Game Release: Relic Hunters: Rebel, Galaxy Invader: Space Shooter, Chloe Puzzle Game

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Today 9 interesting video games Landing in the App Store for your iOS device and especially for Relic Hunters: Rebels, Galaxy Invaders: Space Shooter, Chloe Puzzle Game.

For the video game on Thursday for the movie on Wednesday you can find on iPhoneSoft: Thursday’s game exit For iPhone, iPod and iPad year after year.

New free iOS games:

Relic Hunter Rebels Icon Game IPA iPhone iPadRelic Hunter: Rebel (Games, Action / Role Playing, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.5, 316MB, iOS 15.0, Netflix, Inc.)

Exclusively for Netflix subscribers.

Shoot and dash through the colored levels, as well as collect and upgrade dozens of weapons. Bring the Dukan Empire to its knees and bring peace to a torn planet. This offline shooter / looter / RPG offers a fascinating story that unfolds in great chaos … on a planet where four tribes are engaged in battle, the remaining hunters crossing the path with the young general Baru. Our heroes must forget their differences in order to defeat their new friend the Dukan Empire and regain possession of the almighty Nederstone.

Fight your enemies and collect blueprints, materials and resources.

Download free games Relic Hunter: Rebel

Relic Hunter Rebels Capture Game IPA iPhone iPad

Icon Games IPA iPhone iPad Love the little thingsLove … little things (Games, Puzzles, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.10, 1.1GB, iOS 11.0, Lunosoft Inc.)

Stress-free mental healing art game

Profit … Little Things is a hidden object game that expresses the passion of a healing art game.

You can collect puzzle pieces to get a collection of wallpaper images and set it as your phone wallpaper.

Download free games Love … little things

Love the little things capture game ipa iphone ipad

king snake battle royale icon game ipa iphone ipadKing Snake – Battle Royale (Games, Action, iPhone / iPad, v1.1, 129MB, iOS 11.0)

King Snake is the ultimate snake battle royal game! 50 snakes compete in an increasingly small courtyard to make the last stand.

Slash your opponents, collect food to lie down and use stat boost and powerup to win. Be careful, you will shrink when you leave the safe zone, so take as much time as possible before the safe zone disappears completely!

Play online alone, with your friends or offline. All snakes are equal at the beginning of this truly competitive game. Complete the challenges of unlocking new pure cosmetic skin.

Download free games King Snake – Battle Royale

king snake battle royale capture game ipa iphone ipad

Galaxy Invaders Space Shooter Icon Game IPA iPhone iPadGalaxy Invader: Space Shooter (Games, Action, iPhone / iPad, v1.0, 346MB, iOS 11.0, Tee Studio)

If you are in the classic galaxy shooter series (aka galaxy shooter / space shooter / shoot ’em up / space invaders / galaxy gala / galaga /), galaxy invaders: space shooter game will clear your feelings towards this series. . Classic style of play, but the new mode of expression will fascinate you while you play. Galaxy Invaders will bring you new enemies and bosses in Galaxy War. Do you think that you have enough skills to survive this epic battle against these alien invaders?

How to play
– Tap the screen to move your spaceship (up, down, right, left) to evade enemy bullets.
– Collect as many coins as possible to upgrade or upgrade your spaceship and fight huge enemies and alien invaders.
– Use booster or power-up to level up easily.

Download free games Galaxy Invader: Space Shooter

Galaxy Invaders Space Shooter Capture Game IPA iPhone iPad

Fantasy Archer Eleven Bow Icon Game IPA iPhone iPadFantasy Archer: Eleven Bow (Games, Action, iPhone / iPad, v1.01, 84MB, iOS 11.0, Wekthor)

Play as an elf hunter in a skill and physics based archery game. Aim for master precision, learn to fight enemies, land headshots and progress through multiple levels …

Download free games Fantasy Archer: Eleven Bow

Fantasy Archer Eleven Bow Capture Game IPA iPhone iPad

Dark Eden M Global Icon Game IPA iPhone iPadDark Eden M Global (Games, Role Playing, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.0, 2.9GB, iOS 12.0, Wemade Connect Co., Ltd.)

The return of the Boundless Battlefield MMORPG that will rekindle your fighting spirit!
“Dark Eden Am Global” is the first online horror MMORPG to deal with the clash and competition between slayers and vampires.

Download free games Dark Eden M Global

Dark Eden M Global Capture Game IPA iPhone iPad

New Paid iOS Games:

The life of the 90's iconic game ipa iphone ipad grewGrowing up: Life in the 90s (Games, Simulation, iPhone / iPad, v1.0, 1018 MB, iOS 10.0, Littoral Games)

Your life is in your hands! Shape your childhood and parental life through endless choices. Take control of what you learn, who you make friends with, and find your soul mate in this upcoming adventure.

Live an epic life tracing your existence from your childhood to adulthood. Learn new skills, participate in a variety of activities, expand your mind, manage your daily schedule, explore the city, build lasting friendships and survive your college years. Once you become an adult, your future career and your romantic partner will be revealed to you and you will continue your family legacy with a child of your own!

To download Growing up: Life in the 90s At € 4.99

90s capture game ipa iphone ipad growing life

Fly Pop Icon Game IPA iPhone iPadFly and pop (Games, Words / Adventure, iPhone / iPad, v0.2, 142 MB, iOS 10.0, JOSE DE LEON)

Dove has been kidnapped! He was taken to the top of the tallest skyscraper in the city. Now you, Chester, have to save him. To save him, you need to help the townspeople and use the rewards they give you to fix a fan so you can fly high enough. Help people with common pigeon activities … such as giving messages, helping with one or two things, and of course … stabbing people and cars! Also beware of dangers like cars and cats that always patrol the city. Because they can seriously hurt you! But you take it, fly and shit little pigeon!

To download Fly and pop At € 4.99

chloe puzzle game icon game ipa iphone ipadChloe puzzle game (Games, Adventure / Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.0, 16MB, iOS 12.0, Rojeh Maher)

72 puzzles. Each puzzle has its own design and logic.
All you have to do is use your brain and take Chloe and Bunny to their goal in these fun puzzles.

Each level looks simple and playful with a single purpose: take Chloe and Bunny to their red target; But the puzzles are unique and come in a variety of difficulties. Puzzles challenge your technique, your Sokoban skills, your ability to perceive how mechanical toys work, your tactical knowledge, your ability to improve and much more. The difficulty increases with the number of levels and each level comes with a hint. Are you stuck Follow the hints and find your way to the goal!

The game features beautiful hand-made retro pixel art animations and 72 unique puzzles.

To download Chloe puzzle game At € 1.99

chloe puzzle game capture game ipa iphone ipad

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