How to choose the sex of your child? Natural ways, treatment and risk!

We’ve bombarded children’s stories since childhood. How our grandmothers had them, what they did, how we will one day find them and so on. While this is a personal choice, and a very important one that must be considered, it is wonderful to bring new life to the world. If you have decided that you are financially stable, in a good romantic relationship, and ready to take care of a little person যান then go for it! However, have you ever wondered how to choose the sex of your child? Is it possible? According to the grandmothers, yes. Natural methods are unlikely, but worth trying anyway. On the other hand, medicine has evolved so much that it can be accomplished with the help of doctors.

Have you ever heard someone say that certain foods can change the home and therefore the sex of the baby? For example: “If you eat dark chocolate you will have a boy” or “If you eat fish you will have a girl”. Usually, our grandparents swear by it. However, it is really remote and true elsewhere. You cannot influence the sex of your baby by eating certain foods. It is then really decided that the opportunity! But is this the truth? Some tested natural techniques can work! And if you absolutely want to choose the sex of your baby, then some medicinal methods can also be effective! However, there are risks involved …

The natural way to be a girl or a boy

Choose your child's gender

If you are desperate to be a girl or boy and want to save money by avoiding expensive methods, you can definitely try these methods. Here are a few!

Select the sex of your baby's ovulation date

The moment of sexual activity is very important. If you fall in love on the day of ovulation, you will have a better chance of having a son. Male sperm grow rapidly and reach the ovary first. However, if you want a girl, do it a few days before ovulation. Female sperm are heavy and slow, but they are more likely to survive and attach to the egg.

Location of having a boy

The postures also seem to affect the sex of the baby! Since male sperm are less likely to survive acidity, you should consider a posture that allows them to reach the cervix faster. For example: male at the back or female at the top.

How to recognize a girl or boy during pregnancy

Have you heard of douching? This is a very dangerous procedure that involves the introduction of dilute baking soda into the vagina. This will certainly not make it possible to conceive quickly or have the desired sexual intercourse.

Fertility treatment and other methods

In vitro is how it goes

How to choose the sex of your child? The best known method of fertilization is IVF (in vitro fertilization). Keep in mind that this is a very expensive procedure and it may not work every time. Doctors can differentiate fetuses with XX and XY chromosomes, then the family can choose which one they want. Just know that there is no guarantee that you will get pregnant.

Advantages and disadvantages of in vitro

Alternatively, you can ask your gynecologist for more information:

  • Sperm picking
  • The success of Ericsson’s albumin method will be only 70%).
  • Huilan method
  • Shettles method
  • Home Sex Selection Kits
  • Vaginal pH changes

How to choose the sex of your child naturally

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How to choose the sex of your child? Does the natural method work?

Percentage likely to be a girl or a boy

Girl or boy in any position?

Location of having a girl

Do you want to know how to choose the sex of your child? Read our information!

How to know the type of baby

No more organizing Gender To reveal Teams!

How to choose the sex of your baby

How to choose your child’s gender: Naturally or via IVF?

Ways to choose your child's gender

Finally with the improvement of that medicine anything is possible!

How to choose your child's gender in a natural way

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