Video of a naked child, exhibition in front of teenagers: 3 adults have been tried for child molestation in IS

For most people, the day before Christmas is a special time to bring food and shared gifts to the whole family together. But in a home in La Chapelle-en-Cerval, it is a rather special concept of holiday consciousness that prevails, being published on social networks, especially in a Facebook Messenger group.

The court in Senlis considered a case on Monday. Because in one of the videos posted online, shot in December 2020, we see a drunken man, hand sex, “Doing the Helicopter” or “Joby the Fly”, other adults drunk and … the presence of a 13 year old teenager.

In another video from the same group, a few months later, in July 2021, a 6-year-old man sniffed the buttocks of a naked three-year-old masturbating, again encouraged by adults.

After discovering the mother of this little girl who would warn Gendarmerie, in fear, these videos are being promoted in this group under the poetic name of “Gang Bang” (sexual practice that brings together several partners) and where members are pseudonymous as “I Put it in whatever moves “,” SOS handjob “or” Eat my ch … “

“The photo was taken without my knowledge”

A group where a 13-year-old teenager attends, where several adults send pornographic pictures and content that is not entirely appropriate for his age. “Not only that, it was a group for family information exchange,” Melanie said.The names have been changed to protect the victims), 38 years old, mother of four children, including 3 year old and 13 year old teenager.

“I’ve only done it once, I’ve been drunk, I’ve been portrayed unknowingly, and I’m sure there were no children in the room,” assures Melania’s brother, Pierre, 37, who has sex on his hands. Has become immortal.

“She’s going to spit on her 6-year-old cousin.”

Drawn naked in a sexual context for a 3-year-old child, according to his mother Melanie, “the reason is that he was happy to recover from a mistaken infection and he was walking around naked”. It has nothing to do with Melania’s comments in the video, who seem to be having a lot of fun watching her son, with a cock in his hand, screaming “he’ll kill his 6-year-old cousin”.

The videographer of this tragic scene, Fathia, 26, “did not see any harm in this scene”, but nevertheless admitted to the judges that “if it had to be done again, he would not film and he would not broadcast this video”.

“This information is as dangerous as the violence because the children were not in danger,” said Stephanie Packed, a lawyer for the 13-year-old. Their families did not protect these children from pornography, they served them on a plate. A

The three adults who will be tried on Monday will know the verdict of the Senlis court on June 13.

“Social services are shocked to see the condition of this 3-year-old boy, who is being held with his father, everything in this video is sexual,” lamented Mr. Blandine Jenuvier-Buffquin, who represents the father of the nude child. Climate has also been condemned by a deputy prosecutor who requested a fine of 3,000 euros for 12 and 18 months in prison, pending trial against three adults.

“This sounds like the beginning of an incest file.”

“The problem in this case is the behavior of the referring adults. This seems to be the beginning of an incest case with confusion of spaces between adults and children. The messenger group had a plethora of sexually explicit images and videos, including a gruesome 3-year-old sleeping sexually in the air in a car. A

According to Mr Mark Sadoudi, who intervened for Melanie and Fathiya, at least two people are missing along with the accused, starting this Monday, starting with the creator of the messenger group, who has assigned different nicknames to each. Participants

“It is clear that the man sent the pornographic documents to the 13-year-old, who is accused of committing the crime of juvenile delinquency. I think it needs more information. The court will give its verdict on June 13.

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