Lutetia is an artificial intelligence for cryptocurrency analysis

Lutesia is the first artificial intelligence capable of analyzing the price charts of all cryptocurrencies. If you need technical analysis of Bitcoin at a particular moment or if you are looking for business opportunities in different altcoin, this AI meets all your needs!

Made in 2019 by Central chartLutasia Artificial Intelligence immediately appeals to all investors looking for technical analysis, business opportunities and cryptocurrency trading signals:

  1. Analyzing cryptocurrencies is a long and tedious task.
  2. Each cryptocurrency needs to be analyzed in several units of time before being able to determine the trading opportunities for confiscation. All traders who spend time analyzing crypto charts miss out on a significant number of trading opportunities!
  3. From this observation, the CentralCharts team has focused its work on developing an artificial intelligence that will meet the needs of all crypto traders and investors.

What is Lutecia artificial intelligence?

Lutasia works with Big Data (a large panel of data) which presents over 19 million updated results. Thanks to over 135 million counts:

– All price history
– 9 calculation periods and 4 time units
– 18 technical indicators
– 6 market scanners (charts, Japanese candlesticks, technical indicators, volumes, gaps and records)
– More than 150 detections from these 6 market scanners
– More than 120 trend or motion signals from technical indicators and moving averages
– Resistance and support, as well as ProRealTrend of the ProRealTime platform.

From this BIG DATA, Lutessia manages to create a technical analysis that will be easily readable and interpretable by all investors. In seconds, it performs analytical work that would require hours for any professional technical analyst.

But Lutetia’s analysis doesn’t stop at a few plots on a graph! It offers traders all the ingredients that allow it to create this analysis. Details all data and signals from AI scanners and other CentralChart analysis tools, at each trade opportunity or analysis.

Analyze a cryptocurrency with Lutasia

With a simple click on its incarnation, Lutasia customers can request AI to get an analysis of their preferred cryptocurrency:

After selecting a time unit, customers immediately receive AI analysis and feedback on their favorite cryptocurrency.

If this analysis does not reach the objective 1 set by AI, the credit taken will be refunded!

Each month, Lutasia customers benefit from 40 credits to request AI at any time in the cryptocurrency and time unit of their choice.

Get the opportunity to trade with Lutetia

If Lutasia allows you to get an analysis of your cryptocurrency at any given moment, this is not the best time to intervene! In fact, the price may be closer to Objective 1 than the void threshold when creating your technical analysis. In fact, Lutasia only offers you her analysis at a given moment …

That’s why Central Charts created the service. ” Lutesia opportunity !

Lutasia Artificial Intelligence constantly scans all cryptocurrencies and offers you its best analysis and new business opportunities directly. For each opportunity selected by AI, the profit / risk ratio is always higher than 1: 1 and the best recommended opportunities can reach 1: 8.

As a Lutessia customer, you have been notified Via email And in Central Chart whenever the opportunity arises. You are free to configure your list / alerts so that you only have the opportunity to trade in your favorite cryptocurrency!

My Lutasia dashboard

Your Lutasia Dashboard will allow you to track your subscriptions, your AI analysis, your credit and the latest market opportunities:

And with AI’s latest “Lutesia Trends” tool, follow AI’s opinion live on a whole market or a list of cryptocurrencies in your portfolio:

Here, static AI scans are used. Lutasia does not select trading opportunities but uses all its scans to give its overall view on the crypto portfolio, instrument list or financial market of your choice.

Lutessia membership

Lutasia subscriptions are offered at 29.90 per month. A 20% discount is offered if you subscribe for 6 months.

After subscribing, you will benefit from full access to artificial intelligence services:

  • Request for analysis in a cryptocurrency with IA credit
  • Get the opportunity to trade through EMAIL
  • Access the Lutasia Trends tool to follow the overall views of Lutasia on your portfolio, listings or market.
  • Access the Lutesia Dashboard to manage everything about your subscription and all options.

Click here to subscribe to Lutesia

Need to check Lutasia before actually subscribing?

CentralCharts offers a “Discovery Offer” that allows you to test all Lutusia services for 7 days on the same terms as the subscribed member. This offer includes 10 AI credits:

Do you have a question?

The answer to that question can be found here Lutecia FAQs :

  1. What is the difference between IA Credit and Lutasia Opportunities?
  2. What is the difference between your artificial intelligence and an automated trading system?
  3. Does Lutasia improve automatically after each scan?
  4. Should success rates improve over time?
  5. What is the AI ​​performance rate?
  6. How long is the IA credit valid?
  7. An analysis does not seem relevant to me. What do you do?
  8. Why do some analysis charts include 1, 2 or 3 technical indicators?
  9. Do I have to pay another IA credit if I request the same instrument analysis at another UT?
  10. What is the cost of 1 AI credit for requesting expert opinion on an AI analysis?
  11. Is it relevant to request a new analysis from Artificial Intelligence if an analysis has already been published?
  12. Can analysis only be paid if they are canceled?

Feel free to ask your questions or email the CentralCharts team directly in the comments on these frequently asked questions. They will answer your question as soon as possible.

Warning: This article does not cite its references or sources. Do your own research and invest only the money you can lose.

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