Your 4K TV and soundbar know your furniture. We tell you everything

News hardware Your 4K TV and soundbar know your furniture. We tell you everything

Although audiofiles have spat a lot on the soundbar concept, the product is still able to impress a lot of people. Today, it is a thriving market and it is clear that a lot of soil is covered. You see, some bars and even some TVs are capable of even real technical skills … such as analyzing your living room. This is true of all models that use Samsung’s SpaceFit sound technology.

Digital room modification: The real name of Samsung’s SpaceFit Sound + technology

Spacefit Sound is a trade name used by Samsung for a technology used by several manufacturers: “Digital Room Modification”, or DRCWhich can be awkwardly translated as “digital room modification”.

It must be said: the expression “space fit sound” speaks louder and is much more classified than the initials “DRC”. That’s true.

So what is this invention? The idea is simple: Your TV or your sound bar will automatically adjust its acoustic settings according to the room in which it is located.

In principle, it allows:

  • Too much to get a word Precise
  • And much more in particular Submerged.

And yes, one of the strengths of DRC technology is being able to improve “surround” effect simulation, movie style. How? Sound waves bounce off your walls and furniture so that they reach your ears from behind or from the side.

How does it work?

Theoretically, the most modern and prestigious TV and soundbar Equipped with a microphone. This microphone can only be used to call a voice assistant, but not.

It is also used to analyze your internal vocabulary. Understand how sound waves emit ricochet. Adapting to your carpet, your screen, your library … In short, the microphone explains the sound.

Once integrated with the TV or bar AI, this same AI will adjust to different frequencies (bass, medium and high) so that sound quality is optimal wherever your devices are.

In the example of the SpaceFit Sound + technology used by Samsung today, new measurements are also taken every day on your part in changing the decor.

Interest in more smart 4K TVs or sound bars

The more advanced technology develops, the more our objects will be filled with artificial intelligence. The future is very clear: we will be surrounded by AI. Then a question arises: why? What’s the point?

First, let’s set the record straight. The term “artificial intelligence” can be misleading Since, in the minds of many, intelligence is more or less a reflection of what the human brain does. The famous day of singularity is approaching but we are not there yet.

In fact, an AI … is a simple algorithm.

Don’t look ahead. These are simply lines of code, programmed to respond to one or more specific tasks. An AI is a voice assistant, an NPC of a video game is an AI, and so are many of the technologies you use every day. This may not be intuitive, but the AIs that can learn on their own through in-depth learning are actually much more of a minority in the industry.

The definition of an intelligent machine is extremely broad.

Thus, it would be pointless to list all possible uses of AI in our everyday objects. The possibilities are almost endless.

Overall, keep in mind that a smart machine is, above all, a machine capable of analyzing you and more of the world. It has 2 major advantages:

  1. Assigning more and more difficult work to the machine
  2. Living in a more personalized environment

For example, in the case of television, Netflix’s AI is responsible for offering you programs to suit your tastes, so that you can save the task of finding a movie. This is the number 1 advantage. Then, once the program is launched, Samsung’s AI will scan your room so that the sound reproduction fits perfectly with your interior. This is advantage number 2.

And these are just two examples. When you watch TV, countless algorithms do their small business in their corner to improve your experience.

Some people find it scary and others find it exciting. The debate is still open, but the road to the future seems to have already been mapped.

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