How to use SharePlay on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Apple MacBook?

Apple on Monday released its macOS Monterey 12.1 update. And it specifically offers the possibility to use SharePlay, a function that lets you view, collaborate or listen to music with your friends via FaceTime.

SharePlay is now available on all Apple devices // Source: Apple

After the iPhone and iPad, it’s the Mac’s turn to run more user-friendly. Announced in June to share live content across all media, SharePlay is finally available on all MacBooks, iMacs and Macs.

The macOS Monterey 12.1 update brings many new features such as the ability to subscribe and use Apple Music Voice, new offers that only use Siri and your voice. Photos showcase new functions for memory albums (animation style, transitions, photo collages, new album themes, more interactive interfaces, etc.), as well as various modifications to better display improved HDR video playback or menus on YouTube. MacBook Pro 2021’s notched bar.

With the advent of iOS 15.2 (hidden email addresses, digital legacy, etc.) many new features have already been added. On the other hand, with universal control, the possibility of using the same mouse and the same keyboard to continuously manage your Mac, iPad and smartphone is still a long way off.

SharePlay, all together, but everyone at home

But the main addition remains the advent of SharePlay, the goal of which is a “Sharing experiences with your family and friends is a new way to survive. ” This new function has already been available on iPhones, iPads and Apple TV since Apple’s previous update. From Monday, it is also for Mac.

SharePlay is also coming to MacBook: How to watch a movie live with your loved ones?
Source: Apple

Its main uses are to allow you to share movies, videos, music tracks, web browsing and even games with your loved ones via FaceTime at your fingertips. You can even edit a few activities (drawing, gym, quiz, piano, staring at the stars, etc.), photos or documents together while talking to each other at the same time. The screen sharing function already exists in FaceTime. You can synchronize and collaborate on your uses

If you start a video from a FaceTime call, the content starts or breaks at the same time for all participants, which is offered with Disney + ‘s GroupWatch function, but with the ease of live chat and video that was lacking. In addition, the volume of the broadcast program automatically adjusts when someone speaks to speak.

You can create a playlist and organize a music evening together that will be jointly designed, with everyone adding to the title row of their choice.

Many applications are already compatible with the SharePlay function. There are obviously Apple apps, but there are also services like myCANAL and Disney + that have announced compatibility:

  • Apple TV and its Apple TV + service
  • myCANAL
  • Disney +
  • ARTE
  • NBA
  • Mubi: I like movies
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Fitness
  • Seat rebel yoga
  • Beam – Jim Digital
  • Metronate sheet music
  • Flow by Moleskine Studio
  • Night sky
  • Better sleep: Sleep well
  • Twitch
  • Tick ​​tock

How to use SharePlay?

To use SharePlay, you must take advantage of a device with the FaceTime application (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV) and keep it up to date with the latest versions.

  • From your device, start a FaceTime call with your contacts;
  • Swipe through the bottom of the window and go to one of the SharePlay compatible apps that are offered;
  • Each participant receives a quote “Join SharePlay” and just click Open;
  • If it is video content, choose your movie or TV show, then press play. The SharePlay button may appear, click on it if the start is not automatic;
  • Each participant can then play / pause, move forward / backward quickly. This will apply to all participants. On the other hand, the addition of volume or subtitles is specific to each device.

You can join or leave a SharePlay call at any time without having to make a FaceTime call. It will suffice to touch the mosaic of images at the top of the open shared application.

SharePlay is also coming to MacBook: How to watch a movie live with your loved ones?
It’s easy to join SharePlay Broadcast during FaceTime Calls // Source: Apple 7

Obviously, all users must have an application or content to share. If not, a message invites you to subscribe, purchase content or, if applicable, take advantage of a free trial offer.

With MacBook and iMac, you can arrange a window to hold FaceTime video calls on one side and streaming content on the other. This is valid for apps that support split view on Mac (individual view).

Switch to Apple TV

You have the option to join a FaceTime call on your iPhone or iPad, and then return to your Apple TV to share content on a larger screen.

  • To do this, launch a FaceTime call in the classic way and start sharing content with participants through a SharePlay compatible app;
  • Hold on to your Apple TV remote TV / Control Center button (In the form of a TV) Depressed. The Control Center will open on the right side of the screen.

SharePlay is also coming to MacBook: How to watch a movie live with your loved ones?

  • Choose the user profile at the top of the window. ;
  • Select Shareplay ;
  • Press Turn on the Apple TV And confirm on your mobile device;
  • To stop broadcasting, press TV / Control Center button Click SharePlay to reopen and pause the right window.

You can still use the AirPlay feature on your iPhone or iPad to stream to your Apple TV

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