Her daughter announces the sad news

While Florent Pagney is continuing her treatment for her lung tumor, her daughter Al has some bad news for us … The Objeko editorial team has told you all about this horrible revelation.

Florent Pagney is being treated for her cancer

You know, Florent Pagany has a lung tumor. The singer announced the bad news on social networks last January. This is a real shock to the man who celebrated his 60th birthday last November. He started treatment with chemotherapy and X-rays to get rid of the disease.

Even if we knew he was ill and that he was on chemotherapy right now, what a surprise and excitement we had! Florent Pagney actually appeared with a completely bald head, aired on France 2 in the evening for United, exclusively for Ukraine, as a result of her treatment.

Our colleagues at Magazine Public “are able to say that the 5 cm tumor in her lungs has already shrunk by half.” This is a progress that is commendable for the singer. This proves that his treatment works wonders. In addition, Florent Pagney does not appear to be suffering from many of the side effects associated with her illness. If he suffers from chronic fatigue, he does not suffer from nausea or loss of appetite. Courage, the worst end! The editorial team wishes him a cure!

Unwavering support from his family

Fortunately, Florent Pagney is not alone in dealing with this disease. He can count on the unwavering support of his wife, Azucena Caamaño, an Argentine painter and model who has shared his life since 1993. She can also rely on her two children, Inca and Al, although the latter have already grown up and are living far away. Away from family home.

Finally, let’s not forget the fans who have supported him since the terrible announcement and who will be present throughout his therapy. Al, his daughter, told our Gala colleagues: “She loves to say Inca [le fils de Florent Pagny] And I, we do not belong to him, yet I know that he is a protective but prudent father. He watches over us from afar. He always gives us good advice. But He is never an intruder, He sets us free until everything is done according to the rules and we are happy.

Al: Who is the singer’s daughter?

Florent Pagney is a handsome man, even at his age. Azucena Caamaño, former model, also very beautiful. So it is not surprising to see that their children are just as beautiful!

Inca Pagney was published in a snapshot on her father’s Instagram account. The young man, the common Latino, still has the characteristics of a singer.

The young Al, just 22 years old, is a reflection of his mother’s spit. And that’s an understatement! Florent Pagani’s daughter is breathtakingly beautiful. Very typically South American, the young woman inherited her father’s blue eyes, which gave her an extra glamorous asset!

Aël Pagny has been spotted on the cover of Gala with his father in our good old country. The readers of the magazine were absolutely fascinated by the atypical beauty of the young lady! Florent Pagney and his wife can be proud of their daughter Al! Especially since besides being a real beauty, the young lady is also becoming a real star for her various talents.

Bad news for Florent Pagney’s daughter

Al, daughter of Florent Pagney, a prominent photographer. He captivated us with the beautiful shots he took at Paris, New York and Patagonia. Al Pagney is very fashion-oriented. He also followed a very famous school course Person School of Design In New York. We can easily realize it by following his Instagram! The young woman has a very good taste, which she likes to show to her followers.

He is an emerging influencer who, however, puts his head on his shoulder. Some time ago, Al introduced us to his prince, a young man named Ariel. However, his followers noticed that the handsome young man was missing from this last publication. After asking the question many times, Florent Pagni’s daughter replied: “We haven’t been together for more than 6 months.” However, it would seem that the two remained in good condition, as the recent post on Al proved a snapshot of all their laughter.

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