Top 25 Christmas Jokes

Christmas is essential for family celebrations. To create a friendly atmosphere, entertain in the gallery with Christmas-themed jokes.

Choosing the right jokes for Christmas

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For many people, humor is sacred, especially in family gatherings and Christmas dinner. It takes some good jokes to get everyone in the mood. Also, giggles are good for body and mind. Everyone needs it to relax and clear their head to welcome the new year better. However, to avoid some offensive and shocking an aunt or grandma, you need to be careful about the tricks you choose. So we save black humor for the party after working with friends or colleagues. In fact, it would be better if you did not want to turn family food into moral advice Bet on good Christmas jokes That young and old will laugh!

15 Christmas jokes to laugh with family

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Spending Christmas with family is a source of joy. Banquets, gifts, decorations, reunions in …This is the most friendly time of the year. However, all of this can be organized stress. And family reunions can bring some excitement. To create a more comfortable environment, and to get everyone in the mood, there is nothing better than cracking a few jokes. Here are 15 Christmas-themed jokes that make us laugh.

1 / Stay at home mom

Toto asks his mother:
– What has the Holy Virgin done as a work?
– She lived at home, mother.
– Then why did she hold the baby Jesus?

2 / Son of Santa

A boy who has never met his father asks his mother:
– Mom, who’s my dad?
– It answers Santa Claus, mom in annoying air.
– What do you mean, the boy is surprised.
– Well, he came at night, he gave me a present, and we never saw him again!

3 / Oh blonde!

Determined to save money for the celebration of the end of the year, the two blondes go to the forest to find a Christmas tree. After two hours of research, the first one says:
– Well, I’m upset! The next we see, with or without the ball, we take it!

6 / Premature Christmas shopping

As Christmas approached, the judge asked the accused:
– Are you really accused?
– I have Christmas shopping in advance!
– But it’s not a crime! What, too soon?
– Well … before the store opens!

5 / Tampax!

Two little girls are talking on the playground.
– What did you ask for Christmas?
– A tampax.
– What is it?
– I don’t know, but I’ve seen on TV that you can use it for horseback riding, gymnastics and cycling.

6 / Santa Claus in Somalia

One day, Santa Claus decides to go to Somalia with his elves. Surprised to see only children with skin and bones, he asked:
– Why are these kids so thin?
– Because they don’t eat, the fairy answers.
– Aren’t they eating? Okay, no gifts! Says Santa Claus.

7 / Accept mother-in-law

A few days before Christmas, a man is hanging out with a friend at a bar.
– I cut my dog’s tail last week.
– Oh, and why?
– I’m watching my mother-in-law for Christmas and I don’t want her to think that some people are happy to see her!

8 / Taka

In the noise of a department store on New Year’s Eve, a woman loses her wallet, but in a Christmas miracle, a young man finds it and brings it back to her, she examines the contents and says:
– Everything is there but it’s interesting, I had a 50 euro note and now I have 5 out of 10 euros.
The young man replies: “I know, but the man did not change to reward me last time …”

9 / Part of the priest

The priests managing the Christmas collection explain how they determine which money will go to church and which money will be shared with them.

Remedy: “I draw a circle on the ground for the church, to determine my share of the money returned to me and what I give to Jesus Christ, and I throw coins in the air. The money that falls into the circle is mine, the money that falls outside the circle belongs to my Lord For.

Imam: “I am for the mosque, I draw a square on the ground, the money that falls in the square is for me, the money that falls outside is for Allah.”

Rabbi: “I am for the temple, I throw coins into the sky: if God wills something, He takes it and I am satisfied with the money that falls! A

10 / Ball

Seeing a fir tree approaching the woodcutter, he said to another fir tree: “Christmas, it gives me strength! A

11 / bank account

Dear Santa, this year I want a fat bank account and a lean body PS: Please don’t confuse the two like last year!

12 / A very frustrated postman

A little boy writes to Santa Claus:
“Dear Santa Claus, I am an orphan and I had no gifts. Can you send me 100 euros, please?”
The postman, moved by letter, collects from his colleagues at the pick-up center, but manages to collect only 50 euros, which he sends to the boy.
He received a new letter:
“Dear Santa, thank you for your money … but the postmen stole half of it from me!” A

13 / A dead grandmother

On New Year’s Eve, December 31, a grandmother dies in her bed.
The village doctor last met him to be his last-minute companion. Grandpa, her anxious husband is waiting in the kitchen. The doctor comes out of Grandma’s house to see her:

– Sir, your wife will fly tonight, she’s restless.

The grandfather who no longer hears goes to the bedroom to see his wife. Grandma asks him:
– What did the doctor say my darling?
– Honey, I did not understand – he said you were like my cock.
– God’s name is Mary Joseph? ! ? Granny wrote Well, I’m not ready to get up then!

14 / Christmas carol rehearsal

A choir is rehearsing for Mass at midnight on December 24 The priest identified something unusual. To be sure, he asked each member to sing alone. Toto’s turn comes. He says out loud:

-Leon! Leon!

– Toto, stop! By the priest. You’re holding your songbook upside down. The lyrics are “Christmas, Christmas”.

15 / Age of the person.

Men go through four different ages:

  • Where he believes in Santa Claus
  • Where he no longer believes in Santa Claus
  • Where he played the role of Santa Claus
  • Where he looks like Santa Claus

10 fun puzzles to do at Christmas time

A Santa Claus poses with a question mark Credit: Maurusson

During the family meal at Christmas, Involve your guests Asks them to answer some of his puzzles. Atmosphere and smile sure!

1/25 December What do you call a cat that falls into a colored container?
Answer: A painted Christmas cat

2 / Mr. and Mrs. Dusiel have five children. How are they called?
Answer: Betty, Dad, Noel, Quentin, Sandra (little Santa Claus, when you come down from the sky).

3 / What is the name of the Christmas trick that comes after the guests on the day before Christmas?

Answer: I am going to wear garland again!

4 / What is the hardest cake in the world?

Answer: Christmas log.

5 / Do you know why Santa Claus smiles all the time?

Answer: Because he does not buy gifts.

6 / What show will the squirrels see at Christmas?

Answer: Nutcracker.

7 / What would you say to an old snowman?

Answer: A reservoir!

8 / Which is the favorite city of Santa’s animals?

Answer: Renaissance.

9 / Why is Santa Claus bad in karate?

Answer: Because he has a black belt.

10 / What are red, green and white?

Answer: A pixie burnt in the sun.

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