Married to a former prisoner, a prison guard has filed a complaint against his hierarchy for harassment

“It’s been 10 years. I’m tired. I can’t take it anymore“Melanie (first name taken) confesses to being a prison guard in her forties. Moral harassment against the prison administration. On sick leave from depression since last summer, the forties today decided to break his silence.

Melanie, who attempted suicide, admitted that she had been abused because of her character and her openness. This mother of two, psychologically follows, and no longer supports, she says Prison abuse And no longer supports the attitudes of his superiors or colleagues. __My partner is a former prisoner. The administration did not tolerate that. My colleagues are all aware. My superiors too. However, this information is strictly confidential. And this privacy has not been respected. ”

This Biterroise has been asked to relocate to Béziers for a family reunion. Twenty requests. All rejected, Melanie specified. I am in the fourth level, while some of the students in the same class are much more (level 12).

A failed suicide attempt

Biterroise, who has 12 years of experience, is now employed at Nimes, after working at Leon-Corbus and Borg-en-Brace in the Rh -ne-Alpes region. Last February, the Soviet Gendarmerie Brigade heard Melanie before seeing a psychiatrist. Its management declined to comment, saying it was not aware of the request.

Significant personal distress

“I’m talking today. I know the consequences. But it is not possible for me to stay without feedback. I have witnessed the humiliation of a prisoner. Three guards entered the cell and attacked him. Of course I wanted to. I have a huge lump in my stomach just talking about it. For eleven years I have been under my honesty, my character. I can’t stand injustice. I am criticized for not respecting the chain of command. When something goes wrong, I write higher. I have a very strong character. And I know they don’t like it at all. ”

My partner is a former prisoner. The administration has never tolerated that. ”

“My co-workers are all aware. My superiors too. This information is strictly confidential though. This privacy is not respected.”

Your classification scolds you for your frankness, what do you mean by that? Do you have examples?

“One day I was told to open the door of the garbage room. To hold the camera hidden in the passageway. I did not understand why. I opened it foolishly. They went to the three men in the cell and hit the prisoner. You should know that the cameras are filming, but you can’t hear. I was shocked by the situation. I didn’t understand. “But whether a prisoner is angry or not, we don’t know. I did not report this incident. I was scared. I was threatened. The brigade was there. He made all the arrests. VS.What I say is serious. I know it. But it is true. They do not appreciate my openness. But it is no longer possible to remain silent

You mentioned the rape of a prisoner (18 years old) by his colleague in his cell. Are you saying that your supervisor did not want to know anything and did not intervene?

“Yes, the victim was an 18-year-old boy. He was knocking on the door of his cell. I intervened. I was worried. He came out crying. He said tremblingly. My fellow inmate raped me every night. He was in a terrible condition. I told my department head that day. I explained it to him. The young man was transferred to his cell.

How would you respond?

“Too bad. I can’t say anything to my superiors. Otherwise I’m going to bite. So I went higher. Again. I heard from a lieutenant with whom I spoke. The situation was explained. But what the boss said I did.” I did not speak. I did not explain what the boss said because I did not want to quarrel. I have enough problems with the pensioners, so the lieutenant actually kicked him out of the cell because he was really raped. I am so proud of myself that Was brought. ”

Do you think that you are paying for your investment, your discount?

Yes. I’m sure many guards don’t talk like me because they know the results. I, I speak. I know I’m going to bite again. But a little more or a little less, I can actually do after that. ”

Were the years of austerities difficult?

“Yeah, it’s been 11 years of hardship. The school went very well. The hardships started later. Harassment. Depression. I’m an hour and a half away from my place of work. Cut the schedule. I’ve been made to do what no one else has to do. One day I was left alone with tasks that had to be shared. For example, overseeing three days of continuous travel. The rules of procedure provide for alternatives. This is a heavy, tedious position. Leaving the same is rare. He has left me for three days in a row. Some guards are probably living very well. But my health does not allow me to do that. ”

You live with a former prisoner today. At that time he was not at your advantage. Was this relationship a misunderstanding?

“So yes, so. I was in Leon-Corbus. He was on parole. Since I am clear and honest, I have declared this situation to my superiors. I could have remained silent. The administration has investigated. Whether I knew him in captivity and See if he was under my authority.There was a classification without follow-up which meant I respected my code of ethics.

What happened?

“Everyone knew about it. The supervisors, the chefs, the majors. I was with a thug that I could not go on regretting much. I was upset. I did not know what to do. Will not calm down.

Do you still have the idea that you are still paying the price for your character, your honesty, or even the reunion with a former prisoner who has paid his debt to society?

“I do more than pay for it. Since 2014, I’ve been psychologically monitored for falling. I don’t let myself go, I still have the strength, but yes, I pay for my character, I’m honest. I’m paying for it and I’m paying my husband to be a former thief. ”

How are you today

“I am not well. All my transfer requests have been rejected. I have received twenty requests from Bezier. I am still in good rank. Until recently I was sure that after a very satisfactory interview in Toulouse I received a favorable opinion. HRD my SPS Union was with me. We were sure this was the right time. But a few days ago, I received a hostile opinion.

Do you think that you are paying for what I have said about your career development? Because that’s what you explained to me before. You did not develop like other overseers

“Today, I’m only in step four? Those who were in the same class as me are now in step 12. It’s still a big difference. It’s also the fight I’m leading. But I’m tired. I’m bored.”

What do you expect from this filed complaint?

“I hope for justice. I am for justice and I believe in justice. Today, I am speaking. I am sure that other caretakers in France have the same concerns, but they do not express it. I do not talk about it. My life with a former prisoner. But everyone sees what happens in prisons. We have to talk. Prisoners continue to pay their debts there, they pay their debts. We don’t “I’m not here to judge them. In fact, they have already been tried. Who are we? We are not here to judge them. And then I want to prove and admit for justice that they destroyed me. I even tried suicide. I’m really tired, but they won’t find me. ”

You condemn the attitude of your work colleagues. You are responsible for privacy. You will not be afraid of the possible consequences

“I was scared, but I didn’t swear. They didn’t have time. They didn’t have time. I didn’t go to court like the others. And then you know, they can. ‘ . “

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