A family stunned by stereotypes in school books

Honoré Orogbo, a father in Ottawa, says the school textbook contains simple clich সম্পর্কেs about Africa.

The events took place at the initial establishment of the Central-Eastern Council of Catholic Schools (CECCE). In response, the council said it had taken some action, but parents still feared that teachers were not equipped enough to meet the diversity challenge.

In the title book Homes of the world, Different countries such as Japan and Madagascar as well as different habitats of the African continent are presented. The basic materials that these houses are made of are included in the form of exercises done with the students.

The Orogbo family is of Caribbean and African descent. Orogbo’s son is in second grade. She brought home exercise sheets from the book in question.

The only thing they showed in Africa was a thatched house and mud. A

A quote from Honoré Orogbo, Ottawa

Mr Orogbo said he was shocked by the fact that territories with a majority of countries of European and Asian descent were represented, referring to the entire African continent, when it came to black people. For them, it is equivalent to saying Africa is one and the same country. Africa is presented as a land of mud and strawShe laments.

Mr. Orogbo is originally from Benin. I have spent my whole life in Africa. My whole family lives in a brick house. There are buildingsHe said.

While making this observation, he claims that he has lost confidence in the school system. I think I will teach my son the black history of Africa so that he can be proud of its origins. Autowan, however, fears that other young people will grow up Including stereotypes about Africa. He also wants to review the Ontario school curriculum. A lot can change.

For its part, the management of the school boards of Catholic schools in the center-east has demanded that the situation reported by the Orogbo family be taken seriously. Les maisons du monde ainsi que le feuillet d’exercices, Types d’habitations d’autrefois, des tablettes de cette école”,”text”:”Nous avons retiré le livre Les maisons du monde ainsi que le feuillet d’exercices, Types d’habitations d’autrefois, des tablettes de cette école”}}”>We removed the book Homes of the world As well as exercise sheets, Types of past dwellingsThis school tabletRead a note from the council.

It is also said that the material was used to open discussion about traditional habitats in the past and today, but the administration wants to re-evaluate its educational relevance. A meeting was held with school staff to take stock of the quality of selected tools related to teaching and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

The council further noted that school staff have been made aware of this situation.

Carol Fluret looks at the camera and smiles.

Carroll is the editor of the “Education” collection at the University of Ottawa Press.

Photo: Carol Flurate

For her part, Carol Fluret, a full professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa, does not believe that Ontario teachers are well-equipped to deal with cultural diversity. There is a lot of important work to be done with teachers. There must be real political willHe adds.

We want to accept more and more Francophone immigrants for the vitality of Francophone schools, in particular, but we still have to give them a place of their choice that is right for them, and that is not always the case. A

A quote from Carol Fluret, Full Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa

The same story from Melissa Villaler, Professor of School Administration and director of the ABTB-Temiskamingue (UQAT) Specialized Bachelor’s Diploma in Management at the University of Quebec.

Mrs. Villela feels that teachers are not adequately supervised. année”,”text”:”La liste Trillium du ministère de l’Éducation de l’Ontario au sujet de manuels scolaires approuvés ne contient aucune ressource approuvée en études sociales en français, de la maternelle à la 6eannée”}}”>There are no approved K-6 French social studies resources on the trilium list of textbooks approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education.He notes. Social racism is rooted in the fact that even the Ministry of Education does not seem to care about the inclusive resources approved for all school curricula.

Therefore, a teacher will probably be left behind to find their own resources to be able to teach curriculum expectations, unless approved by a school board or school textbook. A

A quote from Melissa Villala, Professor of School Administration, ABTB-Temiscomingue University of Quebec

In addition, Ms Fluret said teachers often have to resort to unconventional resources to pay compensation. I go to many schools, the equipment used is not sophisticatedHe notes.

The school board of the Catholic school in Center-East has confirmed the book The Homes of the world Released in 2006.

Of Systematic anti-black racism

Mrs Villela believes the incident is part of a larger problem. He sees this as a problem with systemic racism. The choice and use of shared resources highlights how systematically anti-black racism spreads, intentionally or unintentionally.

Miss Villela further points out that the book and the student activity book are written at the present time. For him, it reinforces the stereotype towards racist people. Student activity books […] This reinforces the notion that people in the West, all whites, live in conditions that are considered more favorable, since all other comparisons to the house are made from this image which serves as a starting point.He judges.

Melissa Villela wears a pair of glasses and smiles at the camera.

Educational leadership and systematic anti-black racism researcher Melissa Villara are part of the field of expertise in the context of the minority Francophone.

Photo: Melissa Villela

In addition, the professor believes that the use of such resources in the classroom can exacerbate racism on a personal level. We promote, consciously or subconsciously, the various racial biases associated with negative stereotypes.He believes. We present these resources, we teach some children the wrong social representation that they did not know.

Teachers are also worried about this Some racist children Internalize more stereotyped social presentations. Until white French-speaking elites of Canadian descent often associate blacks with recent immigration, systematic racism will continue to breed.He adds.

These experts agree that the fight against systematic racism in a specific way will be the solution to prevent similar situations from surviving in schools.

Mrs. Villala suggests solutions, such as creating courses that value the identity and experience of black students.

For her part, Ms. Floret believes that publishers should work to make reading manuals relevant to avoid mistakes or to reinforce racial prejudices. New textbooks should be designed in this order and placed parallel to the old ones. According to him, it will help to make students aware of the evolution of mentality in the face of superstitions and stereotypes.

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