Wild Child, a creation of Cedric Oren, to discover, on Thursday, May 5, on the stage of La Mason in Nevers

At the time of writing this show, writer and director Cedric Orine “wanted to focus on the extraordinary reality of these children?” We don’t know how they survived. “These children, with extraordinary destiny, are Victor de l’Averon and Caspar Hauser, two wild children who lived in the forest in the 19th century.” .

How did you prepare this article?

I make a mix between two children Victor and Caspar Hauser. I’ve seen François Truffaut’s film, faithful to Victor’s true story. I discovered the work of a historian who saw much in the case of Caspar. The wild child I composed lived in the forest. Like Victor, he has some of his past, but the way he comes into society is more Caspar. I made a hybrid baby but I discovered nothing.

This is not a happy ending or a sad ending.

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Have you encountered difficulties?

The story was told before and how could it be said that it was difficult ?? How to represent the child ?? We work with an acrobat who is not a child. I’ve auditioned several times ?; To him, it was obvious. There is a statue of the wild child. The hardest part was the last writing. I wanted to have a possible hope that these kids could get out of it. This is not a happy ending or a sad ending. What was difficult was writing the show, creating it, and shutting it down because of Covid. This year, we went back to the theater and reconnected with the public. We missed it.

What message do you want to send ??

At one point Victor gets a chance to return to the forest. He decided to return. He made another discovery. This relationship with others wants him to learn. This is even more touching for those who do theater. This relationship with others forms all our actions. I, I want to share.

It’s 8 years old … How do kids react ??

In these children’s troubles or dreams they can recognize themselves. What they like is that Victor finds himself facing the rules. This relationship with the rules tells them a lot. They understand the importance of rules very well but sometimes they get bored of understanding and living with them.

Can we say that we are all wild children ??

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. We all said no. We all got angry. We still want to do it. While writing this show I really thought a lot about children, but also about adults. It’s all public.

Performance: Thursday, May 5, 8pm at La Mason (two school performances tomorrow). Information: maisonculture.fr

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