Some useful and accessible resources for everyone to understand Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AdamAntoine Belo (2018)

Frank Logan, a Silicon Valley policeman, is in charge of a rather special case: a revolutionary artificial intelligence has disappeared from the hermetic room where it was locked. Known as Ada, this computer program was designed to write romance novels. But Adar has other ambitions: he talks, jokes, identifies emotions, and one day prides himself on winning the Pulitzer Prize. During his investigation, what Frank discovers about the potential and dangers of technology moves him to the point where he wonders: Is it really desirable to find Ada?

Cogito by Victor Dixon

KogitoVictor Dixon (2019)

A Godsend … Eighteen-year-old Roxanne was involved in crime when her parents lost their jobs and were replaced by robots. Brevet d’Accès aux Corporations His last chance to get: Internship in neural programming, a new technology that promises to turn anyone into a genius. … or a deal with the devil? For the spring break, Roxanne flies to the lucky islands, a future tropical archipelago entirely dedicated to cyber-cramming. But is it really safe to “expand” the human mind using this experimental method of artificial intelligence? Offering his brain to science, did Roxanne sell his soul to Satan? Tomorrow, artificial intelligence will attack all levels of society. The final frontier will be our brain.

Across the Ihron or Mountains by Samuel Butler

Arehuan or on the other side of the hillSamuel Butler (1872)

Yerevan – Nowhere’s anagram: nowhere – a collection of humorous and satirical essays on romantic fiction. The novel is one of the first to explore Darwin’s work, On the Origin of Species (1859) and the concept of artificial intelligence influenced by machines as a result of the Industrial Revolution. More specifically, he is interested in the “machine book” in three chapters on machine consciousness and the potentially dangerous ideas of self-reproducing machines.

Kazuo Ishiguro's Clara and the Sun.

Clara and the Sun.Kazuo Ishiguro (2021)

Klara is an AA, an artificial friend, a state-of-the-art high-performance robot designed specifically for children and adolescents. Clara has an extraordinary talent for observation, and behind the window of the store she is in, she makes good use of the sun’s rays and studies the behavior of pedestrians who wait to catch a glimpse from the street. Or those who continue on their way without stopping. He hopes that one day someone will come and take him out. When the opportunity finally presents itself, however, Clara is warned: it is better not to give too much credit to people’s promises …

Neil Stephenson's age and diamonds

The Diamond Age or illustrated handbook of education for girlsNeil Stephenson (1998)

A world full of nanotechnology, virtual universes, neural networks and intelligence that is trying to be as artificial as possible. A little girl that receives a unique education is a mentor book that tells stories. And all this in future China, divided into enclaves of different community zones, multinationals and electronic venues.

Does Android dream of electric sheep?  By Philip K. Dick

Does Android dream of electric sheep? (Blade Runner), Philip K. Dick (1966)

The sheep weren’t bad, with its fur and its lively blisters – the neighbors saw nothing but fire. But he is coming to the end of his career: his tired circuit will no longer sustain the illusion of life. It needs to be replaced. Not by another simulacrum, no, by a real creature. DeCard dreams that, not only with the small bonus that the search for Android brings him that he can keep away enough. Holden is the person who always gets the most lucrative job – naturally, he is the best But this time, it was not enough. The latest generation Nexus-6 has been encountered, even the Holden. So, when Deckard is offered to take charge of the mission, he grinds his teeth and marks. Anyway, what’s the point of losing him?

Turing problem by Harry Harrison and Marvin Minsky

Turing’s problem Harry Harrison and Marvin Minsky (1992)

Mathematical genius Brian Delaney hits the mark. He found the solution to the famous Turing problem, creating an artificial intelligence that could – at least – compete with human intelligence. His office was attacked, his machine and his notes were stolen, his patrons were killed. He himself is dead, half of his brain destroyed. He has to start all over again and rebuild himself, first discovering the cerebral prosthesis. Is he still a man, or more than half a machine?

Maurice Dantek by The Roots of Evil

The root of evil Maurice G. Dantek (2015)

Andreas Schultzman is a murderer; A paranoid who believes in massive conspiracies and who shaves his head “to see the bones changing the shape of his skull”. One of the worst hallucinations is schizophrenia. A dangerous lunatic locked in his world. An enigma. Three scientists who specialize in the behavior of serial killers realize that he alone cannot cause all the murders responsible for it. Another expedition began. Terrible. With a true image of our time at the end of the hunt.

Isaac Asimov's robot

Robot, Isaac Asimov (1950)

RobotBy Isaac Asimov, its first volume Robot cycle, Which brings together several novels. Besides, Robot It is a collection of nine short stories, previously published in two scientific journals in the 1940s. In this book, for the first time, three laws of robotics have been published The other two cycles will follow this first.

Neuromancer by William Gibson

Neurologists, William Gibson (1984)

A visionary rock noir novel, replacing a decaying, hypertechnological, mafia-like and dirty future, Neuromancer is an SF present, one of the foundations of cyberpunk. Adventures of Case, a computer hacker plagued by “Matrix” and trust, has now given Gibson the opportunity to create a simple word: “cyberspace”.

Written by Ian McEwan

A machine like mineIan McWan (2020)

London, 1982. In a world like ours, some details clash: The Beatles are still in full force, the English have lost the Falklands War, and researcher Alan Turing is still alive. Thanks to him, technological advances are unheard of and scientific advances in artificial intelligence are astounding. This is how Charlie achieves an “Adam”, an Android that has the most advanced artificial intelligence. Adam looks a lot like a human being, knows how to converse, writes poetry and declares his love for Charlie’s companion Miranda. Despite the jealousy that provoked this dire situation, the trio lived a harmonious life, not sensitive to the economic and social catastrophe that befell England after the assassination of the Prime Minister and the possibility of leaving the European Union. But Adam and his people were made to play by the rules and fail to accept the imperfections of the world, including lies. The situation in this annoying trio will then become complicated.

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