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At a time when we are overwhelmed by the constant flow of information, it is difficult, even impossible, to remember everything that we never want to forget.

And yet … memories are our most precious, they help us build our past, our present and our future! The Memorizer app is designed to facilitate easy access to our memory by focusing on an intelligent tool that organizes and enriches them for artificial intelligence and a real community of about 50,000 users.

A survey conducted by Memorizer on a panel of 1200 people revealed that:

? 71% take pictures that they don’t want to forget;

? 70% see that these photos get lost in their phone’s gallery;

? + 60% want to have an app that allows them to remember everything they have done or want to do in their social and cultural life.

? Memorizer is an application that allows us to retrieve orders in our memory in a very intuitive way: no more draft note apps, no more screenshots lost in the middle of a family photo!

Movies to watch, books to read, restaurants to try … Memorizers help create “memories” to help you remember precious moments, but also help to organize your tasks in a simple and visible way.

You want to enrich a memory by embellishing it with a photo (for example to illustrate a book, a movie or a restaurant to memorize): Artificial intelligence in the center of the application lets you just type the title View valuable offers Pictures and additional information.

? Memoizer’s ambition is to create the next nugget in the App Stores: a daily application comparable to a memory extension to regain control over one’s memory and bring peace to one’s daily life.

Who is the app for?

Anyone who wants to control their memory:

– Elderly people whose memories unfortunately fade with time,

– Active people looking for a productivity tool for their professional and personal use,

– Less active people, like everyone else, face daily memory limitations.

Note that 80% of users to date are women!

Memorizer Mission:

? PREPARATION FOR THE FUTURE: Be it ideas heard on the radio, advice from friends about movies to watch, a restaurant or a place to try … Memorizer lets us create all the visual, rich and social to-do lists we promise ourselves not to forget these great moments. To go!

? Save Your Memory: Thanks to its artificial intelligence, Memorizer allows everyone to easily save, delete, sort and enrich their photos to turn them into real memories. This common work is part of a process of personal and more global well-being.

? Improving memory and culture: Memorizer is not a new digital tool that invites us to do less. Memorizer provides landmarks and content for everyone to develop their memories and culture.

? Protect your personal information: Memorizer wants your memory to be secure. The application does not commercially exploit user data and everyone is free to choose whether they want to share their memories with their friends or keep them private for their personal use.

About the memorizer

After evolving and learning from great startups (Stuti and Blueblocker), Charles Baron and Thomas Sales launched their own project in January 2020, a general observation was born: memory is the most precious thing, but it is impossible to capture what we want. As daily. After 18 months of R&D and ের 1 million in funding before its release, Memorizer is the first French app dedicated to memory. By working on a tool that is less exploitative from a tool standpoint, startups want to make it easier to access the information we want to retain and which can at any time sink into the data flow that waters our daily lives. Due to its unique and very relevant location, Memorizer quickly attracted the attention of famous investors and became Station F TOP 30 2020. In 2022, Apple chose the application for its foundation program and experienced its first successful adoption in France.

More information on the Memorizer website:

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