How to manage multi-window on iPad?

We are now accustomed to using multiple application windows on our computer at the same time. Note that the iPad also offers this possibility. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. How to manage multi-window on iPad? Follow the instructions below to master all of these useful exercises.

The iPad lets you showcase its applications in multi-window mode. That way, you can write an email, when an Excel sheet appears next to it, read a web page while watching your favorite Apple TV + series. However, the method is not the most intuitive and we will explain in detail all the possibilities and all the possible situations below.

How to manage multi-window on iPad?

  • Be careful, theoretically, not all apps are candidates for multiwindowing, but we will see that it is not set in stone.
  • Launch an app like Gmail; If three small dots appear in the center of the top of the display, you’ll be able to use multi-windowing.

How to manage multi-window on iPad?

  • Click these three small dots; Three suggestions will then appear:
    • Full screen
    • Split view, the app will take up half the screen with the second app you launched;
    • In the slide over, the app takes the shape of a floating window that will be clicked on another app.

How to manage multi-window on iPad?

  • If you select Slide Over:
    • The app will overlay the second one you launch.
    • You can turn it sideways by touching one end of the window and tilting it to the opposite side. Otherwise, you can make it invisible by “pushing” it out of the display area.

How to manage multi-window on iPad?

    • To reappear, move the arrow from a tab to the center of the screen to the center of the screen.

This multi-windowing mode is sufficient when you want to consult an app regularly, but will not always be effective in a more productive setting, for example if you want a specific display.

  • Select Split View, then the app will take up half the screen and the second time you launch the other half.

How to handle multiwindowing

Change the display to a split view display

  • By clicking on the center of the bar to separate the two apps, you can resize the display to a wider width.

Replace a window with a dock on the split view display

  • Show dock
  • Click and hold the app you want to display, Safari here. If a relevant menu appears, hold down your finger, the menu will disappear and you can move it to the main display.

How to manage multi-window on iPad?

  • The icon then becomes a kind of window that you need to place in the center of the split window that you want to replace. The latter will tell you that you are in a good position. Release your pressure and the application (here Safari) will replace the Gmail window.
  • You can combine split view and slide over. So, repeat the same procedure as shown above. Other than that the window from the dock is one of the two displayed in the split view instead of in the center. You place it between the two, in the separation bar. Additional window, Safari here, then floating will appear.

How to convert multiple displays from a multitasking page to a multi-window.

When you switch to multitasking view, all the apps in memory are displayed. The same goes for Windows on split view displays. From there, you can change these windows.

  • Long press an app on the split view display.
  • It gets disconnected and then you can pull it out and the two apps from Split View will return to full screen.
  • You can drag it into a full page app and the two will automatically merge into a split view.

You can do whatever you want, switch from split view to full page, change multiple split view views, or as in the example below, take a full screen app (Safari) and merge it into a split view view (here with Gmail ). The app was previously in split view (Webex here) then switched to full screen.

How to manage multivindow in multivindow app?

Some applications display windows that may be multi-windowed, for example the Mail app.

  • Take a split view display where Mail is an active app.
  • If you create a new mail, the Create window appears and you may notice three small dots at the top.
  • They are now familiar to you, press them to access the multiwindowing options.
  • You can then display this window in split view, it will replace the mail display.
  • You can display the Email Creation window in Slide Over so that it creates a floating window between the two apps in Split View.
  • The last option does not change the initial display, the mail creation window is placed on top of the two in the split view. You will not be able to contact them without first turning it off. This is the default location. If you continue the previous manipulations, it allows you to return to the original situation.

How to manage multi-window on iPad?

All of these activities may seem complicated, but in the end it’s pretty easy to take. The most complicated part is the hang to manipulate apps and windows. However, it is worth taking advantage of many configurations that are as fun as they are productive.

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