Investing in artificial intelligence can create a fortune: here are two tips

According to the Association for Digital Transformation, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to grow at an annual growth rate. 40% by 2028. It is difficult for investors to identify other markets with this level of investment potential.

Among the major players in this market (the humble comedian on the stock exchange platform which I will not tell you not to advertise) there are two quite interesting ones at the moment. It’s about Nvidia And IBMBoth are improving which can find a practical outlet sooner than the others.

This is why I strongly believe that investing a few dollars in these companies can be a good profit.

1. Nvidia’s AI footprint continues to expand

Intelligent traffic flow management is a big area where artificial intelligence will dominate in the near future. More than a committed investment.

Nvidia’s graphics processing units and system-on-chips are the backbone of most80% market for artificial intelligence. They support a wide range of technological developments: game consoles, cars, medical imaging technology and … of course evolving metavers. Only in the letter “A” in the list, there are people among Nvidia customers Amazon Web services and Alphabet.

Interesting area? The “feeling” of heavy traffic. Who among us does not use maps in cars? Think within 10 years of their evolution for artificial intelligence. All Nvidia GPUs. Nothing comes to mind if I say “go autonomous”?

Also in the next decade, businesses will move towards augmented reality, virtual reality, automation, predictability and optimization to deliver accurate real-time results. Corporate sniffers have already begun to move: In the fourth quarter report, Nvidia showed record growth with full-year earnings 61% year-over-year to $ 27 billion, supported by 53% year-over-year revenue growth in the fourth quarter.

The momentum is expected to continue, leading to the expected increase in revenue in the first quarter 45% over last year, and an astonishing 84% increase over the previous year.

The sharp fall in the market has caused the share price to fall slightly: this is why the investment term is excellent due to its leadership and … the expected growth in the future.

2. IBM will reject everything with artificial intelligence

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Real 20 security, intelligent cloud platform and IT infrastructure. It makes sense to invest in IBM in the face of all the challenges the company faces.

Some IBM systems date back to 1937, and you won’t believe it: there are machines from that era that are still in use today. But IBM has changed a lot, and is starting to do more with artificial intelligence. It can also provide additional benefits to those who invest.

The company that invented floppy disks, hard drives and barcodes has come a long way. By 2020, IBM already had a leading market share By 13.7% With AI Lifecycle Software, it has risen to the top of the global AI software platform. For five consecutive years.

Expectations for 2022 include revenue growth driven by cloud services and artificial intelligence solutions. Indeed, small signs of recession are expected, but no one has any doubts about the long term. Suppose 5 years, at that time how far IBM can go is almost unimaginable. An investment made today can pay off for itself during this time.

Conclusion: An investment in AI is an investment that will pay off

My warm opinion is as follows. If you want to make money and not be afraid to take small risks, start an AI company now. Even in semi-unknown startups, if you will. Apple is one of them. If you want to be safe instead (or just curious about what it is), keep an eye on the two elephants I have pointed out. Nvidia and IBM will undoubtedly be the protagonists of artificial intelligence.

In any case, fasten your seat belt; A crazy journey awaits us.

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