At the center of the symposium is “Commercial Revival of Urban Centers” and “City and Public Space”.

The second edition of the “City and Public Space” dialogue, organized by the Agency for Development, Urbanism and Energy of Corsica, was held Wednesday at the Palace des Congress in Ajaccio. A round table was dedicated to the commercial revival of urban centers in particular.

The “City and Public Space” symposium, which was canceled two years ago due to the Kovid epidemic, has returned to Ajaccio. A second edition was held on Wednesday, May 4 at the Palais des Congrès with a global theme “(re) public space is worthy, managed and practiced”.

In front of hundreds of people, various speakers have significantly discussed the commercial revival of city centers. “There was a lot of information and very interesting material including high level speakersAccording to Julian Paolini, president of the Agency for Development, Urbanism and Energy of Corsica (AUE). The ideas raised were particularly interesting, especially the example of LeBron, a small town from Ajaccio and which is based on three essential pillars of the Renaissance: housing, soft mobility and public space.

Located in Gironde, near Bordeaux, the city of 25,000 inhabitants is cited as an example of the recapture and recapture of its city center. “6-7 years ago, we had a large commercial vacancy and the population was leaving the city center.LeBron’s deputy mayor and Jean-Philippe Le Gaul, who attended the conference, explained. So we’ve written a 10-year urban project that includes the development of the canyon and the desire to create a pedestrian area, with very vegetation, excluding cars. It is both an ambitious housing policy, commercial recovery and the opening of new stores, then a mobility policy, especially the renovation of our station that connects LeBron to Bordeaux.. […] Today, this policy is beginning to bear fruit. “

Asked if Jean-Philippe Le Gal saw any similarities between LeBron and Agassio, he replied: “The context is necessarily different and specific to each region. Here, in addition, there is insularity. We don’t necessarily do the same thing in Ajaccio, Libourne or Maubeuge. Simply put, we have almost the same habitat recovery tools. Either we choose the suburban development and have the tools for it, or we favor the city center and have the tools there. In these instruments, there are examples of an ocean floor that can be staged

Ajaccio also has Citadelle Miollis over the past year, which is an example of transitional town planning. Purchased by the city, the old walled barracks have been completely redesigned since last summer to welcome the public. “In less than a year, the site has attracted 20,000 people. “Diane Lambrushini said SPL Ametara’s project director is in charge of the fort’s development and animation.

The region is going to be a central area tomorrow, with a transitional urbanism around life, reunion, especially culture and artistic events, Julian insists on Paolini for his part. This is done in such a way that Azakians and Corsicans in general fit this symbolic place with a beautiful project.

For now, however, attracting Ajaccians is a small challenge for Diane Lambruchini: “We don’t have to worry about touristsHe says. On the other hand, it is more difficult to attract Azakians, including myself, because it is a place we have never been before because it was closed to the public. So a habit is formed and it goes through various arrangements with a little time

If the castle could revive the city center of Azakio, “Other levers exist depending on the city “. Elsa Martin points out. A lecturer in urban sociology at Lorraine University, however, considers that “Commercial attraction may be questionable and may not necessarily be sustainable. “

Urban development may be accompanied by the return of stores, but at the same time, this attraction contributes to bringing specific stores, polarizing urban spaces, and creating classification forms in the city center. Elsa Martin believes. Some roads are more attractive than others and traders feel it. Moreover, some do not shy away from going to the suburbs. Too often, we try to be careful not to develop a peripheral business, telling ourselves that it will affect the city center and that it will create competition. Concerned traders. But, at the same time, they sometimes realize a commercial opportunity on the outskirts and then leave the city center.

A situation that the Azakian region has been experiencing for several years, with large shopping centers opening with lots of shops. Resulting in “Corsicans change their habit of going Saturday shopping, walking or spending Saturdays in this area without going to the city center “, I know Julian Paulini who added: “There is an attraction among the youngest for a particular brand that everyone knows

“We need to correct the situation and we can still change the model.”

Julian Paolini

President of the EU

For the President of the AUE, “There is no vision for urban-urban and urban development. “. “We There has also been an indicative population growth, especially in Corsica. We can see how fast these cities have developed. In the end, public policy suffered somewhat. We must correct the situation and we can still change the model. An example from LeBron. “

Also the mayor of the village of Pietroso, Julian Paulini. “Doesn’t want to oppose peripheral shopping centers, urban centers or inner villages. ” According to him, A real network and an overall dynamic for thinking; And that’s the whole point, He mentions. In addition, the Corsican community is working with the town planning agency on a report on urban contracting to address these issues and to think about the development of these different areas. It should be presented to the Corsica Assembly during the June or July session

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