A decree to protect them

On April 28, a decree was issued that framed their remunerative activity to better protect influential people under the age of 16. What will change here.

A new decree to protect child influencers

A decree issued on 28 April regulates the commercial exploitation of images of children under the age of 16 on online platforms.. This text describes the conditions under which people can “create, produce, and distribute videos on the Internet, primarily for minors under the age of sixteen, in a lucrative context.” From now on, Children “influencers“Child models like Lily-Ana or Choupinet_off may benefit from the same protective rules of the Labor Code, or those who work in the world of entertainment and advertising.

The decree follows a bill passed by MP LREM last October Bruno Studer. “Child labor is prohibited in France without any means of insult, including the Internet,” he declared. Notice his proposal Supervise the practice of child influencers. Millions: Protect minors under 16 years of age From any commercial exploitation of their images on online platforms (broadcast online and sometimes viewed millions of times) YouTube, Instagram, Tick Tock or even Twitch. Especially since some child YouTubers can earn up to 150,000 euros per month, allowing some parents to stop working, the deputy said.

Work under supervision, like for show kids

Secretary of State for Children, Adrian Taquet, recalled for his part that “Since 2017, the government has repeatedly tried to better control the digital space so that everyone is better protected.Thus, as for The kids on the show pay for movies or televisionThe new decree specifies that representatives of these children must obtain administrative approval, approval and Remuneration must be kept with Caisse des Dépôts et consignations Until they have reached their majority. Because until now, these monetized videos had been the subject of a legal vacuum: hours, filming periods were not regulated by labor law, and the income generated was not necessarily for children. As a result, Whether children’s Youtubers activity is considered work, Will require prefectural approval, especially in the case of child models. Conversely, if the activity is not comparable to a professional activity, the text provides a mandatory declaration as soon as the child Youtuber exceeds a certain level. Time expenditure and income threshold, determined by decree.

The right to forget at the request of children

The law has provisions for establishment “Right to Forget” For those who have grown up, who want to delete these videos from the web. Thus, the concerned children who request it can contact the platform, which should remove the content as soon as possible.

Who are these young Youtubers?

You must have heard Gabin & Lily, Kallis & Athena, Rose Carpet Chain, Enjoy Squeeze, Phoenix, Just Joe, Apple, Andy or even Web girl And a little Jajoux ? Those YouTubers who have become real internet stars Their teens are followed by thousands of customers from the bedroom. Next find laughter, anecdotes, or advice and beauty tutorials to learn how to make up and discover new trends. They like to discover live These kids are Youtubers Those who open the gift in front of the camera or examine the products sent by the brand.

Why are young people fans of YouTube?

For Stephen Valentin, a psychiatrist, pediatrician and “La Rain, C’est Moi!” Author of the book. Each generation has its own star With which we want to identify. Those of the current young generation are unquestionable YouTubers. Often these videos are creative, funny and smart When very young children post their own videos on the internet, it gets a little better Star children in movies or televisionNot to mention that today, the cost pattern is changing. “Young people watch YouTube more often than TV on their smartphones or tabletsSo there is a certain Proximity between viewers and YouTubers, Which may explain this excitement. “These statues are somewhat like them. And they communicate a lot with their fans. It can create strong bonds“, Specifies the psychologist.

Parents have a say in what their children do

Some children find quick success on a daily basis or by taking pictures of themselves in their bedroom. “Exposing yourself to the world in this way can be dangerous. Buzz can be positive or malicious comments“, Warns Stefan Valentine. That’s why Parents must protect their child, especially when he is young. “In order to verify that its content is not harmful to the child, it is advisable to pre-watch the video he wants to post.“, He recommends. In fact, no one is really armed against negative comments published on the Internet and especially on social networks (regardless of age). That would be ideal.”Do not allow comments or review them before posting“Psychologist Advice. Moreover,”The pictures and videos we post on the internet can affect our lives. It all depends on their content and what other Internet users do with it, “said the psychologist.

Limit screen time and check video content

Parents should check the content of videos their young children watch and limit screen time, That’s all there is to it. “No more than 45 to 60 minutes a day between 6 and 12 years“For television,”This content should be appropriate for the child’s age and maturity“Indeed, some young YouTubers sometimes do not hesitate to create buzz by making unhealthy comments or often taking dangerous challenges, which the youngest may be tempted to reproduce. To protect their children from inappropriate content,” says Stephen Valentin “To enable YouTube’s restricted mode at the bottom of the site’s home page. We admire that “star” and we can watch a few videos together to form an opinion with her child as much as possible. Psychologist concludes.

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