Come and walk along the path of the sensitive natural area of ​​La Farte-Bernard Ajax

Vincent Bironiu spent hours behind his telescope, in the sensitive natural landscape of La Farte-Bernard (Sarthe) Ajax. Valentine Moduit

We can see the water from the side of the road, lots of birds flying around … but do we really know what is hidden in it? Sensitive natural area Only 13 people in the department In fact– Rich, La Farte-Bernard ? Of course not! A lot Ornithologists Follow each other, such as Fabrice Jallu, the local ornithologist, to appreciate it Nature.

“A Second Retirement Base”

This is a career story. Hearing the end of its operation, the city decided to reclaim the land in 2014. But Espace Naturel des Ajeux was not the initial project for this place. “It was a second retirement base,” recalls First Deputy Mayor Cecil Nittel.

Natural environmentalists have therefore gathered around a table to explain that it would be a shame to display such resources. The leisure base project was therefore canceled. “It’s frustrating for some people,” the official said.


This is the number of hectares labeled ENS with 46 in water. The space should also be expanded soon.

The decision was made, now it was necessary to know how to arrange it. Huge wet meadows, a pond, plants as far as the eye can see …

We have created a working group of selected officials, nature professionals, fishermen, French Biodiversity Office, MFR (Mason Family Rural), National Education … We need to be as relevant as possible to design a layout.

Cécile Knittel, deputy mayor of La Ferté-Bernard

It’s not dirty, but natural

Since its inauguration in 2017, the place has evolved into a “game of nature,” said Vincent Bironiu, director of MFR des Forges and in charge of the site. Before adding Cécile Knittel, “We need to measure the effectiveness of our actions. You have to be responsive and adaptable.”

Yes Lots of workshops While this exceptional space is provided on site by professionals to promote, it is still necessary To educate.

Many people tell us that it is dirty because it is not cut or maintained. No, this is a natural place. People are not a priority in this environment, the park is different.

Cécile Knittel, deputy mayor of La Ferté-Bernard

That is why the path that goes round is open only twice a year. Pedestrians are very angry! Cécile Knittel also wants to send a message Accompanied by a dog walking. “You have to put them on a shirt. One of the biggest problems with stray dog ​​sites. It makes the birds tired and annoys them. A

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We then pass in front of a field. Vincent Bironiu stops and points us. “Here, for example, we cut too late to wait for third-generation insects. And we grind to enrich the soil.”

A few meters further we go to the big observatory. The small skylights make it possible to observe the fauna in the pond without our notice. “The Observatory is doing its job well,” Vincent said, adding that a duck and his ducklings were moving peacefully.

View from a skylight in the observatory
View from a skylight in the observatory © Valentine Moduit

Equipped with his binoculars and his telescope, the MFR’s director tracked the little bird. Thus he set up his tool to admire the melanocephalic roses who chose this pond as their home. According to professionals, “a pond with domes and flat islands is a real resource”,

An oak tree preserved

Once the observation is over, we resume our journey by the water’s edge, with our feet on the grass. We come across this curious pile of branches. But miraculously who is not there. “We have predators in the fish, they eat each other, so this is Pike’s refuge. A

Piles of pulses that act as a shelter for pike.
Piles of pulses that act as a shelter for pike. Valentine Moduit

Opportunity to degrade fishermen for a few minutes.

We didn’t want carp anglers here, even at night their constant presence was inconsistent with what we wanted here. So they are traveling spoon anglers for the most part.

Vincent Bironeu, director of the House of Les Forges, a rural family in La Farte-Bernard

An oak tree a few meters away. A priority, a century old tree is quite normal. Although it seems to have been the day, an uproar is expected. Attendance was without count Capricorn, A protected insect inside the trunk. Meanwhile, a party arrives from La Farte-Bernard Leisure Center. Bicycle helmets are wrapped around the skull to observe nature Great observatory.

Vincent Bironiu presents preserved oak.
Vincent Bironiu presents preserved oak. Valentine Moduit

About 1,000 species

We resume our discovery, towards a mysterious plate. There are 15 installations throughout the space. Vincent Bironiu raises it, “There is a slow worm. This allows me to do some surveys on reptiles. ”

As we continue, MFR’s director presents us with these two-sided desks to inform visitors what they can see, hear, smell … ” As these desks are observed, “the grass around has been trampled.”

The question continues: “How many species are there in this space?” Vincent Bironiou calculated his calculator: “350 butterflies, 100 beetles, 14 amphibians, 17 mammals, 33 dragonflies, 32 cricket and locusts, 15 fish, 5 mollusks, 235 birds. We can add 120 botanical species. Plus a 20% difference that we haven’t discovered yet. So we communicate, even beyond, 1,000 species.

Little treasure, a short walk from the city center

As we suddenly turn around, Vincent stops at the sound of a bird, “It’s one Stained warriorIt sounds like a machine gun. “

The walk ends on a large meadow, he makes a point to mention, “The impact of humans can be positive on this kind of place, see what has been done since the inauguration in 2017”. Cécile Knittel talks about “a little treasure a few steps away from the city center”.

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