Landscaping: Create a warm place

Public spaces are increasingly popular places to relax, unwind or avoid the stresses of daily life. They represent a city showcase for tourists. Do you want to create a warm outdoor space for your community?

What strategies to put in place? What practical advice should be applied to perfectly spaced public spaces?

Installation of street furniture for outdoor landscaping

To create a warm space for shared use, Urban furniture Essential. It actually allows you Improved public space It is concerned with making it more user-friendly, more attractive and more functional. To this end, you need to ensure that your street furniture meets certain standards in terms of durability, aesthetics and safety. To do this, do not hesitate to contact an urban furniture supplier. It can help you design your projects in accordance with the guidelines set out in the policies adopted by your community.

Bet on public space planters

To express the aesthetic character of plants in your outdoor space, Install the implant. These garden items come in an infinite number of shapes, materials and colors that match different uses and tastes in terms of layout. Planters highlight the beauty of the flowers in their home and help to create the outdoor space. For this, you must choose them according to the planned decor or according to the space already in place.

Decorate public spaces with comfortable accessories

To make your outdoor space functional, it needs to be comfortable enough. For this, for example, bet on outdoor rugs that bring personality to the space as well as the accessories that are there. By keeping them close to play areas, these mats will give character to the area and can also accommodate children’s play.

When it comes to furniture in public spaces, it must be comfortable and suitable for a variety of users. Among other things, you can provide BenchHanging chairs, chairs, but Picnic table Or if you have water in a pallet deckchair: it will be a pleasure to lie there while enjoying the green environment of your public space.

Lighting: Essential for a warm and safe public space

A well-appointed outdoor space should be accessible after dark. To do this, also bet on lighting as part of your outdoor space layout. We recommend that you carefully choose locations for your light sources so that they illuminate the space perfectly. You can bet The real lamp For a pleasing result. Garlands, lanterns, tree lamp suspensions represent the key solutions to illuminating this type of space. Consider connecting these light sources to an automatic ignition system.

Maintain your landscaping regularly

Out of all the arrangements you can make to warm your outdoor space, Regular maintenance is essential. In fact, it allows you to guarantee the good condition of the devices on site on the one hand, but also to ensure hygiene on the other.

Here maintenance is getting rid of garbage, dust, weeds (if required). In some cases, you may have to varnish the furniture, replace some defective parts, or repair them.

To ensure this maintenance, you have the freedom to define the periodicity according to the maintenance requirements of the existing equipment. For tasks such as weeding and littering, we recommend that you dedicate groups among your community members so that they feel involved and valued.

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