Mexican couple host Nazi-themed wedding

JTA – Anti-Jewish and anti-apartheid groups in Mexico sounded the alarm after a couple’s Nazi-themed wedding last week.

The couple’s wedding, whose identities were not disclosed outside their first names, Fernando and Josephine, took place on April 29, the 77th anniversary of the marriage between Adolf Hitler and Eva Brown, in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

In the wedding photos, the groom is dressed as a Nazi SS officer and the bride is seated on a Volkswagen Beetle with a camouflage pattern, belted with a Nazi flag and a fake license plate with the SS logo.

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Fernando, who was introduced to the Mexican media as a civilian employee, said the couple chose a Nazi theme to pay homage to Hitler, whom they both respect.

“I understand that to many people, Hitler represents genocide, racism and violence. People judge without knowing everything, ”the groom told Mexican outlet Millenio.

“Hitler was a vegetarian: he saved his country from starvation and gave back the lands lost in World War I to his people. She is loved by her friends and family. We believed that Hitler was a racist, but he came to greet Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics. “

The photos were spread on social media, provoking condemnation from local authorities and Jewish community leaders.

“Mexican law prohibits anti-Semitism,” tweeted the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination, a government group known as Connaprad. “That is why we condemn this manifestation of intolerance and all forms of discrimination. A

Officials at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Latin America department initially criticized the government for not taking swift action to condemn the marriage.

Ariel Gelblung, the group’s Latin American director, said in a statement that the marriage demonstrated that Mexico needed to accept the definition of an international anti-Semitic Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and “make it part of the law to prevent such abominations.”

(Dozens of countries have adopted the definition of IHRA, which is controversial because it classifies some critics of Israel as anti-Semitic. These countries are still victims of anti-Semitism.)

Mexican media have added details about the couple, such as their son Reinhardt being named after Reinhard Heidrich, a Nazi general, and their daughter Hannah, a female Hitler pilot who was one of the last people to see him alive.

The couple, who were married civilly on the wedding anniversary of Hitler and Brown in 2016, hosted a religious ceremony this year, telling Mexican media that they were ready to wait another year if they could not hold a Catholic mass on April 29.

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