Has the epidemic delayed children’s learning?

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    British authorities have worked on the issue and are seeing learning delays among children following the Covid-19 epidemic and its aftermath. What about France? Have children been sentenced to different prison terms? Dr. Laure Bortoli, General Practitioner, Early Childhood Specialist and Answers to the National Reference of the Acting Association for Early Childhood.

    The English Child and Education Services, Offstead (a UK state agency specialized in education and childhood, the Office for the Standards of Education, Children’s Services and Skills) has released a report on the effects of the Kovid-19 epidemic on children. Learning

    Language and learning delays

    And the report is detrimental: Professionals have noticed that there have been various delays in children’s language acquisition or walking.

    For example, wearing masks makes it difficult for children to recognize emotions, delays learning the basics of everyday life (wearing their shoes, coats, etc.) and socializing. For professionals, these delays are caused by a variety of captivity, which has also been a source of increasing time spent in front of their screens.

    What about France?

    In France, the observation may be substantially the same. According to a survey conducted by Opinion Way for Fisher Price in association with the Association Acting for Early Childhood: “60% of parents fear at least one negative impact of the crisis on the development of their children under 3 years and 40% have already noticed at least one of these negative effects, the first and foremost effect on their relationship with the outside. On the world, their language acquisition and their mood “.

    Early childhood professionals were also questioned, and 41% already reported an impact on language learning for children under 3 years of age, while a third note noted the impact on the socialization of these children.

    A discovery that is not surprising

    When asked about the question, Dr. Laure Bortoli, Dr. Laure Bortoli, Nursery Doctor, National Referee of Lively Nursery Group and partner of Agir Por La Petit Enfans Association, was not surprised by the results. “It is not surprising that some children may present learning delays. This is because of the changes that the epidemic has brought to us. For example, children learned to read facial expressions less well because of masks. This is an observation made by nursery staff: it is more difficult to capture children’s attention, the same goes for language because these children imitate adults less without seeing the shape of the face and lips.Explains the expert.

    What can be done to fix it?

    Fortunately, babies are able to grasp, thanks to the plasticity of their brains that they naturally hold. “Up to six years, all delays can be made, nothing is lost. “ Dr. Bortali assured. “If you notice that your child’s language is late, for example, talk to him. Take advantage of every moment you spend talking to her, naming her, talking about her day … “.

    Consult a GP online

    Do not hesitate to consult if necessary

    Similarly, he advised parents to spend quality time with their child. “It’s not necessarily long, but it’s a time we dedicate to them, we tell them we’re going to play with them, we’re available. This will help the child to focus on a game and improve their concentration skills. “. Finally, Dr. Bortoli recommends that parents reduce their children’s screen time and not more than half an hour a day. “Instead, let your kids play in their house. Nothing beats a game that allows them to develop their imagination or play imitation games, such as puppet or manual games. And with the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to talk to the doctor who followed the child.. He concludes

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