Prince Peter of Serbia can be the father of a child bound by marriage

On April 27, 2022, the party of Prince Peter Karadzardevic, the eldest son of the current Vankari on the Serbian throne, announced an “irreversible” decision. The eldest grandson of Peter II, the last king of Yugoslavia, relinquished his dynastic rights to his younger brother, Prince Philip. We learned today that one of the inspirations for this decision would be the existence of a hidden girl, whose paternity was published in the Serbian press.

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Prince Peter relinquished his rights to himself and all his descendants, regardless of their legitimacy

Prince Peter, born in 1980, the eldest son of Prince Alexander of the Serbian Crown and grandson of King Peter II of Yugoslavia, signed a law relinquishing his dynastic rights in Seville, Spain on April 27, 2022. Prince Peter I was the first to line up behind his father, the current leader of the Karagorjovich dynasty, who ruled the Serbian and Yugoslav territories from 1842 to 1945.

The signing of the law was attached to the home of his mother, Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans-Braganza, and his stepfather, the Duke of Segovia, where he now resides. Prince Peter, unmarried and still without children, lives in Spain and shows little interest in Serbian politics, where he should one day have replaced his father as head of the former royal family. So naturally he decided to give up his rights on behalf of his younger brother Prince Philip. Prince Philip, meanwhile, has lived in Serbia for several years, is married to Princess Danik and has a son, Prince Stefan. He is highly committed to his country and participates in cultural, historical and religious events.

Prince Peter has officially announced his decision to relinquish his dynastic rights to his younger brother (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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The marriage of the prince will result in the birth of a child

The Serbian press reported some paragraphs of the law signed by Prince Peter during a ceremony attended by his mother, his stepfather, Prince Philip and Princess Danica, but also a representative of the Orthodox Church and its members. The Heraldic Council is not a member of Crown Prince Alexander’s cabinet, as was first reported.

Although he accepted his son’s decision, Crown Prince Alexander issued a statement condemning the lack of form around the law. He will not respect the old royal rules for family charters and abandonment. Without the presence of members of the Crown Prince’s cabinet and by inviting certain Spanish Orthodox authorities, the choice to sign the law outside Belgrade’s palaces is an element of condemnation.

Today, the Serbian press cites other parts of the resignation law, suggesting so far that the initial motivation was a desire to continue his life in Spain and a lack of interest in the office, but the word has drawn a detailed attention. Journalists. “By the act of abandonment, I am sacrificing for myself and for all my descendants who have been born or who will be born out of wedlock or out of wedlock.”

According to the Serbian newspaper Currie, Prince Peter is the father of a child, which will explain the specific mention of children born out of wedlock. “Peter had a daughter 7 or 8 years ago because of a relationship with a woman in London. He recognizes the child, looks after him and fulfills all his legal obligations to support the child. ”, A source said Kurir. The baby will now be with his mother in London. Prince Peter works as a graphic designer.

On behalf of the Royal Court of Serbia, we do not wish to comment on this recent incident or this information. The fact that the church of St. Archangel Michael in the Orthodox parish of Palma de Marjok, under the jurisdiction of the Serbian Patriarch, was present at the signing of the law did not please the head of the family. The Orthodox Church saw this as a way to interfere in family matters.

Prince Philippe of Serbia and Princess Danica in Paris in 2019 (Photo: David Nvier / ABACAPRESS.COM)

Prior to his marriage to Catherine Batis of Greece in 1985, Serbian Crown Prince Alexander, now 76, married Maria da Gloria, Princess of Orleans-Braganza, of the Brazilian royal family. Together they had three children: the hereditary Prince Peter, Prince Philip and Prince Alexander. Prince Philip and Prince Alexander of Fairfax, Virginia were born on January 15, 1982, when their parents moved to Chicago, where their older brother was born. The godparents of Prince Philip and Prince Alexander were born King Constantine II of Greece, Queen Sophia of Spain, and Princess Anne of Bourbon-Cecil, Duchess of Calabria, and Princess of Orleans.

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