Quality, safety … How to choose your child’s sunglasses?

Who says protect the sun even on a sunny day! It is important to be well-groomed with the arrival of summer. In addition to clothing and sunscreen, you need to invest in sunglasses for your child. How to choose a good pair of sunglasses? What are the different criteria? We carry stock and we offer you a selection of the best models of sunglasses for tanning … without the risk of our retina!

The effect of the sun on the eyes of children

The sun has many effects on our body. If we immediately think about the dangers of sunburn, which affects our skin, we forget that our eyes are also affected by the sun’s rays, and more so in the case of children.

The sun produces two types of ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB, which can harm children’s eyes. Until about 12 years old, the retina is still under construction And protection against ultraviolet rays is still not the best. So it is important to invest in a good pair of sunglasses.

Which sunglasses to choose? What is the standard for sunglasses?

It is important, when buying sunglasses for your child, to adopt models that meet the maximum protection standards against sunlight. However, most sunglasses sold in supermarkets or markets near the beach do not guarantee adequate protection. Select the choice Model sold by an ophthalmologist. They will be of better quality. To properly protect your child’s eyes, two criteria must be considered: European standards and safety indicators. Finally, frame choice is also important.

In view of the large number of models of sunglasses offered on the shelves, a European standard has been set. It is indicated by a “CE”, engraved inside the temple of spectacles. Its presence proves that the glasses meet the requirements for construction and respect for performance. So it is important to support the sunglasses models with this certification

In the summer market, many glasses are sold without this certificate. Caution: These models can be very dangerous for the baby’s retina. In fact, dark-colored, these glasses will accustom the baby student to sunlight, but do not protect it against ultraviolet rays.

The safety indicator should also be considered when choosing a pair of glasses for a baby or toddler. In France, there are 5 protection indicators for sun lenses, ranging from 0 to 4. The first three levels of the safety index (0 to 2) should be avoided for infants and children because they do not provide adequate protection. So these are Safety indicators 3 and 4 which provide effective protection against ultraviolet rays. In places where the sun is really strong, such as on the beach or in the snow, Safety Factor 4 is strongly recommended.

Frame selection: what material? Round or rectangular?

The frame is just as important when choosing a pair of glasses as the sun lens criteria. In fact, it allows your child to be comfortable wearing his glasses. Regarding the material, it is recommended to take a plastic frame, at least until the age of six. Plastic has the potential to be hard to break and deform, which is a good thing for kids!

For shape, we prefer round models because they make it easier to surround the baby’s visual field. It is important that the frame fits well with your child’s face to ensure comfort. Going to an optician will allow you to find the most suitable frame. After the acquisition, it is possible to place a cord between the branches for very young children so that the spectacles do not inadvertently fall off.

To keep your child wearing sunglasses optimally, it is important to take good care of them. In fact, the lenses must not be damaged and will allow ultraviolet rays to be filtered.

To avoid scratches, the best strategy is to wear very regular sunglasses under soapy water. For wiping glasses, it is important to find a suitable cloth (easily available from an eye specialist).

Our chosen sunglasses for kids to buy

© Rayban

Ray-Ban Jr. Wayfarer Children’s Sunglasses (Children and Teenagers)

A real organization in the adult world, Ray-Ban brand Wayfarer sunglasses also exist for children! With a Category 3 indicator, they provide effective protection from the sun. Ray-Ban Jr. sunglasses are available in twenty different colors.


© Julbo

I will wear children’s sunglasses

Lightweight and strong, Zulbo brand sunglasses combine comfort and safety for children. Lenses are made of class 3 and polycarbonate, an impact-resistant material For the frame, the latter has a curved shape that adapts well to the baby’s face. An elastic headband with a scratch is also available for optimal adjustment of the face glasses.



Polaroid sunglasses

Polaroid brand sunglasses are varied and of good quality. Different lens shapes are available for children, all of which provide effective eye protection. Category 4 lenses guarantee maximum protection against ultraviolet rays.



Oakley Kids Sunglasses

Oakley brand sunglasses look aesthetically pleasing to adults. With a Category 3 protection factor, these goggles completely protect against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Shock resistant, the frames are adapted to the baby’s face. The model is available in a full color palette.

Sebi is fine


Cébé brand sunglasses

Cébé brand glasses are long term part. Protective lenses have an anti-scratch treatment that will maintain their effectiveness against ultraviolet rays. With a flexible frame, the spectacle model is available in five different sizes from birth to 10 years.

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