Pedagogy Philippe Mario at a conference in Alize

One hundred and thirty people attended the public meeting of Philip Mario © DR

On Tuesday evening, the aliens were able to attend a public meeting with a distinguished guest: Pedagog Philip Mario.

Committed and recognized personality in the world of education, researcher of education science, education worker, president CEMEAPhilippe Marieau, author of numerous books, including “What Schools Can Still Do for Democracy”, has been stirring up controversy over education for years. One hundred and thirty people took part in the public meeting organized by the municipality as part of the project “Drawing in tomorrow’s Aliza”.

Co-educational zone

Philippe Marieau was able to recall the importance of building “shelters” for children in families like the city, a place that makes them safe and reassuring; The place needed to help young people discover the world, to discover it; Places that are then unexpected, with differences, will make it possible to organize encounters with responsibility. Philippe Marieau then “emphasized the need to create co-educational zones that could be alternative to captivity that could form screens, for example”.

In front of a fascinated room that started a fruitful conversation with the researcher The science of educationThe solution has emerged, simple and concrete, to bring everyone together Educational actor And creating vegetable gardens shared among young people, such as schools, leisure centers, school catering, and residents.

A solidarity village, Aliza is committed to ensuring the actual presence of youth in the municipal commission.

The work undertaken will continue under the supervision of next weekArnaud Levitre, Mayor of Alizay And Divisional Councilor (PCF)In the form of workshops for co-construction of concrete solutions at the village level.

Democracy and popular education

In the popular education system, the municipality organized a first episode on Tuesday, April 26, bringing together actors from the world of education. The city then presented its “A Village at the Heights of Children” project, highlighting the desire to engage with questions of democracy and popular education to restore the ability of city dwellers to work.

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The project will be articulated around 5 main axes in which the task, the person in charge and the schedule must be specified. The 5 axes are: youth welfare; Fight against exclusion and discrimination; Benefit from a quality educational path; Participation and commitment of every youth in city life: Build a partnership with UNICEF to promote the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and “international” solidarity (international and intergenerational).

New ways under study

This first step to a prosperous and intensive exchange is the steps already taken by the municipality, such as solidarity permits, partnerships with colleges to avoid student exclusion, and an educational endorsement. Organic foodProximity to the family quotient, or the existence of a local mediator to help young people with their difficulties, their adaptations, their projects. New ways need to be defined: an establishment Baffa Solidarity, creating a youth information point, reviving the playground, establishing a municipal youth council, integrating young volunteers into municipal commissions that make them anxious or create cycle paths.

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