Dracenois artist Harold offers a huge fresco at Maca Medical Center who treated his son

V.It’s nice to see kids smile! ”

There is no doubt that behind the behavior of his protected warrior, one of those people to whom you should not look for too much trouble, is hiding a great sensitive person.

This guy is Harold Macau, An artist from Dracenois who specializes in street art and whose talents have now crossed the boundaries of the department.

“Today, I’m from Brignoles, it’s time to take a deep breath, put on my work mask, and I’m off!”Those who started his work at the end of March started.

Children supported up to 6 years old

So in the blue sky and under a bright sun, a mega colored fresco, 15 meters by 4 meters high, is revealed, like a real explosion of color that now enlivens the walls of the care installation. “Quite strict”According to Dracenois.

On the front now a monkey, a lion, a parrot, an ostrich, a snake, an elephant … even rub a shoulder with a certain giraffe “We can name Sophie.” Precise Harold Maca with a touch of humor.

The work extends to the front of one of the two buildings occupied by the Center for First Aid and Social Assistance (CAMSP) in Draguinan.

The structure, located on Boulevard Joseph-Colompe, welcomes children aged 0 to 6 years and aims to screen for disability, prevent accidents or care for and rehabilitate even the youngest children.

It all started with Harold, a father of three.

“In my first year of kindergarten, Evan, the youngest of my children, still could not speak. Despite many difficulties and many waits, we were able to diagnose him by the CAMSP team.”

And the verdict is that the then 4-year-old child has severe dysphasia, a neurodevelopmental disorder of oral language.

“It changed our lives”

Colorful animals are now coexisting in front of the care center. Picture C.Cz.

“The more we didn’t understand him, the more he got angry.” I remember Vorois. But once supported by the structure, everything moves faster:

“For Evan, this is a textbook case because dysphasia is rarely diagnosed before the age of 6, he was quickly followed by a psychologist, a psychomotor therapist and of course a speech therapist.” He further said.

We took him to the center four times a week until he was 6 years old, we were in the organization for two and a half years! ” This long-term follow-up has paid off, in terms of the child’s progress.

“It made her so much better, she socialized it, it changed our lives and everyone’s lives!” The artist shouts.

Currently in a large kindergarten department at Frederick-Miruer School, Evan is getting better, “She also dances, it helps her learn to communicate, she can even speak English!” Dad said he was proud of his childhood.

An educational fresco

If the child, now 7 years old, is now receiving personal care, the fact remains that the period of care at CAMSP will be a highlight in his family life.

So thank you to the entire medical team for getting the job done. “And give a smile to all the sick children.” That painter wanted to offer this work with a big heart which is both enjoyable and humorous.

“I’ve been developing the project for a year. I first made a sketch in the digital version, everything was instantly verified!” Relates the man to enthusiasm. “The rest is done by showing hands! Once done, it will also serve as an educational aid, there will be symbolic inscriptions with the names of the animals that children need to identify.”

What do kids think? “They’re so happy!” Harold smiled.

“I love to draw”

Even after working hundreds of hours, the emotion remains that graphic industry professionals no longer count.

“The point of contention is that I love to draw, I’m not telling myself here that I’m doing a good job! And then here, they’ve done so much for my son that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.”

For the financial part, significant support was provided by the Rotary Club Drasenois, a contribution that allowed the purchase of the painting.

And only a few days left and the artistic work will be finished. The huge work should make everyone happy, unless the transfer of the structure was probably planned in two years.

“I’ll do another one somewhere else, with another theme, I’ll give them another fresco!” Emphasize the artist with a capital A.

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Instagram account: Haroldmak_alias_philibert

Harold Maca has already completed 3/4 of his work.
Picture C.Cz.

“We are very happy with the offer.”

Anke Maguire, a physician in charge of Draguignan’s Center for Early Medical Social Assistance (CAMSP), and Harold Makar, managing artist at the Draceni Hospital Center, gratefully endorsed the work.

“We’ve been following little Evan for a while. We’re glad his dad offered it to us. It brings some color to the environment.” About seventy-five places tell the person in charge of the organization that has the capacity to receive.

Dozens of young patients discover a universe that is both familiar and amusing:

“It’s important for kids, they have certain standards, it’s a place of care that is still a pleasant place.”

And their response says a lot about the graphic work done by the artist: “The kids are watching, they’re commenting, they’re really interested in the way it’s done … and so are their parents!” Continue manager.

More than just a positive response, therefore, for this care center which, in the future, should be housed within Draguignan Hospital.

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