lyon

For the 10th edition, the Lyon Quais du Départ festival is underway After capturing the Palais de la Mutualité on the Rhনেরne, then the Palais de Bondy on the Sane coast, the event will take place in March 2022 in Brigignes, 15 km south of Lyon. The programming remains the same: visitors will benefit especially from conferences, film screenings, and exchanges and meetings from Traveler’s Cafe.

Where? Le Briscope in Brignese, 15 km from Lyon.
When? Thursday 6 to 9 March Sunday.
How much? Full price: € 6 per session.

Curious traveler, Saint-Etienne

There is nothing better for a traveler than curiosity. Curieux Voyageurs, founded more than thirty years ago by friends who are passionate about discovery, wants to celebrate. In addition to documentaries, the public can watch 2-minute 30-minute mini-films during a fast and curious cycle. Festival Reality: Visitors pay for their tickets and drinks at the festival currency REV’A or the local currency of Saint-Etienne, the lien. It attracted 22,000 “curious” in 2019.

Where? Space Fourel in Saint-Etienne.
When? Friday 25 to 27 March Sunday.
How much? Full price: € 6 per session. Exhibitions, stands and events: free admission.

Adventure and Discovery, Val d’Serre

1800 meters above sea level, in the center of Tarentaise Valley. The Val d’Isère International Adventure and Discovery Film Festival has been held in this magnificent environment since 1996. After a gap of two years, the health crisis is inevitable, the event returns a few days after the Savard Winter Resort closed. Eleven films will be screened and will compete for the Eagle d’Or de l’Aventure Award. Writer and traveler Sylvain Tesson will be, as in previous editions, the presenter of this 25th edition.

Where? Maison de Val and Congress Center in Val d’Isère.
When? Monday 19 to Thursday 22 April.
How much? Free.

Amazing traveler, in Saint-Malo

For more than 30 years, the Etonant Voyagers Festival in Saint-Malo has attracted travel writers from around the world. In addition to signing sessions, literary cafes and conferences, the event is also organized around exhibitions, screenings and street performances. The 60,000 or so visitors who take part in this event each year in the town of Corsair, a symbol of victory and long distance travel, are what they dream of.

Where? Several sites in Saint-Malo, including the Palais du Grande.
When? Saturday 4th June to Monday 6th June (Book Fair from Friday 3rd June).
How much? Full price: প্রতিদিন 15 per day, € 35 for three days.

Festival of the Globetrotters, in Mass

Organized since 1988 by the Aventuriers du bout du monde (ABM) Association, which has several regional branches, the Globe-Trotters Festival highlights young people whose courage inspires all generations. In the program: film, signing sessions and conferences to prepare for your trip … or just dream.

Where and when? Morlaix (Saturday 26 March) and Opéra de Massy (30 September to Sunday 2 October) Langlovas exhibition center.
How much? For Macy’s: প্রতিদিন 12 per day, তিন 32 for three days (or € 8 and € 22 for ABM members, respectively).

What a trip !, to Montpellier

It is one of the youngest travel festivals in France. Since its creation in 2016, what a trip! Animates the center of Montpellier for a week at the end of September. And its goal is to federate a community of travelers around screenings, conferences, or exhibitions. The center of the festival, the Charles de Gaulle Esplanade Travel Village, brings together the bars, Food truck And concerts are conducive to celebration and exchange.

Where? Charle de Gaulle and the Esplanade in Montpellier.
When? Monday 19 to Sunday 25 September.
How much? Full price: € 7 per session, € 18 for four sessions, € 34 for eight sessions.

The Great Vivac, Albertville

The Le Grand Bivouac d’Albertville Festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022. Great Divide

For four days, the public is invited to camp at Grand Viva in Albertville. The Savard Festival, created to promote travel documentaries, will celebrate its 20th birthday this year. It provides a variety of entertainment for its 35,000 annual audience: concerts, conferences, exhibitions, book fairs … 50 films have been screened according to their ability to question the diversity of today’s world.

Where? Europe Square in Albertville.
When? In October (date not defined).
How much? Full price: € 9 for screening or large debates.

Screen of adventure, in Dijon

A Dijon movie and theater was transformed into the gateway to the world for four days. The Les Ecranes de l’Aventure Festival, created by La Guild, an NGO committed to adventurous and cohesive initiatives, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021. Twenty films and five books will compete for the various prizes awarded by the jury.

Where? Olympia Cinema and Fuilantes Theater in Dijon.
When? Thursday 13 to 16 October Sunday.
How much? € 4.50 for half-day passes, € 6.50 for evening passes.

International Adventure Film and Book Festival (FIFA), La Rochelle

About 20,000 admissions were recorded in the 2021 edition of FIFA. Samuel Button

Symbolically, the International Adventure Film and Book Festival (FIFA) is held in the port of La Rochelle, the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. In the old fishing sheds, the public fell in love with the folly of scientists and athletes who set out to explore the most impossible regions of the world. The 2021 edition recorded approximately 17,000 admissions and 5,500 unique connections, both physically and (freely) held online.

Where? Auction place in La Rochelle.
When? November (date not defined).
How much? Between থেকে 6 and 8 per session. 5 Pass 35 থেকে from the film.

Travel diary meeting in Clermont-Ferrand

To draw or write, notebooks are one of the essential items for travelers. And there is a festival for him. Created in 2000 by the Il faut aller voir association, Rendez-Voss du Carnet de Voyage explores drawing forms such as comic strips or digital notebooks. Several places allow the public to interact with authors and learn how to keep their logbooks. In addition to drawing, hundreds of directors, writers or speakers took advantage of the festival to present their films or their books to the public.

Where? Polydome and May Cooperative in Claremont-Ferrand.
When? Friday 18 to 20 November Sunday.
How much? Full price: প্রতিদিন 14 per day, € 23 for three days. Free for those under 25.

This article was originally published on January 18, 2018. Updated.

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