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This weekend, our tips will take you on a journey through the 20th, 18th and 19th centuries with the series Mrs. Michelle, fictional woman In prime videos and movies Barry Lyndon And Prestige On Canal + and Netflix.

Mrs. Michelle, fictional woman, Barry Lyndon And Prestige. © FR_tmdb / Warner Bros.

As with every week, here are some tips for discovering different streaming platforms. This weekend, we invite you to travel on time. You will explore the late 1950s Mrs. Michelle In Prime Video, with 18th century Britain Barry Lyndon By Stanley Kubrick, and with 19th-century magicians PrestigeBy Christopher Nolan.

Mrs. Michelle, fictional woman In the prime video

Do you like to smile So look The Marvelous Mrs. Michelle. It’s that easy! Created in 2017 by Amy Sherman-Paladino, back pen Gilmore Girls, Mrs. Michelle, fictional woman (VFA) is a series that runs at 200 speeds per hour on a variety of topics, such as sexuality in the artistic world, social pressures, or romantic relationships in Jewish families in New York in the late 1950s. The camera follows Mariam Michelle, a very ordinary housewife who, after a painful breakup, finds herself on the stage of a coffee shop improving on an impeccable stand-up show. She became an icon of feminine humor when she stepped away from the role of mother and was seen as an insult to patriarchy and moral discipline. Rich in four seasons (including a fifth and final that should arrive in a few months), Great Mrs. Michelle It’s a series worth watching, if only for the offbeat look it takes our society and our prejudices.

Barry Lyndon Khale +

When we talk about Stanley Kubrick’s career, we often mention it Shiny, Continuous Orange Where 2001, a space Odyssey. But a psychopathic father may not be involved in the filmmaker’s final masterpiece, Of drugs Extremely violent or flowing astronauts. Inside Barry Lyndon, We rather follow the rise and fall of a young Irishman of the 18th century. At first naively or even frankly, he would be harsh for his encounters and his more or less voluntary participation in various armed conflicts, becoming a traitor ready to do anything for an ambitious title. All of Kubrick’s dexterity radiates in this picture. The script is exciting, evoked by an effective writing that leaves a lot of space for the characters’ emotions, without covering everything with endless dialogue. The voice-over reinforces the romantic aspect of the whole by making naughty remarks on Redmond Barry’s adventure. The music of the classical era evokes images. But it is certainly the film that shines with thousands of lights in staging and photography, its frames are worthy of great masters of painting, its virtuoso camera movement and its perfectly controlled lighting – some scenes were shot by candlelight with the help of optics. Designed by NASA. In short, a gem, a real one.

Prestige On netflix

Here again, Prestige Not necessarily Christopher Nolan’s most commented film. Its illustrated in the first two parts of the story The Dark Knight, The fifth film by the English filmmaker to tell the rivalry between two magicians of the 19th century, starring Christian Bell and Hugh Jackman. Competing for the best Cole, the two men will adopt a more or less orthodox approach, threatening their own interests to further amaze their stunned audience. Behind its apparent complexity, Prestige Above all, writing is a very beautiful exercise, from complex to more clever. Nolan uses his subject matter, prestige, to disguise his feature film and mislead his audience, but in the end, if we consider every element, the whole thing is crystal clear. It’s also a chance to see David Bowie shine in a role consistent with his talent, the mysterious Nikola Tesla.

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