What is the idea of ​​snacks for children?

Expert: Lucy Darjo, dietitian nutritionist for young children, author of the book “Atelier DME” (first ed.).

From the beginning of the food variety, about 6 months, babies discover the joy of eating breakfast. Moments of their busy day break, snacks are synonymous with greed and pleasure. This allows them to regain energy and satisfy their hunger until the evening meal, but also exposes them to new flavors.

How important is snacking for kids?

If we, as adults, do not necessarily have reflexes to take a snack, children, them, need this snack! The true force of energy that runs, plays and explores in their environment all day long, The snack moment marks the required break in the nutritional level. “And the time between lunch and dinner may seem long to them, so breakfast is a real standard for children. From an energy point of view, it will complement other foods to meet the baby’s needs and help him to develop better, ”explains dietitian Lucy Darjo.

To compose a snack that is rich and balanced in vitamins and minerals and, therefore, able to meet your child’s needs, we will ensure that it usually includes a cereal product, a dairy product and a fruit or compote. “Remember to offer simple meals and change your daily adaptation to the situation. Feeling hungry This child’s choice will depend on the ability of 1 to 3 year olds to chew, where snacks are taken and the time available for older children 3 to 6 years, whether it is a day-care take-out snack. , Just before eating or taking home a Post-school activities “, Advises Lucy Darjo.

How to make a balanced meal for your child?

To get ready for a balanced snack without falling into the routine, be creative! There is an endless mix of cereal, dairy and fruit products depending on your child’s tastes, seasons and ingredients in the cupboard. And the offer can even include saltiness with a portion of cheese, as dairy.

A healthy snack, a few points:

– Every 1 yearIt may contain: breast or baby milk, a compote and a croquet.
– Every 3 years : Pieces of cereal bread with mashed nuts, strawberries and a petite-swiss.
– Every 6 years : Cottage cheese with bread, chocolate and fruit pieces.

Starchy foods provide energy and fiber. Fruits are a source of fiber and vitamins. As dairy products, thanks to the calcium they contain, they accompany Increase Strengthens the child and his bones.

It is not always easy to provide your child with a healthy and balanced meal when you are in a hurry or have to slip it in your school bag the day before the next day’s vacation.

“Often, industrial biscuits are synonymous with saving time. Without demonizing them, if we have to offer them, we will choose them as basic as possible. Even if you have a rush, remember Food from your childhood, easy and nutritious. Bread crumbs are easy to prepare and wrap with cheese or chocolate, ”insisted dietitian Lucy Darjo. We would also think of freshly cut quarters of fruit just before we go to school and make a pack Snack boxHomemade shortbread or cereal bar.

Taste Express, thinking about chewing

It is important to respect the child’s mastic ability according to his age. We will definitely offer mixed and ground food (like a compote) to those who have just started food diversification; Or a complete, gentle piece if you practice DME. For older children, we will choose foods that are not swallowed too quickly. “Let’s take the example of a 5 year old child who eats a snack: a compote with broccoli, pumpkin and fruit juice. In this case, the food needs to be chewed lightly and a sweet meal needs to be eaten which will increase his appetite at the end of the day. It may be wise to change the brooch for toast from time to time and to eat compote for a piece of fruit, to help him feel better, ”the nutritionist advised.

Easy snack recipe

A moment to wake up to the taste of snacks! So we take the opportunity to put on the menu a change from ordinary and seasonal fruits. The ideal way to make tea a real moment of exchange and discovery.

What is the tea menu this afternoon?

To make a difference in the snack menu, you can already reject the type of dairy product. “We can offer: white cheese, small Swiss cheese, yogurt, cheese … Cottage cheeseChildren can add Oatmeal, Shaving raisins or coconut, grated nuts … “, explains Lucy Darjo. The important thing is to arouse his greed and taste curiosity. So don’t skip over the toppings and the original associations. Similarly, a mashed or chopped banana can come with a pinch of Agav syrup or a few shavings of dark chocolate.

Easy to taste, we think of fruits and oilseeds

Oleginus fruit mine of benefit! They are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. “Spreadable forms for the little ones will be preferred, such as almond puree or peanut puree. Afterwards, we can give them coconut-apricot balls together. Recipe: Mix 130 g dried apricots with 120 g rolled oats and 4 tablespoons water. We make balls and roll them in grated coconut.

We think of the fruit by taking care of their presentation. Instead of cutting an apple into ordinary chewed wedges, you can, for example, grate it and sprinkle with cinnamon!

A cake for children during tea?

What if you took the opportunity on Sunday afternoon to cook a delicious cake together that would be a piece of cake for the first snack of the week? Cooked in advance, as suggested by the Anglo-Saxon method Batch cooking, We save a lot of time! Your child may have a pre-prepared piece of cake for breakfast. On the menu: yogurt cake, apple pie, zucchini and chocolate cake … anything goes! Opportunity for the little ones to get their hands dirty and practice their talents as emerging chefs.

Does a child offer snacks after school?

Is your child hungry after school? This is very normal after spending so much physical and intellectual energy. Instead of systematically offering her a box of cakes to satisfy her appetite, take the time to introduce her to new tastes. A good practice to take from the first beginning of the school year.

Ideas for healthy snacks to explore your gluttony

“It could be a chance to discover mangoes, passion fruit or persimmons. We can smell them, touch them and find out as a family where they came from. You can also change the pleasure with bread, ”explains the dietitian. As far as time is concerned, we note that too much snacking cannot be offered when taken close to food, so that our baby has a good appetite for dinner in the evening.

What about breakfast for 4 p.m.

When you have time, especially on weekends, a 4pm snack can be a real moment to share and enjoy with family.

Homemade snacks, they like it

You can start preparing a batter for pancakes, pancakes or french toast. The main thing is that pleasure is reunion! As far as drinks are concerned, choose water instead of fruit juice and soda, which is very fast devoid of sugars and vitamins and fiber. We can probably give older children a glass of milk if they do not want to eat dairy foods at breakfast, for example.

Homemade snacks are all good!

There is nothing better than making it at home to control the combination and source of your food and replenish it with good nutrition. And you don’t need huge supplies to cook your child’s breakfast yourself! “Homemade” can be made with raw, unprocessed ingredients such as a simple fruit, organic of choice and season, a family-made cake, or a piece of cereal bread that we can prepare ourselves. And if you like to cook, a homemade snack can take the shape of a homemade rice pudding with a homemade spread, a homemade granola bar, homemade pear compote.

What if he likes cookies for a snack?

Does our child like fruit biscuits for a snack? We are eternal swaps Cake package Bought at the supermarket for a nice box full of small shortbread cookies or cookies prepared together. By cutting cookies in the shape of animals, hearts or stars, we can have fun changing the size of our shortbread cookies from infinity to infinity. You can even customize them with colorful icing and fun toppings! A good way Give it a festive look In children’s snacks

Easy snack or dessert recipe for kids

Here are three simple snack recipes that can be made very quickly, to make them aware of their home-made preparations and to give them pleasure.

Marble cake : Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Separate the white part from the yolk of 4 eggs. Beat 4 egg yolks with 100 grams of sugar using a small whisk or fork. Add 125 g melted butter, 125 g flour and a yeast. Use two salad bowls to separate this preparation into two parts. In one, add a pack of vanilla sugar and in the second, pour 125 grams of dark chocolate that had previously melted in a bean-mary. Beat the egg whites and combine into equal parts in each preparation. Then periodically pour into a buttered mold and bake for 35 minutes.

Cookies: Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius, cover a baking sheet with parchment paper and leave within easy reach. In a bowl, beat 1 egg with 50 g melted butter, 50 g sugar and a pack of vanilla sugar. Add 150 grams of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt and 100 grams of chocolate chips. Make balls and place them on a baking sheet, flatten them slightly. Then bake for 12 minutes and let cool.

Express pancakes : In a salad bowl, mix 15 cl milk with 125 g flour, 10 g sugar, 1 pinch salt and 1/2 bag yeast. Then, add 2 eggs and 20 grams of melted butter. Rub well to remove blemishes. Put the butter in a non-stick pan and pour the pancake paste over high heat and cook until small bubbles are formed. Turn the flour over, cook on the other side for 1 minute. Serve immediately.

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