What steps will my child take to return to study in France?

After ParcourSup, the upcoming special exam and then the final graduation exam, it’s time for the administrative process to get your very young student back home.

The terminal is, as its name suggests, the beginning of a completely new life for your child: his student life! He’s probably waiting for this long-awaited autonomy and you’re probably thinking that outside of the empty nest syndrome you’ll finally appreciate seeing his house tidy. Yes, but it is rare that our little ones already have enough autonomy to prepare for their flight. So here you go, again with some tricks to avoid damage.

Lepetitjournal.com Copenhagen So this incomplete list of steps offers you:

Defense and Citizenship Day (JDC)

If the consulate automatically sends you a census certificate stating that your child is in a good position with his or her military responsibilities, the fact remains that in order to pass his or her license or be admitted to university, your young person must have participated in a JDC. Unfortunately, the consular authority no longer organizes the JDC. So it will be necessary through the following site,

– Create your account (your defense ID is specified in the census certificate)

– Specify your address in France

– Then request to participate in a JDC

He will then be summoned to a barracks near his French residence.

For any additional information, please note that all foreign residents are connected to the Perpignan Barracks, whom you can contact via email:


Social Security Number and Carte Vitale

If you have lived abroad for many years or your child has never lived in French territory, you will need to activate their Social Security number by filling out the Dedicated Cerfa Form (n ° 15763 * 02) available to request a right to health. Insurance (Form 15763 * 02) service-public.fr and address it at the nearest social security center to his residence in France.

Health / Mutual Insurance

Coverage by French Social Security will only be effective once activated and an important card is received. This may take several months. So it needs to be paid to increase the initial cover (for example health insurance for expatriates).

In addition, mutual insurance for dental or optical care can be added. Many insurance companies offer such services and it is better to take the time to compare them.

The choice of attending physician

It is important for your student to make an appointment with a doctor if he or she has a health problem. Furthermore, from the age of 16, without a attending physician, the percentage of coverage by Social Security decreases.

Student housing allowance

Most students can benefit from housing assistance regardless of the amount of their parents’ income (with the exception of those whose parents are under IFI and those who are financially attached to them). To request it, 2 possibilities:

  • If your teen already has an active social security number, you can apply online through the My Services online site – mimic or request a benefit
  • Alternatively, you can download, complete and send the following forms by post to the nearest family allowance fund (including supporting documentation):

Note that rights start from the filing of the application (and not from the signing of the lease for example). There is no precedent for the right, so you need to request it as soon as possible.

Finally, the amount of eligibility and student APL is determined by the type of accommodation (fire, apartment, cross, etc.) and the amount of rent. This tool lets you estimate the amount: Create a simulation caf.fr

Liability insurance

This usually includes home insurance. However, depending on the type of accommodation, your student may be uninsured or poorly insured. In this case, you must take out civic liability insurance. Keep in mind that some schools require a certificate of civil liability insurance when enrolling.

France Connection Update (Consulate)

Your student was probably registered with the French people abroad on the consular list of the country of your residence. Automatically for his 18th birthday, the attachment that lets you manage his files disappears. Using its NUMIC (Consular Identifier which you can ask the consulate if you don’t know it) you can create its own access and modify its data (especially the place of residence). So he will have the possibility to vote in the new municipality.

Announcement of departure from Denmark

In many countries, especially due to taxes, the departure of students from hostels must be announced to the local authorities. In Denmark, this can be done through LifeInDenmark.dk. Also remember to inform SKAT and get their medical records from your family doctor and dentist.

Ways to open a bank account and make payments

If you haven’t already, your young adults will need a bank account and a payment card. One tip: Revolut Online Bank offers a number of solutions (currency conversion without commission, youth cards backed by parental accounts, etc.) that can make your job easier.

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