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AI is integrated into the service of security and sustainable development.

The Artificial Intelligence Hackathon will be held on May 13, 14 and 15, 2022 at the Institute Superior d’Electronic de Paris, hosted by the Environment Services IA and Security and the Big Gender and IA Chair, National Gender Marriage, United Nations Environment Program, French Development Agency, 3DS IA Lab of the Garage Isap Association. Mission: Responding to security and sustainable development issues based on AI technology.

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of today’s concern. Its consequences in our society are immeasurable and make it inevitable. They have been strengthened by their desire to innovate and contribute to its democratization National Gender Marriage (DGGN)I ‘French Development Agency (AFD)), The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)And 3DS outscale (Cloud provider), ISEP-Garage Andisep Offer a hackathon.

Within 2.5 days, participants, students or professionals, with a group of expert consultants, will be able to deepen their technical knowledge in AI by working on specific topics of safety and sustainable development.

This event will be an opportunity to train on architecture Normal language processing And Acquiring deep knowledge : Tensorflow, Keras, PyTarch, BERT, SMITH, etc. To mark the occasion, 3DS Outscale opened up its services and its trusted and secure cloud infrastructure to allow competing teams to set up their models.

Two challenges to choose from

When registering, participants can choose between two subjects:

1. How can AI improve speech-to-text in the context of security? (Recommended by National Gendermary)

2. How can AI accurately identify sustainable development goals in a document? (Recommended by AFD and UNEP)

Conferences and networking

At the opening of this hackathon, conferences will be held on Friday, May 13, 2022 and a cocktail will be followed so that participants can discuss with each other.

5:10 pm: By “Conference: AI Strategy in France”

Rand Weidel, prefect, national coordinator of AI

5:45 pm: Round table with “AI’s Challenges for Security and Sustainable Development”: ?General Patrick Perrot, National Coordinator of AI in National Gendarmerie ?Thomas Melonio, Executive Director of Innovation, Research and Knowledge at AFD ?Mark Radka, Director, UNEP Energy Branch

David Chasson, Director of Strategy, Secretary General of 3DS Outscale and HexTrust

7 pm Challenge presentation and progress of hackathon

An event open to all

This hackathon is a free event, open to all and at all levels. It is possible to register alone or as a team, explore the area or test your skills.

It will be held on the Isep campus in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

To discover and register the program, visit the website:


Possibility to attend the conference only on Friday, limited number of places.

About ISEP

Isep was founded within the ICP in 1955, where Edouard Branly, then professor of physics, invented the radio conductor at the origin of wireless transmission (TSF). Since its inception, Isep’s educational project has focused on high-level scientific and technical training that provides an important part of the human training needed for future responsible officials in France and abroad. Today, ISEP has adapted to the changing society by providing general training in digital technology and building its research and innovation centers on topics related to these technologies. Focusing on the needs of the professional world, encouraging the uniformity of profile, ISEP clearly stands as one of the best engineering schools in France. www.isep.fr

About National Gendermary

Legacy of seven centuries of history, Gendarmerie is an armed force that innovates itself to adapt to the changes in society. Between its founding choices, ongoing development, and redefining new perspectives, there is a clearly defined course in gender. Communication as DNA, innovation as a driving force, and openness to civil society as a resource is a pillar of the commitment of this human force to 130,000 active and protected men and women in the service of population and national security.

Proximity and communication

Communication and proximity are the key elements of the police profession. Because we better protect a population that we know, because we better protect a population that knows us. So, logically, this is the first of Gendarmerie’s strategic priorities for next year. Security is created for the people, in Gendarmerie, faithful to our slogan: our commitment to your safety and Gendarmerie, a human force.

Transformation and innovation

The digital realm knows no boundaries. A new source of wealth, a new challenge to power, “data” is emerging as the third dimension of security for people and property as well. Innovating today is essential to better protect tomorrow. That is why National Gendermary has adopted an ambitious plan for technological and scientific research and innovation.

Dare to open

To be effective, it is essential for a security force to be open to all talents. From the development of partnerships, nationally and internationally, to a bold HR policy, Gendarmerie attracts new profiles that play a full role in its development and impact. To be effective, it is essential for a security force to be open to all talents. From the development of partnerships, nationally and internationally, to a bold HR policy, Gendarmerie attracts new profiles that play a full role in its development and impact.


About the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) UNEP is the world’s leading environmental authority. The program provides leadership and encourages partnerships to protect the environment by inspiring, informing and enabling countries and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising future generations.


About AFD – French Development Agency

The AFD Group contributes to the development of France and the implementation of the policy of international solidarity. Formed by the French Development Agency (AFD), the public sector and NGOs are responsible for financing, research and training on sustainable development, its subsidiary ProParco, dedicated to private sector financing, and expert France, a technical cooperation organization, group financing, support. And accelerates the transition to a fairer and more resilient world.

We create shared solutions for the population of the South and for them with our partners For climate, biodiversity, peace, gender equality, education or health, our teams are involved in over 4,000 projects in the field, overseas, in 115 countries and in crisis areas. We are thus contributing to the commitment of France and France to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For a common world.


Almost 3DS outscale

3DS OUTSCALE, a cloud subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, became a player in multi-local cloud computing and believed in the focus of its Regin D’Tro. Since 2010, 3DS OUTSCALE has taken a responsible approach to its technologies, inspiring startups, software publishers, companies and organizations to innovate with respect for present and future generations. The goal of offering hyper-trust cloud services is reflected in the commitment to meet the highest market needs, such as the SecNumCloud qualification issued by ANSSI in 2019, which makes 3DS OUTSCALE the first cloud provider to offer highly secure infrastructure services. This commitment is also supported by services on data security and management in the cloud (ISO 27001-27017-27018) and Health Data Hosting (HDS) and a fully certified company. A guarantor of the Cloud of Hyper-Trust in Europe, America and Asia, 3DS Outscale offers a segmentation of cloud regions and works for strategic digital autonomy in Europe as a founding member of GAIA-X and a member of the European Alliance. Driven by the talent of its staff, 3DS Outscale is the first cloud provider committed to sustainable, responsible and inclusive work and labeled CSR LUCIE ISO 26000.


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/outscale

Twitter: twitter.com/outscale_en

About Isap Garage

Garage ISEP is ISEP’s technology and innovation company. It organizes workshops, conferences, hackathons on new technologies. 6 labs have been merged for the same purpose; Encourage, support and assist Isepien (ne) in their efforts to develop and create projects. Each lab focuses on technologies such as cyber security, algorithms and development, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and video games, blockchain and electronics.


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