But what will happen to the expensive clothes later?

Who’s hiding under the cover of Season 3 of “Mask Singer”? “People” Sylvie Tellier, Alain Bernard, Yves Camdeborde, Maud Fontenoy and even Pierre Palmade have already been dropped since the show began on April 1. The winner will be announced on May 13, during the final.

The final show drew 3,713,000 viewers to TF1.

But the costumes of real stars. They take 200 to 300 hours to make, says Anthony Munier, producer of the “Mask Singer” show. “It simply came to our notice then. Trees, for example, change leaves every season. It took 500 to 600 hours to achieve this, ”he continued.

Tailor-made garments tailored to each personality are made in two workshops and by about ten people at a time. One of the workshops is accustomed to film costumes, performing arts, gravine museum or park asterix, while the other specializes in cartoons and dolls.

This year, two young women from Lille and Toulouse were also able to contribute to the show to start their careers: they created the character of the tiger. One worked in the mask and coat section and the other in the clothing section.

The cost of the clothing is thousands of euros, the producer confirms “20,000 to 50,000 euros”.

Also Lion, Hermit Crab …

Clothing other than trees requires more effort than others. This is the case with the lion, for example, the former Judoka David Dulette’s costume in Season 1. Her gold mask was made by hand. The Hermit Crab, this season, also gave the technical team a hard time because he didn’t have to … roll, without tripping.

For the costumes of international celebrities, such as Seal and “Reckless Housewife” Terry Hatcher this year, it needed to work differently. “Terry Hatcher wanted to be a bee, but we already had a bee. So he chose another insect, the ladybug. We exchanged sketches and videos with him from Los Angeles. He wanted something very cabaret, ”continued Anthony Meunier.

So everything was done remotely for the stars who arrived the day before or two days before the show was filmed (last summer, editor’s note). “Measurements have been taken but you can never be sure that the suit will fit. If you lose or gain a few pounds, everything will change. “While waiting for the celebrity on set, we always carry the silhouette to check out the outfits in advance and make sure everything is OK … until D-Day”.

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And then what will happen to the dress? These are stored in a secret place in good condition “so that there is no mold”. These sometimes reappear the following season, and are used by organizations that care, for example, to visit sick children in the hospital.

The celebrities have no clothes, so, although the request has already been made several times: “We never agreed. (Laughter) 6, concludes Anthony Munier.

For the moment, forty garments (in three seasons) are preserved until they find a second life. In the United States or Thailand where the show also exists, the costumes go “on the go”. It cannot be ruled out that this will happen soon in France …

“Mask Singer”, semifinals at TF1 on Friday at 9:10 p.m. The final will air Friday, May 13. Presentation Camille Combal. Investigators: Jerry (since moved to France Television), Alessandra Sublet, Angun and Cave Adams.

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