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This is one of the photos that chases and looks at everything from a catastrophic event. Above all, there is everything. This sea of ​​iron and prison, lying on the ground at first makes no sense. Like a dog that bites its owner until it bleeds and sleeps in the sun as if nothing had happened. What is broken is in the light in the clear world of Furiani. In the background, we see what refused to read, the corpse of this courtyard of adversity and the end, but the corpse of joy, the excitement, the life that animated it when the day was diminishing and the atmosphere rising. Then there is the sky, unbearably blue, unbearably clear, as if he wanted to condition that life should go on, as if nothing had happened.

“When I see this picture … everything comes back … cry. A

The other characters fix this horrible scene, this still life, but at the front, there is this baby that seems to be crying. His eyes are not seeing anything. They are pleated, strong. As if they don’t want to see anything else. Or delete the image that they just recorded and did not understand the brain behind them. Furiani’s son’s forehead was glued to the iron railing which he had to cool down. She then wears this Reebok tracksuit in old colors, which we’ll tear up second-hand outfits today. In Corsica, it is said that everyone knows someone who was affected by the Furyani disaster. This is not necessarily true and not everyone knows who this baby was. But everyone knows him. “When I look at this picture … everything goes up … even tears.” , Says a septuagenarian. The boy is a club educator, the son of a former SEC Bastia player from 1969 to 1971. Thirty years later, she is living her life and no longer wants to talk about pictures taken at an age when she has not calculated anything. I don’t know what to say.

“A touching and beautiful picture”

On May 5, 1992, Joseph Guidicelli was even younger. She was 4 years old and lost her father, journalist Pierre Guidicelli, in the disaster. “It simply came to our notice thenShe breathes. This is the contrast that makes it irresistible: the contrast between scrap metal and this baby. The incident can be seen with his own eyes. Looks like he can’t pull himself out of the tragedy. He doesn’t hold the railing, he holds on. A Three decades later, no one has forgotten the pain that reigned in Corsica, but the details are lost. The author of the film himself can no longer tell his memory. Breton photo-journalist Andre Durand was sent to the scene by AFP. He knew about the Iran-Iraq war, the fall of Sussex, and the protests in Moscow’s Red Square that declared the end of the USSR. He then visited a concentration camp in Somalia, Palestine, near Sarajevo. He died in 2020. So a photographer Provencal, Gerard Koch was also there. He thinks the picture was taken “Two to four days after the tragedy. We can see that they have already cleared up a bit, picked up the clues, created obstacles. Gendermas has almost finished their investigation. People came there to meditate: put flowers, ribbons, scarves. Some wore braces, others had crutches. This kid who curls up, it’s a touching and beautiful picture. A

“This picture shows the level of disaster. A contrast between horror and innocent. A

It’s a picture that makes you feel bad, because it suddenly awakens a lot of people. It was broadcast in Bastia on Wednesday evening May 5, 92A short film directed by actress Corinne Mattei. “I know people who haven’t talked about drama for thirty yearsHe assures. This picture shows the level of disaster. A contrast between horror and innocent. During the prelude, we felt a very strong emotion in the public. We put the picture in a deeply buried feeling. It hurts and feels good at the same time. A Mattei did not go to Furiani to collect himself after the disaster. He was very busy preparing for the funeral of his brother Christian. “I lived in Paris, and I was told he was seriously injured. I returned immediately. In fact, he is already dead. He was 26, and had spoken to me on the phone a few hours before the match “I’m going to the party”. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. He went to fetch the flag, he was preparing for a great moment. A The 18-minute film says so ahead. It ends in the gallery, just before it collapses. It says what Furiani’s child doesn’t show. “We show excitement and joy, but drama, horror, surprise is nothing. However, throughout the film, we know where we are headed. The goal is to show how beautiful life can be and how it can end abruptly. A By Thomas Andre
Photo: Andre Durand / AFP

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