Top 14 bride and groom who utterly abuse, lack of education

Typically, what is scary in wedding preparations is the failure of the marriage: a caterer who cancels, a witness who loses the wedding ring, or even – but rarely – a groom who recites the alphabet during the full ceremony. But, sometimes, what is really frightening is the crazy request of the bride and groom to organize themselves and their ceremony. “The happiest day of their lives” then became a huge nightmare for everyone else. If you get an invitation from these people, a word of advice: run away.

1. The bride and groom want the guests to pay for their meals.

“Okay, I was hesitant to post about this, but over time, I’m getting more and more inclined to do it, and I seriously need your opinion on this … it’s not for a friend, it’s for me, because I I am amazed at what is happening:

We received a very nice wedding invitation in the mail and responded well before the preferred time for dinner for the two of us. A few days later, we received a sweet voicemail of Thanks (for responding) then requested $ 150.00 to cover dinner at $ 75.00 per person !!! Parduooooo?!?!?

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing ???? Is this madness?!?! However, this is not a wedding abroad and even for those of us who have attended before, we never had to pay for a plate !! Help !! A

2. She wants to pay £ 30 instead of £ 75 for the wedding dress and deliver it to him

“_Sorry, you want me to reduce it by 60% and leave it at your house for free on 1h30 round trip? I’m just saying be sure.

_ Yes, if right

_ This is madness. That means I have to pay for the dress. I would love to give you a big discount and would consider dropping out if you cover the cost. If you want the dress for 30 (it costs £ 700 so it’s a ridiculous deal) you can pick it up

_ I have no money at the moment. Fuel money.

“I’m sorry but I can’t give you a free dress with my own money and time.”

3. She wants a free photographer for her wedding


I’m looking for a wedding photographer

I’m a local model and I’m getting married! I was looking for a photographer and thought why not collaborate with some amazing photographers here! You can save and use all the photos for the wedding portfolio.

(Food, drink and dance must be free and included for you! We can discuss compensation for travel / accommodation etc.)

Very easy, low maintenance, open to all styles of photography! If you want to cooperate and work together, do not hesitate to contact us! A

4. He goes to marry someone without saying anything but still wants money

“Hello friends and family! I decided to get married in Antigua! #Honeymoon

Instead of a regular wedding list, we ask our loved ones to donate to raise funds for our honeymoon and first time home purchase! You can donate either to our HoneyFund (Super Secure Online Donation Portal) or directly to us.

All contributions to make this great day and our future more special are appreciated. Thanks everyone! We love you guys! A

5. The bride and groom who expected a little more money from their guests

“I must say that I am a little disappointed with the participants in my kitty. I went to many weddings and donated money. We really need this help because our flights and travel have already been paid for … so please help us, we will have a big party later, and I would like to invite everyone present. A

6. The bride is looking for a cheap photographer / videographer who will fulfill all her requests

“I searched this site for a month and I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Someone help me. I’m looking for a videographer or photographer for 3-4 hours who:

– Available May 1. The answer is marriage

– Don’t charge me for posting my videos / photos on social media or ask me to tag you every time I post.

– No need to pay in full before the wedding date. I can pay a deposit, but I would love to pay the balance after seeing you at the wedding. After all, to make a video I still have to trust you, at least make sure you are real and ready to work.

– I can work with my 600 budget. If you charge a travel fee, service fee and additional taxes, the final payment will be $ 800. You will exceed my budget.

– Have some experience. If you only have 2 videos to show off your work, then you are too inexperienced to marry me.

I hope someone meets these criteria. Thanks for your help! A

7. The girl is a wedding photographer so she thinks she has the right to scam other photographers.

“Customer Hell

Client: “I’m looking for a very avant-garde photo for my wedding. You need to be present all day, with 6 hours of posed photos and the wedding. I will need a DVD of all the edited photos in high resolution and you will be paid $ 150. Please agree to let me do a “Dressing the Dress” shoot.

In response, I sent a short (but polite) email stating that I could not meet the requirements at the quoted rate.

Client: “Listen, donkey, I know how it works. I’ve been a wedding photographer for 15 years and make over $ 8,000 a day.”

8. 400 $, not less

“How are you all !!

You all know that my wedding is coming in October !!!

I have already sent all the invitations. That means you got most of them! Thanks to those who have already answered. If it is not, please confirm your presence by Sunday, otherwise we will not be able to receive you. That being said, I want to share our gift list with everyone !! For everyone who comes to my wedding, there is a list of gifts you can bring. You must choose from the list or consult with me first. There are no exceptions. The list includes:

1. KitchenAid appliances are over $ 350, which means they are not regular kitchen items like aprons or spatulas. I’m talking about their mixers, blenders, etc.

2. Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbag. Other handbags are allowed but please consult me ​​first

3. More than পোশাক 400 worth of clothing from Calvin Klein, Moschino or Nora

4. A new floor tile for the whole house (I know it would be a little upstairs but I would appreciate it)

5. A new car, or something related to the car

7. Gift cards worth $ 400 or more for any of the following: Fifth Sax Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and even Jessipeni. Other positions are acceptable but ask me first.

8. Korean or Asian beauty products for a total price of $ 400 or more

9. High quality painting or decoration total $ 400 or more

10. Cash donations of $ 400 or more

So, as you can see, there’s a lot going on here. I hope everyone spends at least 400 on wedding gifts. I’ll take a little less until you tell me first. Plus, it came earlier, served earlier. Here is a link to the spreadsheet where you can find out who brings what If you don’t want to give me a Gucci handbag or anything else you don’t want to take, be sure to get there early!

Thanks “

9. No car is good enough in his eyes.

“I want to borrow a car for my wedding on 28/12, we need it from 2pm to 8pm. Thanks “

First offer :

“If you want, I can lend you my Tesla Model 3

_ Seriously? A model 3? Switch to a Model X and I can reconsider your offer.

Man, it’s just an option, you don’t have to be an ass

_ You offer me a Model 3 and you think I’m stupid?

Dude, this is a beautiful car, it’s brand new. All you have to say is “no”

_Okay then not “

Second offer :

I’ll be away so I can’t come to your wedding. You can borrow my M3 if you want

_Yes, no thanks !! I’m looking for at least 100,000, not for my wedding, not for my 18th birthday. “

10. Just that!

“Hey, I know it’s a last minute, but can you make a wedding cake for Sunday lunch?”

_ I may be able to do something by Sunday, but it will depend on what you want to achieve

_ Something like that but not too big. I’m just waiting for 300 people.

_ Hahahahahahaha. I’m sorry it’s impossible to do in such a short time.

_ Okay, I understand. But are you sure? On TV, they bake bigger cakes in less time. Are you a beginner?

_ Good evening. A

11. How is it when we are in it?

“Wedding photographer? Available February 22? Maximum $ 200.

12. You are not invited, but you can still throw away some money

“Even though we want you to attend our wedding, unfortunately our hall cannot accommodate everyone. We are sure to keep you in our hearts during this celebration of love. If you want to congratulate the bride and groom, instead of a register, they take money to help a beautiful honeymoon. A

13. It wants you to come

Hello, I am the wedding coordinator for X and X. I am contacting all the confirmed guests to make the final point and follow some rules for the wedding day.

First of all, do you always bring a +1?

Rules :

1. Please arrive 15-30 minutes earlier.

2. Please do not wear white, cream or ivory.

3. Please do not wear anything other than bob or ponytail.

4. Please do not wear makeup completely.

5. Do not film during the ceremony.

6. Do not register on FB unless requested.

7. Use hashtags provided for this purpose when posting pictures on the network

8. Do not talk to the bride at all.

9. Everyone toasts with Remy. There is no hope.

10. Finally, if you want to be admitted, you must bring a gift of $ 75 or more.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please call me directly. Thanks. A

14. “Please lose weight for me”

“Welcome to my wedding party, […]

Just a few things to ask. I have chosen all the bridesmaid dresses out there and they will be size 8. So if you are not size 8 then I suggest going to the venue. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been planning this since I was in diapers and I want it to be perfect. Your nails should be cut short and colorless. Hair should be shoulder length and cut at the back, so if your hair is short, get extensions […]

One last thing, I’ll send my Lydia account to those who haven’t paid 500 for their honeymoon in Hawaii. “

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