Heart of Herald: Jignac Sports Area to be named after rugby player Christoph Urius

On Tuesday evening, May 3, a ceremony was held in the presence of the athletes who had come to unveil the plaque.

Elected officials, young athletes and representatives of the Gignac Club came in large numbers this Tuesday, May 3, for the baptism of the sports space around the cultural site, Sonambul, next to another place, Salat.

The evening brings together two of the greatest current managers of the French sport, the Union Bordeaux / Beagles rugby player Christoph Urios, and Montpellier handball Patrice Canair, who came to power as mayor and divisional adviser, as well as regional adviser. Gignac’s councilor who did not live up to his joy.

1st Line Soto, Urios, Canary.

A manager and a man of great quality

“There is a lot of symbolism in our choices, facilitated by the fact that Christoph Jigna was born and we fully adhere to the humanitarian and management values ​​that we express. “Jean-Franসois Soto has a humorous explanation, inviting everyone to take advantage of these moments of exchange in a complex national and international context.

“Gignac is a sports city, with many clubs that welcome and supervise young people. More than 50% of our budget goes to sports, education and youth.. We strive because we believe in the future and in the collective energy that allows us to do great things together. “ An exhibition of karate clubs in a room in the new Euryos space, the mayor concludes before joining his hosts.

New sports hall is coming!

Gignac may also open its Gilles-Fermaud Sports Hall in 2022, which is coming out of the field at the city entrance, near the high school. Since the first stone was laid on 15 December, the site is moving forward and should be delivered in September or October.

Designed to host national competitions with 2,500 m² and 450 bleacher seats, the facility will feature joint sports clubs, volleyball, handball and basketball. This is in addition to the synthetic football stadium, whose changing rooms will start next winter.

The sports space includes the Martial Arts Halls next to the cultural site in Sonambul, the Reveral Gymnasium and the future synthetic stadium around the Mas Salat.

Repatriation of a valued person

The current UBB manager has strong ties to the city where his mother lives and where he spent some of his childhood and youth.

Michelle, Annie, Christoph and Martin, for a family photo.

Michelle, Annie, Christoph and Martin, for a family photo.

“It makes me especially happy for her! I’ll send the picture to her children”, Annie announces, who came with a boy she followed and supported for a long time at the edge of the pitch when she was a player. She posed under a captivating plaque in the Sports Area this Tuesday, May 3, with Michelle, an assistant to the City Association, and Martin, one of the two aunts of the rugby player living in Gignac. After listening to his elder’s speech attentively.

“Sports are a great way to integrate.”

“I’m touched. But when you name someone, usually the boys die. I searched and luckily found that there were people alive. A few months after the Gignac champions came to sponsor an evening at the invitation and advice of the mayor, against the French champion… Montpellier with Castres.

“I am a child of Gignac where I have been part of my family since my grandparents. I spent the first four years of my life there, before returning regularly to the holidays when I was younger.”

And to evoke a lot of memories, from playing the drums to the donkey festival in Ascension or a summer trip to the Devil’s Bridge. “I agree because we need to take care of our youth. Yes, he has changed, but he is great and the young people at his age are much richer than me”, explains that the man is now successfully leading his career as a sports manager. .

“I agree 100% with the mayor’s message. Sport is a great way to integrate with life, even more so today. For that, you need better facilities, but above all, the teacher, the club,” added Christophe Urios. “And with strong values, I built myself up with what my parents gave me. If my consciousness, my values, my way of living, could inspire young people more than my name, it would be great.”

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