2nd child with autism, another blow to this mother

Large family, life in XXL TF1 is going to be a hit. But the families on screen have changed a lot since the first season and the show started. Indeed, some are still there but all have grown well. Others have gone on to make way for big new families. For Cindy Raymond’s family, it was the first two seasons of the show that featured her on TF1. But it is not that he is no longer on television that the public loses interest in his daily life. Especially since the parents of this large family separated.

In fact, there are still more than 60,000 people who take news of Cindy and her nine children. And this May 2, she announced that she feared that one of her children would suffer from ASD, an autism spectrum disorder. Determined not to hide anything from his fans, he shared details about the “long journey” waiting for him. Before taking two or three days away from social networks to recharge your battery. Objeko I’ll tell you everything!

Big families fascinate Internet users with their courage

An understatement underlining Cindy Raymond’s courage on a daily basis. In fact, his fans reminded him and wished him well. Because, not only is she the mother of the child, she is also separated from her partner. And as if that weren’t enough, she had to deal with some of her child’s special problems. Fortunately, this mother of a large family has to face all the hardships, yet she knows that she can rely on her fans from time to time. Or at least, relieve her stress with the details of her sometimes complex daily life. We need to add that her role as a mother is more important to her than anything else. Therefore, regardless of the tests that stand in his way, he will always do everything possible for the welfare of his children.

But for some large families, or for small families in that regard, the welfare of children does not go beyond just the basic boxes that everyone can imagine. Feeding them, caressing them, washing them, educating them, dressing them… these essential trades are sometimes not enough to ensure that a child can develop. And Cindy Raymond knows it perfectly. In fact, one of her sons, a mother, suffers from Asperger’s type of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). So he has special needs and needs different attention than his brothers and sisters. Her other child, Aaron, suffers from almost all so-called “DYS” disorders. He is dyslexic, dysorthographic, dyspraxic and dysexecutive. In short, it simply lacks dysphasia to accumulate all the disorders of this order.

Special attention only for children

So Mom and Aaron are monitored and given special attention so they can improve as much as possible. It is of course essential for their mother. Having a large family also means knowing that each of your children will face these obstacles and be prepared to help them overcome them. And May 2, Objeko As I told you above, he mentioned to his fans the possibility of another of his children, Romeo, having Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“Tomorrow is a big day, the beginning of a long journey. First meeting, first interview. Then after that, a long series of several appointments will have to wait several months to attack (I mean, I’m running). When we experience certain situations in our lives, we become more attentive, more trained, more attentive, more realistic. We notice, we see, we cover our faces, we say to ourselves: ‘But no’. Then after a few months of observation, after questions, I decided to take these steps, a few months ago for many reasons, symptoms, behaviors, several things that challenged me. ACindy wrote on her Instagram account.

While passing, he reminded his clients that autism spectrum disorder can be detected in professionals from the age of 18 months. And the next day, still on his Instagram account but this time The story, He told his fans that the first date has been good. And he will take the opportunity to take two or three days off the network to prepare for the following events. Objeko Don’t hide from you that again, fans of this large family congratulate Cindy Raymond on her bravery.

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