A civic committee has called on MP Bashir to run for re-election in the 3rd constituency


We, the citizens of the 3rd constituency of Reunion, committed women and men of Tampon, Entre-Dukes, Saint-Louis and Silas of La Riviera, current and / or former elected officials, various politically sensitive individuals, business leaders, farmers, businessmen, artisans, tourism professionals. , Health Professionals, Social Workers, Private Sector Employees, Civil Servants, Job Seekers, Retired,
Student Association Leaders, Sports and Cultural Actors, Environmentalists, Reunions of All Generations,

Regarding the national and local results of the April 10, 24, 2022 presidential election,

Considering the results of significant work, the Independence Reunion and Paris demonstrated the undeniable proximity and undeniable competence of an elected official with real local roots.
Opposition MP Nathalie Basir has been directly elected by the people since June 2017.

Opposing the President of the Republic, Reunion and Reunion called on the latter to stand as his own successor candidate in the June 12 and 19, 2022 legislative elections to continue defending the interests of the people, or a parliamentary majority in the case of cohabitation.

AFONSO Elizabeth, caring
AKMM Selim, Education Assistant
Angama Yanis, leader of the association
Arhel-Tecker Milen, farmer
AULET JACKS, retired
April Dennis, retired
Nathalie lives, housewife
Benard Monique, Midwife, Municipality and Community Counselor in Le Tampon
Benard Regin, a citizen of La Riviera
Barrican Jimmy, a citizen of Inter-Dukes
Bigat Aurelie, physiotherapist
Beatout Valerie, a citizen of Le Tampons
BOYER Alain, employee
BOYER Jacqueline, retired
BOYER Laurent, Entrepreneur
BRANCHET Eloise, student
Breton Hernick, Interim
Brun Pierre, Commercial
Bernie Wilfred, business manager
CADET Cécile, Medical Secretary Md
Cadet Gene Aline, environmentalist
Cadet Michelle, retired
Sophie, teacher in Kalicharan
Champagne Mary Line, Organic Farmer
Difference Olivier, driving instructor
Citizen of DIJOUX Bénédicte, Cilaos
Domitile Marie Andre, local government employee
Home Patricia, hairdresser
Ethev Marie Moze, housewife
Fontaine Giles, farmer, municipality and community councilor in Le Tampon Fontaine Nathalie, gynecologist, municipal councilor in Le Tampon
Fontaine-Payet Sophie, employee Gauchan Marin, speech therapist Gerard Marie, citizen of La Riviera
Gonthia Donald, Regional Civil Servant
Gonthia Gilbert, retired
Gonthia Joset, housewife
Goulder Pascal, farmer
Grandin Dominic, a citizen of Inter-Dukes
Henriette Giles, Territorial Executive, Municipal Councilor of Tampon Edimont Pascal, Regional Civil Servant, Former Municipal Councilor of Silaos
Imara Manuela, Employee Jamblu Christian, Business Manager, Former Municipal Councilor of Le Tampons
K / BIDI Marjorie, Family Assistant
Lameth Daniel, retired
Lamurex Roger, former vice president of the regional council and former municipal councilor of Le Tampon
Landon Sandrin, Specialist Educator
LAURET Alexandra, specialist educator
Loretta Mary, Branch Manager
Loretta Stephanie, elementary school teacher
Lebreton Margaret, housewife
LeBretton Suzanne, retired
Lent Florian, teacher
Jersey Marie Anik, leader of the association
Mainzant Elizabeth, retired
Mami Caroline, real estate agent
MERLO Bianca, job candidate
Michelle Jean Renেনে, retired
Moylon Didier, regional civil servant
MORLAIN-SERY Merciful, job seeker
Maulana Sabera, MUSSARD Maryse Retired From National Education, Retired NATIVEL Angélique, Housewife
Native William, commercial employee
Omarji Jamil, student
PAYET Françoise, Family Caregiver
Payet Georges, truck driver
PAYET Germain, retired from the post office
Porret Frederick, Baker
Pothin Charles Henry, Regional Executive
Pothin Eli, Nurse
Priyonon Mitchell, leader of the association
Jean Hughes of Riviera, a citizen of La Riviera
Robert Henry Claude, Nurse
Robert Karen, a citizen of the Plain des Cafre
SCHNEEBERGER Nadège, Medical Secretary, Municipal Councilor of Le Tampon
Sergeant-Branchet Stephanie, Regional Civil Servant
Surveix Didier, Receptionist
SERY Jean Mary, Business Manager
Seychelles Damien, a citizen of La Riviera
TECHER Leslie, caring
Todskov Joel, General Practitioner
Turpin Mikel, Regional Civil Servant

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