The man mocks his wife, thinking it’s easy to be a mother until they change places

One man insulted his wife because she grew up thinking it was easy to be a mother at home. He will never forget the lessons he learned later.

Chris is a 40-year-old man who works as a junior employee at a large company. He has been working there for several years, but he was not promoted because of his temper.

He often vented his anger on his wife Rose, who was 15 years younger than him and was working as a doctor when he married Chris. They lived together in a house he had bought in his single years.

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Chris Rose quits his job after the arrival of their first child because he believes a woman should be as close to her children as possible.

It doesn’t matter to him what he earns more than he earns, in fact, it persuaded him to give up. As he finally did, he knew that the demand for his skills would always remain if he decided to return to work.

Rose becomes a full-time housewife, which gives her more time to care for her child’s needs. In the early months, she felt privileged because she did not have to leave her child to go to work.

Rose feels privileged because she doesn’t have to take her child to work Source: pixels

A year later, Rose became pregnant with another child, and as the baby grew older, their home began to deteriorate, making it clear that the children downstairs lived there.

There was always a kind of stain on the chairs, the sound of their play was always present and toys and accessories were always lying around. Chris didn’t like it very much.

“Why is there another stain on the sofa?” She cried one day. “I have a visitor who will come and see how the house is turned upside down!”

Roses always had something to clean because of the presence of children in the house Source: pixels

Rose tried to calm him down. “I’m so sorry Chris,” he said. “It’s my fault, I had my hands full to do other work this morning and I haven’t cleaned the chair yet.”

“Were you busy?” He asked. “At home? What are you doing? Your only job is to take care of the kids and make sure the house is presentable, but it looks like you can’t handle that either!” He shouted.

Her husband left before Rose could say anything more. He heard his audience call to join him at a bar and he breathed a sigh of relief. Chris has been getting less understanding since the birth of their second child.

Another day Chris came back and sat on the sofa watching TV while their kids were resting beside him. He became jealous.

How can he relax when I am working tirelessly in the officeShe told him. That’s not right

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When Rose saw him come in, she ran to hug him, but he pushed her away, looked around their apartment, then reprimanded her for all the minor trouble she had done.

“Chris, look, we have two little kids who can’t stop messing around in this house,” Rose defended.

“Your job is to take care of them and clean up the mess, but it looks like you’re watching TV all day!” He replied.

After that fight, Chris starts to treat her terribly badly. He made sure to wake her up early in the morning so that she could cook a meal for him before he left for work and he would oversee the process while she was cooking and tell her what things to clean before. His return in the evening.

Some days he would invite his friends and cook a lot of food every day to keep them happy. He ordered her around as if she were a maid, never stopped her and she never complained.

Chris ordered Rose as if he were a slave, giving her no respite: pixels

“You’re lucky, Chris,” one of his friends once told him. “Your wife is a wish-fulfilling fairy.”

“Normal,” Chris replied. “I do all the chores in this house and all she does is relax at home with the kids.”

Rose heard it all and was sorry that her husband had become so indifferent. She didn’t eat a single bite of all the food she made that day, but she didn’t care.

After her friend leaves, Rose angrily takes her complaint to her husband.

“Being a mother is not easy and your indifference does not make it easy!” She screams with suppressed anger.

“Stop crying, lady!” Chris answers. “There’s nothing to do and I’m tired of hearing your excuses! Do you think it’s easy to work all day ?! Why don’t you try? I stay home with the kids and you go to work!”

“Good!” Rose answered.

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The next morning, he leaves his house very early to meet his former colleague. He became the director of a medical institute and he knew that he would hire him for his talent. He got a job and started working shifts which lasted till 5 pm.

Meanwhile, Chris has taken time to look after their home with their young children. He kept an eye on them to make sure they were OK, but didn’t do much and after the first week their house looked like a pig. It’s a woman’s job, Chris thought.

Rose felt guilty for leaving him alone with their kids, so he started cleaning the house after work, which made him even more tired. He tried to get Chris to work, but he always found an excuse to avoid them.

A week later, Rose had enough. She picked up her phone to call her mother-in-law Catherine. “Hello Cath, how are you?” He asks politely.

“I’m fine, honey. Am I indebted to this joy?”

“I wanted to ask you some advice, Chris is driving me crazy,” Rose admits, telling him about their situation.

Rose went to see her ex-colleague who offered her a job. | Source: pixels

“Honey, I’ve just given birth,” Katherine told him. “My husband hired a housekeeper to clean the house and a nanny to take care of the kids. It made things easier for me when we were both working. Chris was always ashamed of it because all his friends had wives as mothers.”

“Thank you Katherine!” Rose finished the phone and said.

He has been enlightened. Chris thought about all the days he was sitting around her and realized he never liked her. All he has to do is complain and use it.

The next day, he confessed to her with an open heart, telling her all the wrongs. Since it was rare for him to utter his voice, his words caught his attention. That day he really looked at his wife and noticed how thin she was.

He had a bag under his eyes and his face was bruised from the pressure. He realized what he had done, but before he could apologize, he told her to leave her home and her life.

As he did, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Being a mother is hard work and she shouldn’t feel unworthy every day. This was the end of their relationship.

Rose had been thinking all day about ordering Chris and realizing that she would never like him Source: pixels

What did we learn from this story?

  • Love is not an excuse to endure disrespect. Chris was disrespectful to Rose, even though he tried his best to please her. He cheated on her for a long time before she decided he would not tolerate her anymore.
  • Praise is very important. Chris thought it was about him and so refused to consider Rose’s feelings. He treated her like a slave and did not appreciate her efforts to please him. It ultimately bears the cost of her marriage to him.

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