An application for an advanced pediatric oncology service

Julia Dauphine has launched a petition to increase the capacity of dedicated oncology services for children in Luxembourg. The petition received more than 5,000 signatures.

Civic initiative

Megan Kambala

Julia Dauphine has launched a petition to increase the capacity of dedicated oncology services for children in Luxembourg. The petition received more than 5,000 signatures.

It all started in October 2018 when Caroline, the eldest daughter of the Daphne family, was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 20 months. The beginning of a long battle against the disease that has borne fruit, now from the age of 5, Caroline, who has already become the older sister of a second young girl, was pardoned on March 1, 2020 and now goes to school.

The petition allows everyone to take part in political life. Jules Clement is seen crossing the famous bar with his 4,500 signatures. Enough to invite yourself this Thursday afternoon in front of deputies.

However, her check-up appointments continued, and during one of them in January 2022, the click seemed like a mother of the family. “I was in the waiting room and met another mom who was going through exactly the same things as Caroline. I got a real sense of the mirror effect when she explained to me her barrier course to caring for her child in Heidelberg. It all started there. “

Lack of equipment for heavy treatment

Julia Dauphinis officially stated, “The CHL Kannerklinik team is very skilled and family oriented, but when it comes to chemotherapy, you have to go to Paris, Heidelberg or Brussels, here in Grand Duchess for lack of equipment. “A rather understandable situation when one considers the fact that Luxembourg lacks resources.” Synergy and interaction with the hospital for follow-up, feedback and diagnosis of sick children is a situation that is “virtuous and must continue” The situation leads to more effort.

On the occasion of World Childhood Cancer Day, Dr. Sophie Huibrechts took stock of the care situation of these young patients at the Cancer Clinic.

Expatriate Canadians in Luxembourg, if their routines at home were supported by a full support network of their close friends, would not have the logistics if they needed to go to Paris to take care of the heaviest and most painful chemotherapy for their daughter. .

The hardest memories for them are under “a certain organization”, since husbands / wives take turns staying with their daughter permanently so as not to leave her alone. “I was with my daughter from 11am to 11pm and my husband took charge. It was emotionally very intense and harsh, because even as a couple, we only saw each other for a short time during this time. With just about a quarter of an hour with each role change, because to keep up the pace and give our daughter her best, we really had to rest and refocus before returning to her to support her.

Locals, Lucien Thomas Director, Cancer Foundation, Weltkrebstag, Krebspeasanten Warren der Corona-Chris, Photo: Luxemburger Wart / Anuk Antony

On the occasion of the 22nd World Cancer Day, Cancer Foundation Director Lucien Thomas provided an update on the founding activities and their evolution due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

For accommodation, they were able to count on Ronald McDonald’s homes during the round trip (especially designed to support the families of sick children) that would last a year and a half, before Caroline received the rest of her treatment at home. Chemotherapy

A “logical” request

Meanwhile, the family has grown with the arrival of the second child, a happy event that makes us realize very quickly that this very difficult rhythm for the couple can be maintained. “I put myself in the shoes of the family with whom this happened and who already have several children. You can’t imagine that this represents for a parent that guilt will not be able to be there for all their children alike. It relates to my experience and to all the families who are still struggling that I have launched Public Petition n ° 2232 and I believe that my request is justified so that the children can finally get these important treatments as soon as possible. Closer to home, without the stress of traveling when they are most at risk. “

Launched on Friday, March 25, 2022, the petition, which collected 5,119 signatures for the expansion of the pediatric oncology department at Canarclinic, will close at midnight on Friday, May 6.

When contacted about this, the CHL and the Luxembourg Society of Pediatricians did not respond to our request.

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