Unveiled in Paris, the African work “Today’s Memories, Tomorrow’s Memories” will travel (…)



The African Space Art Project (ASAP) was conceived by the French NGO African Artists for Development (AAD-Fund).The observation was born out of an observation in partnership with the European Meteorological Satellite Agency EUMETSAT and in collaboration with Arianespace: Africa is the continent that emits the least CO2 and suffers the most from global warming.

EUMETSAT’s new MGT-I1 geostationary satellite will be placed over Africa after being launched into orbit by an Ariane 5 launcher and will be able to observe climate and climate change on the African continent, among other things.


A unique work, a symbol
Collective commitment


AAD-Fund, EUMETSAT and Arianespace Wanted to make this highly iconic launch an artistic platform for Africa. Three African artists under the age of 40, Cameroonian Jean David Knott and Congolese Michelle Ekbeba and Geraldine TobeCreated a collaborative work, Memories of today, memories of tomorrow, The reproduction will feature the launch of the Ariane 5 rocket that will carry the new MGT-I1 satellite, which will be launched into orbit in December 2022.

The Collective NET artists include: Jean David Knott, Geraldine Tobe and Michelle Ekba. © ড

Following the call for applications from hundreds of artists across the continent, 59 files were examined by an ASAP artistic committee consisting of Jean-Philippe Aka (contemporary African art expert), Gail Faye (artist and writer), and Melissa Goba (African art expert). Artist, writer and curator) and Kejia Jones (lyricist).

The three selected winners presented their projects to the jury ASAP on November 27, 2021. Instead of nominating a single winner, the jury offered to collaborate on three selected artists – Jean David Encott, Michelle Ekba and Geraldine Tobe – to come up with a unique design. A symbol of the work of collective commitment that is at the heart of African culture. This is how NET Collective was born.

At the invitation of the end of a month’s stay in BeninJean-Michel Abimbola, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Industry of the Republic of Benin (read his interview here)And ASAP jury members, this pan-African joint work has created memories of today, memories of the future.

Jean-Michel Abimbola, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Industry of Benin, during his speech at the unveiling of the Pan-African work. “ Memories of today, memories of tomorrow », Paris, April 8, 2022. On the left in the photo: Matthias Leridon, a great lover of African art, behind the initiative. On the right, two of the three artists who took part in the creation of the work: Cameroonian Jean David Knott and Congolese Michelle Ekbeba and Geraldine Tobe. AM / APP

The official unveiling of the work was held on April 8, 2022 at the Ellis Pavilion in Paris in the presence of artists and partners., As part of the tenth anniversary of the first contemporary African art fair 1-54. Its founder, Turia El Glaui, organized a round table for the themed event Space, a new frontier for African creation ? 7, and in which three artists from the NET joint (Jean David Encott, Michelle Ekba and Geraldine Tobe) answer this question Jean-Michel Abimbola (Minister of Tourism, Culture and Industry of the Republic of Benin, Azubuike Nwagbogu), curator of the exhibition and African artist Found Founder), and three partners Paul Countet (Director of UMATT Strategy), Gregory Gavroy (Head of Branding and Communications at ArianeSpace) and Matthias Leridan (Vice President of the African Artists Foundation))

Before the Aryan 5 launcher launches from Cairo, Guyana in December 2022, the original work will be presented in several African countries, after which it will be handed over to the African Union.

A view of the house. AM / APP


Three partners: AAD,
Aryanspace and Umetsat


AAD – African Artist for Development – Created in 2009 by Gervanne and Matthias Leridon, the African Artists for Development (AAD) Endowment Fund is a general interest organization that supports development projects in the African community associated with the creation of contemporary African artists. Because of this key approach, he received an award from the Clinton Global Initiative and became an observer member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

A true catalyst, the AAD-fund world, blends collaborators

The real humanitarian commitment to the economic and corporate world with NGOs and contemporary African industry that creates human adventure. This decentralization of the environment involves encounters, exchanges and mutual prosperity within a priority distance, the audience crossing and how knowledge is involved.

Umetsat – European Meteorological Satellite Agency Based in Darmstadt (Germany), EUMETSAT monitors the weather and climate from space. Four meteosat satellites in geostationary orbit provide continuous monitoring of rapidly evolving severe weather events in Europe, Africa and the Indian Ocean. The two pole-orbiting Metap satellites provide important information for forecasting up to 10 days in advance. The first satellites of the next generation of these systems will be launched in 2022 and 2023.

With the support of NASA, NOAA, EU, ESA and French Space Agency, CNES, EUMETSAT Jason is a partner in the Sea Observation Mission. EUMETSAT collaborates with organizations around the world to obtain additional satellite data suitable for weather forecasting and climate monitoring.

Aryanspace – A leader in commercial space transport, Aryanspace guarantees launch services for institutional and commercial satellites and access to all orbital solutions. These satellites serve all kinds of space applications: telecommunications, navigation, science, earth observation, technological displays, etc. Arianespace offers three high-powered space transport solutions based on the needs of its customers: Ariane 5 Heavy Launcher, Soyuz Medium Launcher and Vega Light Launcher.


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