An original and durable finish for the aquatic area of ​​a camp site

To create a fun area entirely of the original 800 m² of water, it is not the material that decides the final shape, but the exact opposite. After creating the pool in concrete, the Pebble Pro coating made it possible to satisfy all the wishes of Mr. Boudouin, the owner of the premises, to create an atypical pool area.

Creating a water park at the Medoc Ocean campsite in Wensak

Located in Gironde, in the heart of nature, this Yellow! Village bought in 2020 **** wanted to take the upmarket with an overall project proposal that looked as luxurious and as natural as possible. For the new water park, 800 m² of the total 1,500 m² of allocated space has been earmarked for a large main swimming pool. Built like a lagoon, providing several sunbathing oasis, it is now one of the main attractions of the installation. A themed paddling pool, slides, but comfortable benches with a huge wave pool, wild river, water walls, bubbles, …

Work was carried out between October 2020 and June 2021 for the entire swimming pool project. The finishing part, edited with ceiling and finishing coating Pebble Pro, lasted 4 weeks including the fine preparation week required for the application of this final coating. Architect Federico Martinez Deverio designed the aquatic area and supervised the works. For Pebble Pro’s application at the end of the project, Pebble Pro CEO Dave Mitchell personally supervised for 3 weeks. Indeed, there is no scope for applying this finishing coat and the foolish knowledge required to cover a large surface is required. After a week of careful preparation, including the application of a bond coat to the concrete structure of the pool, the prepared and cleaned surface received Pebble Pro at the rate of 100 m² / day. Pebble Pro’s trained and qualified installers complete the floor installation using specialized tools. Clarification from Mr. Bodwin: “The construction site was able to move forward optimally due to the excellent cooperation between the company in charge of basin construction (note: Creation of the Born) and the Pebble Pro team.” After application, washing work was still required to remove excess corrosion of the cement before forfeiture.

Cover is an obvious choice for this project

In addition to the construction of the concrete basin, the power of Pebble Pro waterproofing and finishing coatings has allowed the campsite owners and project architects to unleash their creativity for free. The result is a completely free-form swimming pool, well-designed in full fluidity and delivers limited space. The area where water sports were held around the pirate ship was also covered with Pebble Pro for its completion. The main contractor’s choice for the Pebble Pro cover fell on the Topaz version, combining a light gray background dotted with small pebbles in brown, beige, sand and white. The entire basin is covered, as well as the submerged beaches of the Wave Pool and the Wild River Corridor, all of which are submerged.

One advantage of the product for a project with multiple traffic areas is that it naturally offers great comfort for non-slip and bare feet. The type of maintenance was also crucial, a final coating that required little maintenance, such as the need to clean the pool without chemicals before re-servicing the pool in the spring.

Finally, in terms of aesthetics, this finish offers the possibility of a great customization of the pool, allowing different colors to be mixed, for example, to limit the areas of the pool. The owner’s desire was to use sustainable, natural-looking materials in the spirit of this campsite in an area where natural areas are protected with envy.

The campsite reopened its reservations in June 2021, with customers appreciating the new decoration of the aquatic area, first discovering it in a photo project, and Life Size from July 4th! Complete satisfaction for the campsite owners and bathers who appreciate the comfort of this new aquatic space as well as this non-slip reassuring surface, pleasant to the touch and very natural look.

Handpicked pebbles

Pebble pro finishes are made in swimming pools using one of nature’s hardest minerals: quartz. These natural quartz pebbles (“pebble” means “pebbles” in English), came exclusively from New Zealand, Mother Nature herself chose them for the perfect polish.
In addition, they are not sensitive to chemicals used in swimming pools and therefore resist very well over time. With a smooth appearance, thanks to their extra treatment with anti-slip properties, carefully mixed during coating application, these quartz pebbles provide a quality finish that has already been proven around the world for decades.
The swimming pool achieves a very natural and original look with this final covering that illuminates river beds or even golden sand beaches. Pebble Pro Finishing Plaster, required for a specific application, is applied by a special team, trained by the manufacturer himself. The natural pebble color chart offers a wide choice of finishes in tones that perfectly match all environments.

Topaz finish

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