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The first “Learning Expedition” co-organized by CEA and the Alliance for Research and Innovation in Health Industries (ARIIS) was held at the CEA Brain Imaging Research Center Neurospin. A place where, recently, MRI of the Iseult project, the world’s most powerful, unveiled its first images. It is therefore a specially selected venue to introduce healthcare professionals to the excellence of CEA’s basic research in life sciences, which is conducted in the centers of Sacle, Ivory and Fontaine-Ox-Roses in the Ile-de-France region. And how it contributes to the emergence of innovative technological and therapeutic solutions for the benefit of patients and society. ”
Our model, which controls the entire value chain from basic research to industrial transfer, is unique in France. At the beginning of this afternoon’s discussion, CEA General Administrator Franোয়াois Jack underlined. ”
Our Health Work Cross-Functional: Being able to communicate with industrialists, we have gained recognition in basic research skills.s ”, explained Elsa Cortizo, director of basic research at CEA. ”
Our distinguishing function also lies in the fact that we can combine our skills and knowledge gained in other areas of research for health-related needs. This involves, for example, the design of sensors based on artificial intelligence aimed at optimizing the production of magnets produced for the Iseult project, or the production of biomedicine, depending on the case, handling skills. Department of Basic Research and / or CEA’s Technical Research

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Promoting CEA R&D in life sciences in the global healthcare industry

Although the quality of R&D conducted by CEA in the field of health is praised by its academic and industry partners, it is not well known both in France and internationally. ”
We do not know enough that CEA has been contributing to the development of life science research, medical device design, and innovative therapy for decades. It is the first French research institute to file a patent in Europe. It has incredible platforms and infrastructure Marco Fiorini, general representative of ARIIS, noted. Nora Benhabils, head of innovation, development and business creation at CEA’s Department of Basic Research, added that ”
With Marco Fiorentina, our ambition was to show the healthcare industry the full potential of CEA R&D. So that CEA in this case not only gets more visibility on national scale, but also gets international recognition. This is why the “Learning Expedition” was also broadcast live to industry headquarters in the United States and Europe.

Close to the needs and expectations of the healthcare industry

A few round-table “education campaigns” centered around themes were created to illustrate the strengths of CEA in line with the needs, expectations and challenges of the healthcare industry.

Thus the first exchanges focused on entrepreneurial attitudes towards health, among other things, the intervention of leaders of start-ups from CEA with bright backgrounds like CERES Brain Therapeutics or Theranexus. ”
This is an exceptional opportunity for CEAs to highlight start-upss Evaluate our R&D results and everything we do to support business creation 7, encourages Lawrence Petit, deputy director of innovation at CEA.

The afternoon was also rich for sharing health technologies to emerge as a priority through efficient public / private partnerships. ”
Even industrialists, at the end of the chain, need a mature technology that can be industrialized on a large scale, they may be very interested in basic research projects. “And Europe and France must take that position to accelerate the development of this technology,” said Elsa Cortizo. We are at a crossroads: everyone is convinced, and since the health crisis, life science research is crucial. Europe needs to invest in health technology and the right medicine to become a leader. It significantly supports training and future talent, but involves a more ecosystem-based organization among all players, including the CEA and its R&D at the highest level. A

Participants were also presented with CEA’s exceptional sites in biology, health and digital technology located in the centers of the Ile-de-France region, from Mersen to Neurospin, through CNRGH, IDMIT and SHFJ. An opportunity for present industrialists to learn more about these infrastructures and how they allow CEA to address the major drug challenges of the future. Finally, the final round table focuses on the “zero stage” between pre-clinical and clinical. ”
And in particular the reflection of performance, how to speed up, for example, the validity protocol of a drug before it is brought to market, while ensuring the safety of patients. “, Elsa Cortijo Spec.

The exchange inspires that enthusiasm

At the end of the discussion, the participants did not hide their enthusiasm. This was Corinne Blachier-Poison, managing director of Amazon France, a world leader in the medical biotechnology industry:
This event lets me see clearly what CEA can bring, and not just at the Franco-French level. The CEA perspective is also international, which is very important in the pharmaceutical sector. Its dual anchoring is a real resource in both laboratory and industry and it will be in our interest to work together. “Luka Molo, Medical Director of Pharmaceutical Laboratory Pfizer France, won by CEA Infrastructure,”
Whose instruments and data can be very valuable to us “Like Mohamed-Ramji Temanni, the scientific director in the global research and development at Janssen Laboratory, Artificial Intelligence and Genomics France, who learned from this roundtable that”
The key to a successful partnership is to work together with confidence and to know how to take risks. “Given, according to Sanofi’s associate vice-president R&D, Jean Lang”
To work with the right partners including CEA. These partnerships thus make it possible for us to collaborate on common values ​​and increase our competition with each other. A

This exploration, at the heart of CEA’s research work in the field of health, has thus fulfilled all its promises, offering all possibilities for future collaborations in health technology and medicine that will change the lives of patients. A new “education campaign” is currently under consideration to explore the infrastructure of centers in health-dedicated areas.

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