Yvelines: A woman murdered at home, her partner suspected of murder

Murder of women in Coignières (Yvelines)? A 27-year-old man was arrested at the Adef Social Residence on Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly killed his 31-year-old companion by suffocation. Tenants in Rud de Montfort alerted police around 2 p.m. Police enter the apartment where a man lives, they also discover Liza’s lifeless body. A source close to the case said, “There were signs of suffocation, head and face injuries on the body.” The woman’s murder took place in a specific context, in a mixed residential area of ​​300 apartments where harassment issues against women have been reported to the public prosecutor.

The apartment is a mess

The place is in a state of chaos as if a quarrel has started between the couple. The shower curtain was torn and officials noticed that there were traces of blood at the scene. The wife was interrogated with a quick patrol but she made incoherent and misleading remarks.

The medical examiner moved and performed a first examination on the body, which was taken to the Forensic Institute of Garc (a (Hautes-de-Sain) for autopsy. Forensic technicians also went to the scene to find clues to the crime.

The accused criminal was arrested and taken into police custody at the urban security compound in Trapes. The doctor did not notice any behavioral disorder that would overturn the verdict of the presumed killer. “An investigation is underway,” said a source close to the file. There are still many points to be clarified in revealing the truth.

According to the Versailles Prosecutor’s Office, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We are awaiting the results of the autopsy, which will be on Thursday only. “Investigators questioned neighbors and the couple’s staff to find out more about their relationship.

A repetition?

However, everything indicates that it is a homicide because the accused criminal is not unfamiliar to the police. He was arrested on April 20, thirteen days earlier, on charges of domestic violence. When the victim did not want to complain, the authorities released him. In a small town of 4,500 inhabitants, this is surprising because no such instance has been identified in social housing. “It’s horrible, absolutely horrible,” said Mayor (DVG) Didier Fischer, who pointed to “an exciting context” in the former home for young workers.

Recently rehabilitated in 300 studios, the social housing operated by Adef now welcomes people in uncertain situations who are having difficulty finding housing. “It does not explain the murder but there is a real context of harassment of women in this residence”, angrily elected officials who were “seized by repeated information on several occasions in the past”.

Since a part of the building was exclusively dedicated to women, other male tenants did not hesitate to go there, knocking on doors and thus creating a sense of insecurity among the residents. These recurring incidents therefore need to be discussed between the municipality and the management committee.

Thus two discussion meetings were held between the mayor, the site manager and the regional manager of Adef, before the mediation reached the implementation of the solution. “They took strong action on behalf of the residents but in the end, there were a few support groups,” plagued Didier Fisher, who “likes to have a surveillance every evening when problems arise.” “But they didn’t. A

The mayor then decided to warn the authorities about this recurring act of harassment by reporting it to the public prosecutor. At the same time, another concern overwhelmed the city councilor. “There are people in many rooms who are not allowed to stay there, Didier Fisher’s breath. Many live with three or four people in a one-person studio. A

The Versailles prosecutor’s office is expected to make a decision Thursday on whether to pursue criminal proceedings.

Liza will be the 36th victim of homicide in France since the beginning of the year, according to the count of homicides by a partner or ex. According to the ministry, more than 200,000 women are victims of violence in France each year.

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