Technology: Interview with Pierre Alain Betz, Head of Oracle Malaga Southern Europe Hub

Ten years ago, Pierre-Alain Baitz moved from the gray of the Paris region to the sunlight of Malaga. Head of Oracle’s Southern Europe hub, he told us how they help companies ‘speak data’ so people can make the right decisions. Technology, now driven by artificial intelligence, is at the service of society.

Like it or not, technology has exploded in our lives and Covid has only accelerated the process. This is especially true for individuals but also for business. Pierre-Alain Baetz, Southern Europe Manager of Oracle’s Mid Market (SME & ETI Market) is well aware of the many challenges posed by digital transformation.

There is no oracle to decide. Its job is to process data, to talk. It’s the people who decide

Facing a digital mutation that has exploded- Pierre-Alain Betz explains-, Companies are experiencing unprecedented amounts of data The volume is such that there is no way without them Use process automation and artificial intelligence To analyze this data, to use it, to ensure its quality and, of course, to secure it, at a time when cyber security is at the center of every discussion.

Don’t confuse cloud technology and file backup in the cloud

Oracle, an American software publisher, created in 1977 by the famous Larry Ellison, is one of the world’s leading experts in data management and cloud technology. For Neophyte, this should not be confused with a simple outsourced file backup.. In this case, in Oracle Cloud, it is actually an enterprise application up to the entire infrastructure level, thus potentially covering the entire core business of the company.

AI will help beekeepers get to know their bees better and determine what action to take

Artificial intelligence in the service of beekeepers!

This technology has also started to be used for this Predict or predict events Or measures will be implemented, to avoid incidents and in many cases, Make the best decision. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. World Bee Project Where the American company collaborates with a research laboratory in Great Britain.

“We know that – Says Pierre-Alain Betz-, Bees have an essential role to play, since most of the world’s food is made through pollination. We have connected the hives with sensors that record variables Such as temperature, humidity, noise level, and vibrations emitted by the hive

Usually the mission in Malaga lasted about three years and finally it lasted more than ten years, and we are very good here.

This millions of data collected and analyzed in real time allows us to better understand the threats to bees as well as their safety (e.g., hornet attack) and their development (swarm). With this information, beekeepers can then decide what action to take.. In short, it is a definite example of artificial intelligence in the service of society.

Take for good: Helping society through technology

We see this –Pierre-Alain Betz explains-, Oracle’s starting point is to help companies around the world manage billions of data regardless of their area of ​​operation. Data is our DNA. But we also need to understand that technology is good and serves society as a whole, it’s called take for good.

The millions of data collected and analyzed in real time allow us to better understand the threats associated with bees, their protection and their development.

Technology in sports services

In addition, and for sports fans, Oracle has invested Three major sporting events Which shows how this technology can be very useful. For Formula 1 Championship, Oracle has been a partner of the Honda Red Bull team since last year, which has undoubtedly helped them win the championship. “Formula 1 cars – Says Pierre-Alain Betz– Connected, and Returns thousands of real-time data of acceleration, trajectory and other required constants., During the race. Thanks to a meticulous analysis, enhanced by artificial intelligence and Oracle Cloud performance, the best racing decisions can be made by the entire team and driver Max Verstappen, leading to the 2021 Drivers Championship win.

A sailing boat on the sea
This Formula 1 of the ocean is covered with sensors

Oracle technologies are also used as part of it SailGP water race, Of which Oracle Initiator. All vessels, the original Formula 1 of the sea, are identical and covered with sensors that return data to the captain. “This means –Oracle main explanation– that they are all on the same foot, with the same boat, the same data that everyone must explain and cThe one who wins is the best, the one who makes the best decision. In other words, people decide. There is no oracle to decide. Oracle’s job is to process data, to talk, to figure out the finer points of data, but not to make decisions. The man is really at the center of the decision. “

A table with data captured on a sailing boat
The AI ​​processes the data from the sensor and the captain decides

Another notable example is the use of Oracle technology in the English Football League, Premier League. There, too, is the same concept of data that is analyzed in real time and that makes it possible to provide statistics to fans and even Predict a goal Thanks also for the artificial intelligence.

All these initiatives- Pierre-Alain Baetz points out– Also the very precise use of technology makes it possible to bring Oracle closer to the general public, because Oracle is obviously well known to companies, the business world, but it is much less familiar to individuals.

Oracle has chosen Malaga for its Southern Europe hub

Oracle’s Southern Europe Hub Space is located in Malaga, meaning from Spain, Oracle covers a good part of Southern and Central Europe as a whole. But why Malaga? “Actually –Pierre-Alain Betz explains-. Oracle wanted to expand the existing Dublin hub to other, more central locations in Europe. And naturally, because of its geographical, climatic, but economic attraction, Malaga was chosen, along with other centers in Dubai or Amsterdam that address the Middle East and Africa, or much of northern Europe, “he said.

I started with a small group of 6 people and ten years later we have 650 people on site

Expatriate Spain: An excellent opportunity

An opportunity for Pierre-Alain Bytes and a He took the opportunity to dream. “J.Began work in the 2000s –What does he remember?– And this is exactly the time when the famous bug of 2000 was, remember, the Internet bubble, a busy time in the IT world. Then, in 2011, after being taken over by Oracle after a 5-year tenure in the BEA system, I got a realization. I could have lived perfectly well in Paris for another 10 or 20 years and continued to perfect my career, which is going well, but from a personal point of view. I wanted something else, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and try a professional experience abroad, This time in a real international environmentI “.

Malaga Hub Overview
Oracle hub in Malaga

And coincidentally, Oracle was in the process of setting up and developing this additional European hub in Malaga. “I Became the first French manager to work for the European Center And I started with a small group of 6 people specialized in middlewear, then quickly about fifty people and ten years later, we now have 650 people on the site of which I am now the leader. At first I didn’t know a word of Spanish and chose German as my second language, and so I learned the language without any academic basis. This does not mean that I speak very well today, especially with “Small” Malaga pronunciation!But this is basically Enough to understand yourself and create a personal and professional network Local, in the language of Cervantes “

Oracle Hub Cafeteria
Malaga Hub for a short coffee break

Pierre-Alain Betz Currently combines two functions: First, the director of Southern Europe for the technical part of the mid-market (SME and ETI market) and, moreover, the director of the Malaga site, especially in charge of communications and local affairs.

Everything indicates that he made the right decision in 2011. The sky of Paris and the grayness of the Malaga sun, but above all there is no comparison to his life! “When I landed in Malaga with my wife and four children, we kept them in Lycée Français, because usually the mission was supposed to last about three years and finally it was over ten years, and we are very good here.” Surely an expatriate will make people jealous!

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